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 Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2

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Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 10th 2010, 10:39 am

Michael found himself smiling in contentment as he began to drift off to the land of fairies and magical things—


Michael jolted awake at once, his eyes slightly wild as he frantically looked around for the source of the booming voice. His still sleep fuzzy vision settled on a large brown blob that loomed over him and Michael blinked rapidly to reveal the blob as a somewhat peeved Quincy Jones.

“Oh hey Quince I didn’t..uh..see ya heh…” Michael nervously laughed as he sprang up from the seat like it was on fire.

Oh man, he knew he was in for it now.

Quincy narrowed his eyes.

“Oh, of course Michael; how could you have possibly seen me or realize that we’ve been waiting for you in the recording room, and that for last half-hour nobody could figure out where the hell you were cause lo and behold: you’re out in the lobby asleep on the damn chair!” Quincy fumed and Michael turned to look at the wall clock in the lobby. Sure enough it said 1:15—more than thirty minutes after he had needed to have been back in the studio.

Michael was shocked; he hadn’t realized he had slept that long.

But damn, that armchair had been sooo comfortable…like sleeping on a cloud. Michael then and there made a mental note to procure himself an armchair like that for his room at home, however, all thoughts of future comfy chair escapades soon came to a complete halt at the furious look in Quincy’s eyes.

Quincy eyed the now nervously shifting Michael before he shook his head, sighing in defeat.

“Okay, well now that I found you I’ve been meaning to have a word with you boy.” Quincy began to walk back in the direction of the recording room, indicating with a nod of his head that Michael should follow.

Michael heeded his nonverbal request and began to walk alongside of him, looking inquisitively at Quincy.

“Talk to me ‘bout what?”

Quincy raised an eyebrow at him as if to say, ‘Boy…you know what you gone and did.’

“Since you walked into this building at 8 this morning your head’s been floatin’ off somewhere else. And I know you weren’t just bored earlier in that meeting; you always look like you want to strangle somebody in those conferences.” At Michael’s somewhat appalled look Quincy smirked. “Boy, don’t act like I don’t see those evil glares you be shooting at the marketing execs. It’s actually quite entertaining…but today you were just sittin’ there with a stupid grin on your face like you just won the lottery. So tell me, what’s on your mind?”

Michael knew at once that he was stuck between a rock and a hard place with Quincy; the man was so damn insightful that nothing escaped him and once he was on to you, you could bet on your life that he was going to find out.

Besides Quincy, despite being somewhat of a hard ass, was a really good friend as well as somewhat of a father figure, and Michael found that he couldn’t really not tell him what was presently on his mind.

“Um…well…um…it’s…uhhhhh….” Michael babbled as he tried to figure out a way to formulate his thoughts in plain English and not the gibberish that was presently coming out. He rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly before glancing sideways at Quincy. “I uh…met somebody. A-a girl.” he stuttered, feeling bashful all of a sudden.

Quincy’s eyebrows raised in interest.

“Oh? You did? When did this happen?”

Michael eyes lit up and a tiny smile grew on his face as he recalled the events from the previous night.

“I met her last night. I had been walking around like I do sometimes at I night and I guess I hadn’t been paying attention cause next thing I knew I was on the ground, knocked over by this girl carrying her brother and her groceries.” He laughed as he found the memory to be somewhat humorous looking back.

“I had scratched my face up real bad from fallin’ and this girl started freaking out sayin’ I was bleedin’ and then she kept apologizin’. She felt so bad ‘bout my being hurt she offered to patch my cut for me at her house.”

“You went to a complete stranger’s house to have her put a bandage on your face?” Quincy asked incredulously.

“Well… I carried her groceries for her.”

“OH, weeeell…I guess that makes it okay then…”

Michael pinned Quincy with a strange look.

“It wasn’t like that Quincy, she wasn’t crazy like the rest of ‘em…in fact I think that’s the reason why I even accepted her offer.”

“Alright, then Michael. Is the girl pretty?”

Michael’s eyes lit up.

“Oh my God Quince, I can’t even begin to describe it…how gorgeous she was. She was…is probably the most beautiful woman I have even seen in my life. She has these eyes…it’s like looking into two warm pools of honey…my God and her smile…at her house after she patched up my face we had gotten to talkin’ and ‘fore I knew it we were laughin’ and jokin’ around like we was old friends…I-I can’t describe it Quince. And it was like even though I literally had just met her it was like I had known her forever…and she…she talked to me Quince.”

Quincy let out a small chuckle.

“Well, I sort of gathered that you two talked.”

Michael shook his head.

“No no no, Quincy you don’t understand…she talked to me. Not Michael Jackson the celebrity….no…she talked to me like I was just another human being…and I tell you Quincy…it felt so good. Just being able to sit down and talk normal to somebody…it was incredible…simply incredible.” Michael’s voice began to quaver slightly as he found himself suddenly overcome by emotion.

“For so long Quince I’ve been looking for somebody, praying that God would send someone my way that I could talk to, someone who’d be my friend and treat me like everybody else. And I think yesterday Quince, he answered my prayers because my God… she’s an angel.” Michael breathed, leaving Quincy floored with his revelation.

Quincy knew the boy had been experiencing strong feelings of isolation in regards to the rest of the world, like he was looking at life from a glass bubble that he often times couldn’t seem to penetrate. It was understandable for someone with a situation as unique as Michael’s; being a child star since the tender age of five, the boy never had any real opportunity to interact with his peers outside of the entertainment industry. And because of it Michael suffered; a long battle inside of himself that would make its self known in rare cases of displayed frustration. Frustration from knowing that “normal” would never be a word manifested in the life of Michael Jackson.

The boy yearned for real friendship, and Quincy himself was proud that he himself could call himself a friend to Michael. But even with that being said he knew that a young man like Michael needed more than a fifty something year old man in his social inner circle.

Michael needed someone special in his life.

So as he watched the smile continue to grow on Michael’s face Quincy found that he was happy for him, that there was someone out there who had put that smile on his face.

The boy looked like he had finally found his match.

“Sounds like somebody’s infatuated with this girl. She must be one special lady.” Quincy remarked to which Michael snapped out of his daze.

“It’s not like that Quince, she’s just a friend. “

“But you wish that you two were more…don’t you smelly?” he gently teased as he reached out to muss up Michael’s hair playfully

Michael batted Quincy’s hands away, protesting lightly as a light blush formed on his face.

“Weell I dunno Quince, It would be nice but she probably don’t like me like that…she was just bein’ friendly that’s all.”

Quince chuckled at Michael’s sudden bashfulness. The boy really was just too damn shy when it came to women; it was mind boggling especially since most women Michael came across seemed to have no problem at all with making their feelings known.

“So does this pretty young thing have a name, Michael?” he asked.

“Yes.” Quincy noticed how his face completely brightened, set in a wide grin as he told him her name. “Her name’s Lydia. Lydia Fields.”

Quincy froze.

“Fields you say?”he asked as he suddenly found himself searching his mind as to why the name sounded so familiar.

“Yeah, why? You know her?” Michael asked, suddenly curious.

‘Fields…Fields…now where have I heard that name before...?’ Quincy found himself thinking before his eyes suddenly widened with recognition.

“Is she of any relation to Regina Fields?” Quincy suddenly asked, catching Michael slightly off guard.

“I don’t know…she mentioned that her mother passed a few years ago but other than that I have no idea. Why you ask?”

“Oh no reason; she’s probably of no relation.”

However Quincy’s mind began to work overtime at the bit of information Michael had given him.

‘Mother passed away you say…. My God…this girl…if she is who I think she is…!”

“Come on Michael, they’re waiting for us at the recording room.” Quincy told him as his mind still continued to ponder the mystery that suddenly seemed to surround Michael’s newly found friend.

“Lidi, you’re early!!!” squealed Jakey as he broke into a run, his tiny legs practically a blur as he darted across the large classroom towards his elder sister who stood in the doorway. Lydia barely had time to open her arms to receive him before he made impact, embracing her tightly.

“Hey buddy…” she returned the five year olds embrace wholeheartedly before scooping him up into her arms.”How was school today?” she asked him, to which Jakey furrowed his features slightly.

“S’okay…but I feel better now that you’re here!” he exclaimed.

Lydia frowned slighty at Jakey’s somewhat neutral response to her question; he was usually jumping up and down and bouncing off the wall from being excited to tell Lydia about his day at school.

Jakey, unlike most kids when first starting out school, hadn’t had that hard of a time adjusting to being away from home and took to it like a fish to water. Jakey LOVED being at school and he never ceased to let Lydia know how much he did when he came home every night.

So for him to tell her it was just “okay” worried Lydia somewhat.

However she decided that she wouldn’t pry; if were that big of an issue Lydia was certain that it would come up later. She would address it then.

She had more pressing matters to take care of…such as the one that needed tending to right away.

“Oh really now? Well I have something that’s really going to make you feel better.” She told Jakey as he placed him back on his feet. “Meet my friend Mr. ...Tickle!” she exclaimed as she began to mercilessly began to tickle her brother, making sure to get him in all the extra sensitive spots that she as an older sister was privy to.

Lydia had known that whatever had been plaguing her brother’s mind would eventually be brought out into the open.

But what she didn’t realize was that it would happen so soon.

They had gotten home around five thirty which had left Lydia with enough time to make dinner for the two of them at a decent time for once. Jakey found himself absorbed in the television as Lydia puttered around merrily in the kitchen, focused on the task of preparing a somewhat decent meal.

It had been when Lydia and Jakey had begun to eat their meal of herbed chicken with string beans and wild rice.

“Lidi,” Jakey’s voice cut through the silence as he distractedly pushed the uneaten food on his plate around with his fork, his voice quavering.

“Why doesn’t daddy love me?”

Lydia dropped her fork in shock and she watched with an aching heart as his little eyes began to moisten with sad tears.

What in the world…?

What in God’s name brought this on?

“Jakey,” she began as her eyes softened. “That’s not true…he…he loves you very much.”

Jakey shook his head dejectedly, slumped as if he bore the weight of the world on his five year old shoulders.

“No, he doesn’t… he’s never home and when he is he doesn’t want to even look at me.”

“Jakey…dad loves you…” Lydia insisted as she found herself becoming angered at the man whose role in their lives became increasingly less as he filled his consciousness with his dangerous love affair with alcohol. Taking a deep breath as she struggled to be strong for both of them, she continued. ”He loves both of us, but he’s just sad…sad because mommy isn’t here anymore.”

Jakey sharply looked up at Lydia, his eyes now overflowing with tears.

“And I’m the reason why mommy isn’t here anymore! I’m not stupid Lidi! I know that he always leaves the room when I’m in it. If I hadn’t been born mommy wouldn’t have gotten sick and she would still be here… he h-hates me cause I’m the reason mommy died!” he tearfully shouted before he laid his head down on the table, his small body shaking with sobs.

Lydia heart wrenched painfully; she couldn’t believe the words that were coming out of her brother’s mouth. She had no idea her once happy go lucky little bother was even capable of believing such things.

How could someone so young possibly have to feel so much pain because you believe that you own father doesn’t love you because you being born resulted in his wife’s death?

Lydia had been devastated when her mother had passed because she had been more to Lydia than just a mother; she had been her best friend.

But not once did she ever resent her brother for it and when she had held him for the first time after he had been born, she knew right then and there that she could do nothing but love him with all that she was; that she would give everything for this precious baby if it meant his happiness.

She gave him a mother’s love when her own mother could not.

And loving Jakey, watching him grow and take his first steps, and speak his first words all helped Lydia heal bit by bit her torn and broken heart that had been ravaged by her mother’s death.

Loving Jakey gave her the strength to fight for everything right in this world.

So as she mournfully watched her little fighter become so distraught, she felt as if her entire word was crashing all around her.

She had promised her mother when she had been on her deathbed that she would protect Jakey with her life, from all the evils in this world.

But, as Lydia was now discovering, there was no possible way to prevent him from the pain of having his heart broken; the pain of feeling he was unloved by his own father, a feeling that no child should ever have to feel from any parent.

And even though she hated to say it, and wished that Jakey’s thoughts were merely the result of an overactive imagination, she knew that her brother’s words did hold a grain of truth.

In the same way Lydia mostly resembled her father, her brother Jakey on the other hand was the spitting image of their late mother Regina Fields. There would be times were Jakey would laugh or his face would light up in a way that resembled their mother so much that those moments Lydia found to be bittersweet.

She could only imagine what it was like for their father, who had loved their mother so much and her death had complete shattered his world.

She could only imagine what it was like to have to see a reflection of the woman you love staring back at you from different eyes.

But even with that being said, the end result was inexcusable.

In a perfect world children would never have to suffer.

But in the real world, it seemed that they were the ones who always seemed to suffer the most.

“Jakey…” Lydia hesitantly called out to her still crying brother. She slowing got up out of her seat and approached his before taking him into her arms. Jakey immediately latched onto her, and after several minutes his sobs began to quiet down.

“Jakey…you know that I love you right?” Lydia asked him, rubbing his back soothingly. She felt his nod his head against her chest.

“Never, ever…ever ever ever doubt for a minute that you are not loved. You are loved Jakey. Sooo much. How could anyone not love a cute little guy like you?” she teased lightly she playful pinched Jakey’s cheeks, to which he scowled. Lydia sighed before looking into his wide golden brown eyes.

“Mama loved you so much Jakey, I remember the day you were born when she saw you for the first time after the doctors cleaned you up, she was so happy. She loved you Jakey…her miracle child she called you because she wasn’t supposed to have been able to have another child and yet against all odds you arrived. Safe and sound.” Lydia tearfully recounted to an attentively listening Jakey.

“So Jakey, I want to know now and forever that you are loved and you were loved by God even before you we knew you were coming.” Lydia found herself wiping away tears of her own. “And I sure that Mama’s smiling down at us from heaven, singing with the angels.”

For the next few minutes Lydia and Jakey just held each other, dinner long forgotten, as they both unknowingly began to heal some of the pain in each other’s hearts.



“Will you…will you tell me some more about mama?”

Lydia smiled.

“Sure kiddo.”

And as Lydia began to share her memories of her beloved mother with her young brother like she so often did in the past, she knew that the pain Jakey felt now perhaps one day could be forgotten.

But it would never be undone.

After their somewhat emotional ordeal Lydia and Jakey took to the living room, and after calming down a bit, Jakey decided that he wanted to play a game before it became time for him to go to bed.

So Lydia now found herself somewhat bemused as she caught her little brother trying to move his race car piece one more space than he had rolled on the die in their game of Monopoly, attempting to land on the coveted Boardwalk space.

“Jakey stop cheating! You only rolled 5…so you gotta land here!” Lydia admonished as she cheekily moved his piece back one space to the Luxury Tax spot. “Nobody wants to pay their taxes, but hey I don’t make the rules. Now pay up little dude!”Lydia held out her hand expectantly and Jakey scowled, grumbling as he forked over 100 dollars of Monopoly money to Lydia, as she was the banker.

“You’re no fun…” Jakey pouted as leaned back on the sofa with his arms crossed.

“That’s not true…I am loads of fun…! In fact I bet I’m so fun you can’t handle it.” Lydia wittily remarked, quirking an eyebrow at her still sulking brother as she organized the money before handing Jakey his 25 dollars of Monopoly change.

“Nah…you’re too old Lidi.” Jakey replied, a diminutive smirk growing on his cherub face as he grabbed the die off of the coffee table and began to shake them between his clasped hands.

“Why you little booger! I am NOT old!” Lydia exclaimed, placing her hands on her hip in mock anger as she pinned him with a half hearted glare.

“Are too…21 is OLD. You’re as old as my teacher.” Jakey knowingly declared.

“Well your teacher looks like she’s thirty, hun.”

“So that means you look you’re thirty five.”

Lydia glared for real as Jakey doubled over in childish laughter at his older sister’s expense.

“You know,” Lydia began as she grabbed Jakey’s wrist and forcibly pried open his hands in order to procure the set of dice for her turn.”Most kids your age don’t even know how to count to thirty five.”

“Most kids my age don’t have a sister that’s old enough to be their mom.”Jakey quipped, not missing a beat. Lydia narrowed her eyes.

“Shut up brat.”

“Make me, granny.”

Lydia threw her hands up in exasperation, before she wearily cradled her head in her palms.

“I can’t believe I am arguing with a five year old…!” she muttered, more to herself.

“Yeah, why are you arguing with a five year old Lidi?”Jakey taunted, squealing when he had to duck suddenly in order to avoid Lydia’s hand that had been set on smacking him.

“Why you little…!” Lydia growled.

She was going to strangle him.

Little brat.

However, before Lydia could playfully harm one curly strand of hair on Jakey’s head, the shrill sound of a telephone ringing cut through the somewhat quiet atmosphere of the household.

Lydia groaned, figuring it was the female operator from earlier calling back for part two of Lydia’s wrath.

She got up from the couch and made her way towards the ringing phone on a nearby end table, picking it up swiftly and answering with an abrupt “Hello?”

“Um, hi…uh…Lydia…”

Lydia suddenly felt all the tension in her body slowly release at the sound of Michael’s timid voice coming through the earpiece.

“Michael! Hi…! How are you?” Lydia asked as she felt her lips slipping into a smile.

Well this was certainly an unexpected but not entirely unwelcome surprise.

“Oh, um…I’m alright. I just thought maybe I’d…uh…call you and see how you were doin’.”Michael replied.

“That’s so very sweet of you Michael. I’m doing fine. Oh…how is that cut coming along?” Lydia asked as she began twirling the phone cord around her finger absentmindedly.

“Oh…it’s doing much better, thanks to you.” Lydia smiled.

“That’s good to hear Michael; I’m glad.”

A long awkward silence then ensued, and Lydia suddenly became nervous as she found herself struck with the realization that she was talking to Michael Jackson. On the phone.

She found it funny that the thought only hit her now, considering he had called her last night as well.

“So…what are you doing right now?” Michael’s soft voice suddenly broke through the silence, startling Lydia slightly.

“Oh…” Lydia picked up the phone set and walked over to the couch where Jakey was waving his arms frantically in order to get her attention.

“Who are you talkin’ to?” Jakey asked, to which Lydia shushed him.

“I was just playing a game of Monopoly with Jakey.” She replied eyeing the board to see that in her absence Jakey had somehow managed to aquire the coveted Boardwalk space as well as Park Place and all ready built up some houses. The little cheater. “And sadly I am now losing. To a five year old.” Lydia surmised as she pinned Jakey with a glare.

“Who are you talkin’ to?” Jakey asked again, more insistently.

The sound of Michael’s laughter echoed over the phone, causing Lydia’s stomach to do flip flops.

“Oh really? That’s great…Monopoly’s actually my favorite board game. I just wish I had more time to play it though…and more people to play it with. Usually the person around to play it with is my sister Janet and she won’t play with me no more ‘cause she says that I cheat.” Michael finished with a short giggle. “She’s just a sore loser anyways. I mean, how do you even cheat at Monopoly? I don’t get it.”

“Oh trust me, there are many ways one could cheat at a game of Monopoly.”

“WHO ARE YOU TALKIN’ TO?!” Jakey all but shouted at Lydia, tired of being ignored.

“I’m sorry Michael, would you excuse me a second?” Lydia asked before she covered the mouth piece. “Jakey, would you be QUIET?! I am on the phone!” Lydia hissed. Jakey merely crossed his arms in defiance.

“Not until you tell me who you talkin’ to.” He sniffed childishly.

Lydia rolled her eyes.

“Stop being a spoiled brat and I’ll tell you.” She retorted before uncovering the mouthpiece to resume her conversation with Michael. “Hello? You still there?”

“Yeah…is that Jakey?”

“Yeah, he’s just being a little attention hog right now ‘cause I’m on the phone. You should’ve seen him waving his arms trying to get my attention…looked like he was about to wave ‘em right out of their sockets.”

Michael chuckled lightly.

“Tell him I said hi.”

“Alright then.” She turned to Jakey who was impatiently bouncing in his seat.”Jakey, Michael says hi.”

Jakey’s eyes widened.

“Michael Jackson?! Michael Jackson’s on the phone?!” Jakey suddenly frowned. “Why does he wanna talk to you Lidi? You’re icky.”

“Jakey!” Lydia shouted, slightly embarrassed as she was certain that Michael had been able to hear what Jakey had said because she forgot to cover the mouth piece.

She put the phone back to her ear only to have pull it slightly away at the sound of Michael’s loud raucous laughter.

“That’s not funny.” Lydia said after a long moment.

“I’m sorry...” Michael apologized as soon he had calmed down.” I shouldn’t have laughed at ya Lidi. It wasn’t very nice of me. But you gotta admit that was kinda of funny. You…you not mad are you?”

Lydia found that she couldn’t help but smile at Michael’s good natured amusement; even if it was at her expense.

“It’s okay Michael, I’m not mad…it was actually kind of funny.”

“You’re welcome!” Jakey declared loudly and both Lydia and Michael couldn’t help but laugh at the haughty assertion coming from the young boy.

“So anyways was I talkin’ about before I was oh so kindly interrupted by his “Royal Stinky-ness” here?” Lydia asked as she made herself a little more comfortable on the couch.

“Cheating. Uh…I mean in Monopoly. I don’t get it. All you do is roll you dice and move your piece and you hope you don’t go to jail. You know pass go…get your two hundred dollars… sound pretty simple to me.”

“Like I was saying before there a lot a ways somebody could cheat at Monopoly. Or any game for that matter.”

“And you would know this why? You some kind of expert on cheatin’? Are you sayin’ that you like to cheat Lidi?”

Lydia found herself blushing as she then realized that the subject of their conversation could be taken in an entirely different context.

‘Who woulda thunk I’d be sitting here in my living room talking about ‘cheating’ on the phone with Michael Jackson?’

“No, I don’t cheat…it’s just that Jakey here has been cheatin’ all evening since he got his grubby fingers on the dice. Little boy here thinks he’s slick.” She remarked as pinned Jakey with another glare.

“Heeeey, I don’t cheat Lidi!” Jakey protested as he stood up and kicked her in the leg. “It’s just that you suc—”

Lydia immediately went for the ear, causing Jakey to yelp in pain.

“Boy I suggest you don’t finish that statement if you want to live to see your next birthday.” Lydia hissed before she released his ear. Jakey glared at her as he rubbed his now tender earlobe.

“Your such a meanie.”he pouted.

“Do you like any other games besides Monopoly?”Lydia asked, intrigued by the direction this conversation with Michael was going.

“Oh um…well I like to play Scrabble sometime although I haven’t played it in a while. I remember one time I had convinced my little brother Randy to play with me and we ended up havin’ an argument about how ain’t ain’t a word.

Lydia laughed.

“Well…it ain’t.” she joked, ignoring the weird look Jakey was giving her.

“Ain’t that right.” Michael joked as well, and they both laughed at their silliness. “Anyways, that game ended with Randy throwing the board at my head and making me clean up the pieces. Of course being the older brother I wasn’t goin’ have any of that mess so I cuffed him.”

“Ooh, you’re such a nice big brother, messin ‘ him up like that.”

“Yep…only the best. Don’t go on acting like you ain’t never messed Jakey up for bothering you.”

“Oh never…why Jakey just a perfect, darling little angel!” Lydia smirked, somewhat delighted at the now disgusted look on Jakey face, laughing when he scowled as Lydia reached over and pinched his cheeks.

“Stop iiiittt! Your such a poop face Lidi!”Jakey protested as he batted away Lydia’s hands.

Over the phone Michael was laughing, hard.

“Girl, now I know you’re lyin’! Just what are you doin’ to that poor boy?”

“Oh nothing…!” Lydia assumed a falsely innocent tone.”I just pinched his cheeks cause he’s so darn cute.”

“Ooo that’s the worst! Such torture!”

Lydia could help but feel a slight shiver at the way Michael voice took on a husky note when he said the word torture. She quicky rubbed her arms to get rid of the goosebumps that were not a result of being cold.

“I know right?”

“Man…I remember when I was little kid when we first started tourin’ all these older ladies would come up to me and my brothers after a show to talk to us and Joseph, my father. And I tell you; they would just be on us like buzzards on fresh meat, going on about how adorable we was and how we was so talented and all that. But the worst part was that these ladies…they would come up to me and just pinch the heck out of my face cause I was the youngest. And I’m not talkin ‘bout no light pinches either…these ladies would just grab entire sections …hunks of my face and just completely tear my cheeks up! It got so bad that whenever I saw some older lady reaching for my face I would then grin so wide them ladies had nothing to grab!” Both Michael and Lydia were besides themselves with laughter at Michael’s story.

“Oh…my…God!” Lydia got out between chortles. Who knew this timid and shy man could so damn funny!“That is so funny Michael…I can just picture you as a kid going around with this big ole grin, being chased by older women with their fingers out poised to pinch your face!”

“Ha ha…yeah that’s pretty much how it was…those ladies were crazy.” Michael agreed.

“Well, I really don’t blame ‘em for hounding you…you were such a cutie back then.” Lydia giggled, before she felt her cheeks heat up in slight embarrassment.

‘I can’t believe I just called him ‘cute’!’

“What do you mean “were”? he asked completely catching Lydia off guard.

‘Oh shoot…how am I going to get out of this one…?’

“I mean… you still are…”

“You think I’m cute?”


“Uh…yes of course Michael.”

“Just …cute?”

‘Oh god.’

“Noooo, of course not. You’re not just cute…your handsome…very handsome….extremely handsome.”

‘Oh my God Lydia…you ARE an idiot!’

Michael let out an self-conscious giggle.
“Okay now I’m embarrassed.”

Lydia was slightly stunned at this. Michael Jackson, the man whose energetic and dynamic stage persona just oozed masculinity, was embarrassed? By a mere compliment?

Obviously there were many more facets to this man’s personality than Lydia realized.

“Why? You have no reason to be.”

“I just am…I’m really shy…and I get embarrassed easily.”

Michael admitted and Lydia felt herself fighting a swoon at his sensitivity.

“That’s okay Michael…it might not seem this way but around most people I’m really shy too.”


“Yeah, in fact I was surprised I was even able to look you in the face… let alone talk to you the other night. Just me sitting here talking to you…I don’t do that.” Lydia sighed.

“Yeah I know what you mean…I almost never talk to people on the phone. Yet for some reason I can talk to you.” Michael admitted.

Michael’s admittance for some reason feel insanely happy and proud, proud that she, Lydia Fields, had been deemed worthy enough by Michael Jackson, a megastar of insurmountable proportions, to talk to.

It was mind boggling.

Lydia was silent as she found herself contemplating something that had been on her mind since she had gotten on the phone with Michael.

“Michael, do you think it’s strange that were talking like this?”

“What do you mean, Lidi?”

“I mean we only just met last night and not even a day later we talking on the phone like…like…”

“…We’re old friends?” Michael finished for her.

“Yeah. I mean, don’t get me wrong… I really like talking to you and all but I don’t know…it seems all kind of surreal to me.”

“What? That you’re talking to Michael Jackson?”

“No no, it’s not that…it’s just that this… isn’t me. I’m shy… Painfully shy. And I’ve been that way for as long as I could remember. I just…don’t talk to people. Ever. But yet for some reason since the moment I bumped into yesterday, when I talk to you it’s like I can’t shut up…it’s crazy!”

“I know, I…I feel the same way.”

“You know….” Lydia began as she crossed her right leg over her left. “ I don’t think I’ve ever had any real close friends. Acquaintances, sure…but having someone I could consider a best friend? No.”

“That’s not true Lidi! You said I was your bestest buddy in whole wide world!” Jakey pipped up from his place on the couch next to her. Lydia smiled wryly before ruffling Jakey’s curls playfully.

“Thanks kiddo.”

“Well. I don’t really have many close friends either…it’s hard to be able to trust people when you’re someone like me. You never know if somebody wants to be your friend cause they want to get something out of it or if they really like you as a person. Sometimes I think when people see me, all they see is a walking dollar sign. And I’m not. I’m a person…a person with feelings and dreams just like anybody else.”

“Don’t I know that feeling.” Lydia murmured in agreement.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked, his tone hinting on confusion.

Lydia sighed.

“I know what it’s like to have people not being able see you for who you are as a person. Ever since I was a little girl, people have always judged me for the way I look.”

“Why? There’s nothing wrong with the way you look.”

Lydia smiled wryly.

“That’s just it. There’s nothing wrong with the way I look, at least according to the rest of the world. And because of it people somehow have some kind of preconceived notion that I’m conceited or mean…or that I think I’m better than everyone else…all because of the way I look. And I’m not. If anything I’m the opposite…I’m very modest about myself. And I tend to distance myself because of it, cause I never know if people want to be my friend because of me…or if it’s because of the way I look.” Lydia sucked in a sharp breath. “Oh my God…I’m sorry…I much sound like some vain little snob talking about how I look and all that.”

Michael laughed.

“Girl, it’s not a problem. Ain’t nothing you gotta say the Lord’s name in vain about.”

Lydia giggled.

“Yeah, I guess so. I can kinda see where you’re coming from with the whole fame thing. Only I’m not famous or anything so I wouldn’t know for sure. But I know what it’s like to have people only see you for what’s on the outside. I just wish that people would just be able to see that I’m not the mean, conceited girl they make me out to be at first glance just because I look a certain way. It’s kinda frustrating.”

“Well, the way I see it now that I know you a little better is that you just beautiful on the inside and out.” Michael divulged and left Lydia momentarily speechless.

No man had ever said anything like that to her before. Ever.

“Lidi…you still there?” Michael asked as he grew worried over her silence on her end.

“Oh…! Yes, I’m still here. I was just …kinda caught off guard.”

Another moment of silence ensued, however this one didn’t feel as awkward. It felt nice, comfortable even.

“You know, I really do like talking to you Lidi. It just feels like I could talk to you about almost anything…and I haven’t felt that way about anyone in a long time. Or ever. At least not like this.”

“Yeah, and even thought I didn’t really have any preconceived expectations about you when we met I can say that if I did you already surpassed them leaps and bounds. You really are a nice person Michael.”

“Thank you. I really do like you a lot Lydia and…I would like to get to know you better as…as a friend.”

Lydia smiled widely and she felt as if her heart would burst with joy and contentment.

“I would like that too Michael. Very much.”

It was now getting late and Lydia hesitantly said her goodbyes to Michael, who promised to call her sometime later that week.

As Lydia hung up the phone, she found herself smiling at the sight of Jakey slumped over on the couch with the Monopoly dice in his hand, fast asleep.

‘I was wondering why it had gotten so quiet. Hmm…I must have bored him to sleep with my talking on the phone.’

Chuckling to herself, she began to gather all the pieces left lying about on the coffee table from their unfinished Monopoly game. She placed the lid on the game box before she stood and walked over to Jakey’s slumbering form. She bent down and gathering him in her arms, and she made her way across the living before heading up the stairs where she tuck a dreaming Jakey in for the night.

‘Sleep tight little guy. You deserve it.’


Lydia groaned as she felt the coveted sensation of her dream filled state slowly escape her as the shrill blaring of a telephone ringing harshly invaded her senses. Groggily, she rolled over in her bed and began to blindly fumble around for the phone located on her bedside table.

“Helloo?” she answered with a yawn, vaguely wondering who would be calling her at 2 on a Friday morning.

“Heeey, Lidi gurl isthatyoou?!” Lydia frowned as she heard the hazily familiar male voice on the other end.

“Yes…who is this?”

“Hey izz Terry…sorry fer callin’ so late but I din’t know who else ta call…*HIC*. Look, do ya think you could come an pick Dave up…I would take ‘im mah self but I’m kinda hammered right now. And you can probably guess that Dave can’t drive hisself home or else I wouldn’t be a callin ya now would I?” Terry finished with a drunken giggle as found his words to be extremely amusing in his inebriated state.

Lydia, now fully awake, found herself pursing her lips before sighing resolutely. Sitting up in her bed she stressfully ran a hand through her curly locks.

“I’ll come and get him…where are you guys’s at?” She asked him, even though she could hear the raucous sounds of drunken laughter and clanging glasses in the background.

Terry hiccupped loudly.

“Oh we’re at…we’re at the…wuz it called again Steve?” Terry asked to another person in the background. Lydia heard said person murmur a response and something else that caused Terry to burst out into unruly laughter before he got back on the phone. “We’re at The Pleasure Point.”

Lydia fought the urge to groan out loud.

Out of all the places he could have gone to get wasted at he had to choose the sleazy strip joint.

“Alright, I’ll …I’ll be there in ten minutes.”

“Awww thanks girly…you’re a doll…! Heeey, since you’re comin’ out here to pick im up ya think you could give me a ride too?” Terry asked and Lydia did not miss the way his voice dropped suggestively as his words became more slurred as the minutes passed.

“No.” Lydia replied tersely before abruptly hanging up on him.

She could feel her skin crawling with disgust, as anyone would be after being hit on by a fifty something drunk man.

Getting herself out of bed, she quickly threw on an old oversized sweatshirt, opting not to change out of her pajama pants for the sake of comfort.

Quietly making her way down the hallway, she opened the door leading to Jakey’s room where she found the young boy sleeping peacefully, his small arms wrapped tightly around an over sized stuffed teddy he had dubbed Mr. Fuzzy.

Oh how she hated to do this to him, but she really had no choice.

“Jakey…hey kiddo you gotta wake up.” She whispered as she began to lightly shake his slumbering form in an effort to wake him up.

Jakey merely groaned before rolling over, adamantly refusing to be woken up.

“Come on Jakey…wake up buddy.”

“Nnn…Lidi no…Don’t wanna…” he whined sleepily as he continued to roll over in his bed.

Lydia sighed.

“Jakey, I’m sorry buddy but we have to go and pick Daddy up.”

Jakey stopped moving around and Lydia watched as his breathing began to pick up; he was now fully awake.

After several moments, Jakey turned around to face Lydia, his light brown eyes swirling with hurt.

“I don’t want to. I don’t want to see Daddy sick anymore.”

Lydia’s heart clenched painfully. This wasn’t the first time Lydia had to bring Jakey along with her to go and pick up their father from another one of his late night excursions. Sometimes Jakey would be able to sleep in the car and not have to be witness to their father’s drunken displays, but most of the time they weren’t so lucky. It just killed Lydia to have see the light slowly dim in her brother’s eyes everytime he had to be witness to her father puking on the side of the road before passing out in a puddle of his own vomit. Lydia had taken to calling it his “sickness”; whenever he got that way it was regarded by them in the same way one would regard the flu.

But they both knew that it wasn’t the same.
Such things, Lydia felt, no child should ever have to bear witness. And despite her twenty one years of age, Lydia, when looking upon the often inebriated state of her father, felt herself many a times regressing to that scared meek little girl that she had never quite grown out of. She was an adult legally, yes.

But deep down inside she was just a little girl, who wanted more than anything in world, her daddy back.

However, reality was a harsh awakening; her father as she once knew him to be was long gone.

He had died with her mother.

Lydia’s old 1975 Chevy churned precariously as she pulled into the parking of The Pleasure Point strip joint, keeping her eyes peeled for her father and wishing beyond hope that she wouldn’t actually have to venture into the place to retrieve him. There was no way she was going to leave Jakey in the car with the high probability of a bunch of ornery drunk men milling about.

However, after circling around several times it became apparent that her father was indeed still inside and more than likely getting drunker by the minute.

She found an empty parking space near the front of the building and turned off the car. Gripping the wheel tightly she took in a couple of deep breaths as she tried to prepare herself for the upcoming task at hand.

‘Alright Lydia you can do this. It’s nothing you haven’t done before…just another “search and rescue” mission that hopefully will leave both of our reputations intact.’ Lydia tried to mentally reassure herself, but she knew that she was seriously fooling herself.

She got out of the car and walked around to open the passenger door to let Jakey out. Picking him up, she walked up the short length of sidewalk leading up to the bronze doors of the strip joint.

“Alright buddy, you know the drill,” She instructed as they were abruptly impacted by the harsh smells of cigarette smoke and musk upon walking in. “Close your eyes and cover your ears, and try to go sleep.”

The boy did as he was told, but was only able to shield eyes and partially his ears as he only had two hands.

Lydia tried to ignore the numerous cat calls she received from hordes of drunk men that sat leering from the bar and the surrounding tables. However, most of the men paid little attention to her as their focus were lustily diverted to on the stage, where a red headed woman clothed in only a black glittering thong and four inch stilettos sashayed across the stage.

“Hey…HEEY Lidi girl! Yoo hoo! Ova here honey!”

Lydia scowled as she spotted a severly drunk Terry staggering over to her from across the room, crashing into a couple of tables as his balance was extremely off.

“TERRY! Where is my dad?!” Lydia shouted over the blaring music, taking a few steps back as Terry loomed to close for her comfort.

Terry grinned widely, revealing a set of yellowed crooked teeth.

“Well it’s good ta see ya too darling!” he as he eyed her up and down, licking his lips with intent. “Ya know, if you wasn’t yo daddy’s girl—“

“— Cut the bullshit Terry and tell me where my dad is. As you can see I’m not just here on a leisurely visit.” She cut in, referring to the shaking boy she held in her hands.

Terry’s smirk slowly slid off his face.

“Well, ta tell ya da truth I ain’t seen him since I called ya from the payphone.”

Great, now she had actually had to go looking for him in this fornication house.

“Well, thanks for your help Terry,” She sighed. “I’m going to go find him now.”

“Hey,” Terry began he grabbed a hold of her arm.”You still lookin’ fo a job? I hear they lookin to hire a couple of new ladies…and I think you’d be perfect for it. “

Lydia snatched her arm away from his grasp as if she’d been burned, completely aghast at Terry’s suggestion. She knew exactly what working at a place like this entailed, and she was definitely not that kind of lady.

“Thanks, but no thanks Terry. I have a job that love very much.”

Terry gave her a look akin to “suit yourself”, before his attention was diverted by the woman on the stage who was now teasingly hiding her chest from view as she curled a leg around the shiny gold pole that extended up from the stage to the ceiling.

“Aw Teresa baby, don’t be shy…show us those tits!” Terry shouted along with the many other men who were salivating near the stage.

Disgusted, Lydia tried to locate her father but it was proving to be very difficult in the dark room filled with smoke and fog billowing from on the machine on the stage.

However Lydia wouldn’t have to look too far for her father as she soon began to hear a ruckus forming from behind her near the bar, a familiar male voice cutting through above the rest.

“What da fuck do ya mean you ain’t getting no more for me?! I’m da one paying for this shit ain’t I?! EH?!”

Lydia turned around to see her father at the main bar, his face contorted in drunken anger as he lethargically shook a fist at the 6’7 bartender who glared at her father with something akin to annoyance.

“I’m sorry Dave but you’ve already run up a huge tab and I’m not bout to have a customer die from alcohol poisonin’ at my bar.” The burly looked bartender looked awfully intimidating as he stared down her father.

“Since when did you give a flyin’ FUCK about no alcohol poisonin?! What the fuck is this kinda shit?! Ya’ll don’t care about no kinda shit ‘long as ya get ya shit man.”

“Sorry, but it’s our new protocol…just had a lawsuit against us and we ain’t bout to have another one.”

Lydia’s father became instantly enraged.


Lydia winced as she felt Jakey tremble from where he lay nestled in her arms, knowing full well that he could hear every word that was coming out of their father’s mouth. Embarrassment couldn’t even describe what she was feeling right now.

Her body began to hum with a quiet rage she felt brewing beneath the surface. Why did she have to put up with kind of shit from her father? Because of him, the Fields were now the laughing stock of the town; everyone and their brother knew of her father’s problems with alcohol. It didn’t help that her father was once a very prominent figure in town, being the co executive of one of the largest record labels in the country.

Everyone could see how far the once mighty had fallen. And it was usually left up to Lydia to be one to pick him back up; attempting to salvage what was left of their family’s dignity.

Lydia could feel her blood turn to ice as she heard the telltale sound of glass shattering; David Fields had just entered another one of his rages that had gotten him kicked out of so many other bars.

The bartender’s brown eyes widened before they narrowed in anger.

“Look man,” he shouted as he shook a finger threateningly at her father. “Imma have to call security if you keep this shit up.”

“And what the fuck they gonna do? Kick me OUT?!” David Fields began to laugh as if he had been told a hilarious joke. “Do the fuck ya want, p*ssy bag.”

Lydia knew there was only a short window of opportunity for her to intervene before her father became too far gone and caught up in his rage.

It was now or never.

“DADDY!” she shouted, feeling her own rage begin to overtake her. She ignored the numerous pair of eyes, sober and intoxicated, that curiously followed her as she began to quickly make her way over to where was father was close to getting his ass thrown out.

David sluggishly turned around only to regard his only daughter with something akin to indifference, before it turned into shock.

“Gina is that yoou?!” he shouted as he squinted his eyes in confusion.

Oh Lord, he must’ve been really far gone if he was mistaking her for her mother.

The bartender looked back and forth between them, making the connection.

“He belong to you?” he asked, as he regarded her father with disgust as he collapsed face down on the bar.

“Yeah, I’m kinda taking him home.” She felt ashamed to admit that she lived in the same house as him. let alone the fact that she was related to him.

She felt guilty that she even felt ashamed of him.

“Hey,” the bartender began as his eyes fell on Jakey.”There are no brats allowed in here!”

“It’s okay; we’re not staying here long.” She yanked up her father by the arm, before wrapping an arm around his waist as a support for his listless body. “Come on, daddy. It’s time to go home now.”

The bartender shook his head, chuckling lightly at the scene.

“That’s right old man, let your daughter carry your sorry motherfucking ass home.”

His words somehow penetrated through David’s intoxicated haze, and he angry spun around to face the bartender once more, nearly knocking Lydia over.

“Well ya know what? Yo mama’s a WHORE!” David sneered, and everyone who had been sitting at the bar and several nearby tables instantly quieted, several jaws slackened as they all anxiously awaited what appeared to be the beginnings of a brawl.

The once calm bartender instantly became enraged at her father’s drunken jab.

Rolling up his sleeves he angrily began to shout,” Oh I know this sorry ass motha did not just call MY momma a whore!” Executing a leap over the front bar that would have put any Olympian high jumper to shame, the huge man made a beeline for Lydia’s father.

“At least my momma didn’t SH!T a brick and call it a baby like yo momma did!!!” the bartender screeched as he grabbed David by the collar of his shirt and yanking him up to eye level.

David then did the unthinkable.

He spat right in the bartender’s face.

“You son of A B!TCH!” The bartended roared before swiftly punching her father, nailing his right in the jaw.

“Oh fuck!” Lydia silently cursed as she watched the situation grow way out of control. Mustering up all the strength she could in her five foot four frame, she daringly reached out and hauled her father away, who was literally kicking and screaming.

“You punch like a goddamn girl!” her father screeched as she dragged him away, wanting to get his last taunt in.

“Listen missy, I suggest you haul his sorry ass out of here before I do something I really regret.” The bartender shouted as he wiped the blood away from his mouth.

Lydia didn’t waste anymore time and proceed to walk her father out of The Pleasure Point, tears of shame marring her vision with each labored step. Her father at this point was so far gone he allowed her to support him as they all walked out.

“Hey!” the bartender called after them as they reached the doors.”I betta not see the likes of you ‘round here again!”

When they reached the car Lydia struggled to open the passenger door as she was holding a five year old boy in one arm and supporting a fifty year old man with the other. She, however, managed to get Jakey buckled in and settled in the backseat. However getting her father in the car proved to be much more difficult.

“I’m drivin’.” He slurred as he pulled away from Lydia’s support and began to fumble with the door handle, which didn’t open. Smacking the door in frustration he shouted, “Where are the goddamn keys for this piece a shit?”

Lydia grabbed a hold of his arm.

“Daddy, you’re drunk. I’m not letting you drive.” He angry spun around, staggering slightly as his equilibrium was completely shot to hell.

“Like hell I’m not drivin’…this is my goddamn car so give me the goddamn keys!”

Lydia crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes in defiance.

“No. Get in the car.”

“Give me the damn keys, girl!”

“Get. In. The. CAR!” Lydia was two seconds away from losing it; she was tired, aggravated beyond belief, and thoroughly embarrassed. She wanted to go HOME.

Grumbling angrily, he allowed Lydia to walk him around to the passenger side of the car and got in.

Lydia walked back over to the driver’s side and stiffly slid into the seat, her jaw tense as she put the key into ignition and began to back out of the parking space, slamming on the brakes she nearly hit a drunken pair that had hobbled seemingly out of nowhere.

After what seemed like forever, she was finally on the road and away from that horrible place. She frowned as she realized that the smell of smoke was probably gonna being in the upholstery for days.

“Lidi?” Jakey’s meek voice reached Lydia’s ear’s from the back seat.

“Yes Jakey?”

“I…I gotta go to the bathroom.” He whimpered as he fidgeted around in his seat.

“Hey Jakey buddy how ya doin’?!” he father sudden turned himself around in his seat as he now acknowledged the small boy for the first time this evening.

“I’m okay.” The boy replied quietly.

“Heey, we need ta do somethin’ together, just me and you boy. Say why don’t we go ta Disneyland?”

Lydia’s heart clenched as she watched her brother’s eyes light up briefly before it went out, knowing by now their father rarely ever kept any of his drunken promises. And lord knows he had made so many of them before.

“That’s okay daddy…you don’t have to take me to Disneyland,” Jakey turned to look out the window. “’Sides I know you probably won’t take me anyways.” Jakey muttered, but David still hear him.

“Boy, watchu mean I ain’t gonna take you?! Listen here…I keep my goddamn promises!” David shouted at the boy, who was now shaking as tears began to fill up his eyes. David frowned.

“I don’t believe this shit.” He grumbled as his eyes glinted with intent. “You know what? We’re goin’ to goddamn Disneyland. Right fuckin’ now. Lidi move over.”

Before she could even take in what was happening David had lunged for the wheel, causing the car the car to swerve dangerously towards the median in the middle of the world.

“Daddy, what the HELL ARE YOU DOING?!” Lydia screeched as she struggled to maintain control of the car. “You’re gonna get us all KILLED!!!”

“I’m takin’ my goddamn SON to fucking Disneyland!” he bit out as he managed to jerk the wheel once more, sending the car careening across several lanes on the road.

Jakey was inconsolable, and his wails reverberated in Lydia’s ears.

“Lidi I’m scared…I don’t wanna diiieee!!!” he sobbed as he curled up in backseat, hanging on for dear life.

“What the hell you cryin’ for boy? You supposed ta be a goddamn man….not a pansy ass sissy who cries every goddamn second of the day! Grow da fuck up!” David screeched which only served amplify Jakey’s crying.

“DAD!” Lydia shouted at her father and swiftly jabbed her father in the stomach who instantly slumped over in his seat.

As Lydia regained full control of the car, several tense moments ensued, punctuated by the occasional sniffle from Jakey in the backseat.

“Lidi?” Jakey’s voice bordered on trepidation.


“I went. I’m s-sorry!” he began to cry at his inability to control his bladder.

Lydia sighed as she clenched the wheel even tighter.

“It’s alright honey…I’ll clean it up when we get home alright? We’ll be home soon.”

Lydia scowled as she eyed her father who now appeared to be dead to world.

‘Yeah that’s right; you would pass out after pulling shit like this. Incredible.’

Lydia merely shook her head as she redirected her focus to the nearly empty road ahead of her.

She had more important things to worry about.

They shortly pulled up into their driveway and Lydia turned off the ignition. The ride in reality had only spanned the length of ten minutes, but to Lydia it had felt like hours.

She opened the passenger door and let Jakey out, instructing him go and wait for her at the front door. She grimaced slightly as she saw the giant wet spot that now covered the front of his pants, as well as the cream colored seats in the car.

‘I should have taken him to the bathroom before we had left the house. Oh well, too late now.’

“Open up this goddamn door!”

Her father’s irate voice harshly cut through through her thoughts and she rolled her eyes before going over to open his door.

“Arghh…!” he groaned as he stumbled out of the car, holding his head as if he were in pain. “I feel like shi—“

His words were cut off as he began to gag.

Lydia watched with horror as his hobbled up the sidewalk up to where her meticulously cared for flower garden was located and promptly proceed to hurl all over her gardenias.
Her gardenias.

She had been so overjoyed when she had seen the other day that despite the sudden cold spell, her flowers had somehow managed to survive. She had seen it as some kind of sign from above that perhaps she could somehow find it deep within herself to persevere, to hold on just a little bit longer; just like her precious flowers had when they for all intensive purposes died at the first frosty lick of cold air.

But now as she watched her flowers wilt and die from the mere acid contents of her father’s stomach, she felt angry. Angry that her flowers had to die because her father’s own gross negligence.

But more than anything she felt the overwhelming sensation of defeat.

As her father finished his business he slumped over and passed right on their front lawn, Lydia couldn’t help but feel as if that the simmering soggy remains of gardenias left in her garden bed somehow represented the hope that had once beat vibrantly in her heart.

But now it seemed that her heart was crying.

Crying for her father, and the childhood dreams that were now shot to hell, melting along with her once glorious flowers.

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PUBLISH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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lostinparadise wrote:
PUBLISH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amen to that sistah!!!!
but FINISH IT FIRST OR YOU'RE DEAD TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(no not really im nawt that mean)
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uhh okay
mind block!!!!!
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yea u bettr finish
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angelpup wrote:

Wat? LOL

no finish the story really
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cereal woman! im dyin
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my new fic will be dirty since i have written more for it
this one....
i cant think!!
go perv up some MJ pictures till im done!
* geez *
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Cat^^ wrote:
my new fic will be dirty since i have written more for it
this one....
i cant think!!
go perv up some MJ pictures till im done!
* geez *

fine Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 Icon_mad Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 Icon_smile
ill go do that rite away
but it wont b goood enuff
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have you READ the update on my new fic?
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Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 18th 2010, 4:55 pm

wat update?
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Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 19th 2010, 11:40 am

on the 'New Fic???' topic
Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 19th 2010, 5:43 pm

oh. but i want an update on THIS story!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 20th 2010, 10:57 am

i dunno
i just cant seem to..
* sigh *
il try
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyApril 21st 2010, 8:36 pm

yes pleaz do
u can do it,u can fly!
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyMay 2nd 2010, 3:41 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 11:00 am

found the rest of the story! yay

Chapter 6

Michael stretched languidly on his bed as he bit back the childish giggle that threatened to overtake him, reveling in the vaguely familiar yet wholly new sensation that filled his being.

Never before had he felt so light…so incredibly…free…

It was such a strange feeling indeed…he had never known such joyful clarity outside of performing…sometimes such a feeling would creep upon him whenever he found a moment to dabble in other interests such as drawing…but never like this.

For once in his life…Michael felt…


And even more importantly…he felt himself experiencing something he had thought was a long forgotten occurrence from his youth.

The joy of true, unfettered friendship.

His burgeoning friendship with the girl he had met that night nearly three weeks ago was what put a smile on Michael’s work weary face.


Sometimes, when he found a moment to himself he would often catch himself whispering her name, just to see it really sounded as beautiful to his ears as it did to his heart.

Like Michael had told Quincy right after their unconventional meeting, he was convinced that she was an angel…his angel.

Through a series of now routine phone calls, Michael had learned that Lydia was a patient, yet active listener…but was also not afraid to speak her mind on the things she was passionate about.

And she, he discovered, was very passionate about many of the things he held dear; she adored children…one of the reasons why she was so close to her younger brother Jakey and cared for him like he was her own.

Michael naturally was a man who very rarely had a harsh word to say to anyone…even if it was well deserved. Humility was something he took pride in, and despite his expansive intellect and means he never tried to make someone feel less than him.

But with Lydia he didn’t seem to have that problem at all…something that delighted him.

Within minutes into the first couple of phone conversation between them, Michael had been stunned by the quiet, yet confident intelligence Lydia had eluded.

Now Michael was in no way sexist, but he never thought that he could have a two hour phone conversation discussing the teachings of Aristotle…with a girl.

Lydia was smart…damn smart…and Michael instantly found himself hooked and drawn in.

Their conversations were lively for the most part…a couple of heated debates had ensued over the course of the last three weeks, both of which had Michael smirking unconsciously at the sound of Lydia’s frazzled voice chewing him out over the phone.

She seemed to have a bit of an anger problem…especially where know-it-all- superstars like himself were concerned, as she had taken to calling him in her playful irritation.

He smiled as he imagined how she might’ve looked angry, with her face flushed a light red and her electric gold eyes sparking with indignation.

Another thing he appreciated has how she didn’t stoke his ego unnecessarily. In fact the way she treated him was so…


Like he was just another person.

And for that reason alone he knew that Lydia Fields had found herself a permanent place into his life.

For she had him at hello…

And Michael wasn’t a fool--he knew genuine when he saw it.

And being the aspiring business mogul he was, he was not keen on letting opportunities such as this one pass him by.

He certainly didn’t plan on it.


Lydia looked up from the numbers messily scrawled on the small sheet of scrap paper to the looming building in front of her. Double checking for accuracy, she confirmed that the address of the building indeed matched the one she had written down.

This was it.

Counting her blessings for being able to procure a curbside parking spot right in the heart of Downtown L.A., she hopped out of her car. After adding time to the parking meter she began the long trek into K. D. Jones’ Inc, her short heels clacking loudly with each step.

Once inside the building, she found herself overcome by the brightly light main lobby as well as the cheesy elevator music. The music alone was enough to make her nauseated.

“Hi…I have an appointment…at, uh, two?” she half asked, half declared to the secretary upon reaching the front desk. “With Mr--”

“--I know who you are.” The secretary, whose name tag read “TRACY”, cut her off rather rudely. Lydia felt a little off put by the young woman’s abrasiveness. “And Mr. Jones has been expecting you…for a while now…”

Lydia narrowed her eyes.

Now she knew this woman was just being rude. She had made sure to arrive early for this appointment due to the uncertainty of parking, and sure enough, as she looked at a nearby wall clock it indicated that she still had several minutes until her expected time.

“--You done starin’ Miss? I’ll call to let him know you’ve arrived. But, please…my personal bubble is in danger of being popped. Please go away…kindly.”

“That’s not the only thing in danger of being popped…” Lydia mumbled angrily to herself as she walked away, her annoyance hastening her steps.

Ugh, what an unpleasant person. She certainly didn’t miss people like her.

She found herself overcome by another wave of nausea. She never imagined that she would find herself in a place like this…again.

Not after what happened.

However, fate was not on her side…her only comfort was that this process hopefully was bound to be not as painful.

It was good to have friends in high places.

Straightening her shoulders she made her way toward the elevator, with her head held up high.

After, the number one rule of being in a place like this was to never ever let your guard down; never let any one in to your weakness. Because the people in this kind of business wouldn’t hesitate to rip you to pieces, and leave you to fend for yourself from the “big dogs”

Cause in the end, you were just another pretty face. And in a place like this there were one and a plenty.

In a place like this, Lydia Fields didn’t stand out from the sea of beautiful faces. Under normal circumstances this would be relieving to her.

However, being here did not reassure her one bit.

As she walked into the elevator that was bound for the top floor, she instilled herself with a dose of self-assuredness. She found that holding her head high no longer felt as unnatural.

‘Alright Lydia Rose…it’s showtime’

Time to visit an old friend.


Kevin Jones was a prideful man.

He was not ashamed of who he was, and where his many talents lied.

After all, it took a driven man to build a business from the ground up, and to have it thrive in the competitive, nearly anarchic-like conditions one was face with upon starting a business in L.A.

And then to have said business not only thrive, but practically dominate as one of the top Fashion Designers in the country? In less than five years?

Practically unheard of. And for most utterly impossible.

You could’ve called Kevin Jones a miracle worker.

With that being said, he rarely found himself in a position to be humbled; to be the one looking on with awe.

But once again, he found himself witnessing the impossible.

For the Lydia Fields was standing a mere six feet away from him in his office.

THE Lydia Fields.

And for once in his typically flamboyant life, he found himself utterly speechless.

“Well Kev…long time no see?” she spoke, as her lips curved up into a tiny smirk that served to mask the elation she felt at seeing her old friend for the first time in several years.

After spending a moment taking in the picture of Lydia standing in front of his desk, his brain soon caught on to what his eyes where telling him.

“LIDI GIRL!!!!” He squealed as he leaped out of his office chair before he rushed over to crush her petite form to his larger one in a giant bear hug, all thoughts of proper decorum hurled right out of the window.

“How. Have. You. BEEEEEENNN?!” he exclaimed as he lifted her up. “Oh my GOD…what have you been doing to your HAIR?” he pulled away only to bury his large hands into the mass of curls spiraling loosely around her face. “It’s just GOR-GE-OUS!”

Lydia found herself laughing out loud at her old friend’s familiar and exuberant antics. Oh how she had missed this… this being him and his crazy ass ways.

“Oh hush Kev, I haven’t done anything but resist three years worth of hair relaxers and let it grow out…the hair did the rest for me.”

She hated being fawned over.

Yet, in this kind of place it was kinda unavoidable.

“Well, girl whateva you are doing it’s workin. For. YOU. You is working this fi-yerce!” he exclaimed, punctuating his words with a meaningful snap of his fingers.

“So what can I do for you Miss Thang-a-Thang…?” he asked her as he walked over to his mahogany desk, before reclining against it. “I know you missed me and all of that good ole stuff, but methinks this is more than just a leisurely visit…am I correct?”

Lydia sighed.

“Well, yeah…you’re right.” she began with her eyes slightly lowered.

She didn’t know why she was feeling like this…so out of place…and nervous.

She supposed it was the fact that she was here to take her good friend up on an offer that in her opinion should have never come to fruition.

Yet here she was.

And once again she had her father to blame for another thing that was bound to set her up for embarrassment.

And once again…she had no feasible choice.

Straightening her shoulders she boldly met Kevin’s eyes.

“I’m here to take you up on an unbanked favor from you, dearest Kevie…” She sauntered over to him, a strange audaciousness taking hold of her with each and every step. “After I did get you that date with Johnny Goode way back…by the way how did that go?”

Kevin’s eyes lit up light a freshly decorated Christmas tree.

“Well, lemme just say this…he sure lived up to his name…! And boy…they didn’t call him Long John Silver for nothing’…” he remarked with a wicked smirk and a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“Ohmigod Kev!“ Lydia’s hand flew to her mouth as she tried to hold back her laughter. “So I guess it went well I presume.”

“--Well? Honey, we talking about better than well…more like the love of my life for the last three years!!!” he exclaimed.

Lydia squealed as she hugged him, excited from the news.

“Oh Kev, Im soo happy for you…!” she sighed, as she hugged him even tighter.

“Im so happy for me too babe!”

Lydia pulled away from him.

“Shut up, Kev.” she rolled her eyes.


“Bite me dear…”

“Dear ole Johnny could take care of that for me, I am certain...” Lydia shot back, not missing a beat.

“Sooooooooo, about this favor I owe you…“ he mused as he stretched his arms out in front of him. “Oh wait …!“ he turned to face her.

“You don’t mean to tell me…?” he asked, however, one look at her confirmed what he was thinking.

“--Yes, Kev I mean to tell you that exactly.” She leaned closer. “And my question to you is…when do I start?”

Kevin blinked in temporary disbelief before a huge grin spread across his chapstick-moistened lips, revealing his perfect teeth.

“Well, f*ck me sideways on a donkeys ass…! Lydia Fields is back. In. BUSINESS!!!” he squealed before he enveloped her into another tight full bodied hug.

“Yeah, that’s right…” she murmured with a tiny grin as she returned his embrace . “I’m back.”

However, the smile did not reach her eyes.

Fate was one nasty b*tch.


A sudden insistent knocking startled Michael in his room, harshly interrupting his thoughts.

Ugh…whoever it was he wanted them to go away. He need to be alone.

The knocking continued.

“Michael! Open up this door…I know you’re in there…probably mopin’…”

It was Janet. With a wry grin Michael mulled over running to the door and letting her in, or letting her beat down the door herself from her loud knocking. Option number two likely would be far more entertaining, though with it Michael ran the risk of Janet’s wrath; she would probably beat him down as well.

“Michael!!!” She cried, the frustration in her voice evident as she pounded on the door some more. “What are you doing in there?!” The pounding suddenly stopped. There was a pause.

That couldn’t be good…

“--Are you masturbating in there Michael?!”

Michael nearly fell out of his bed in alarm.

“GAH! N-No!!! Ah…dang it Janet!” he exclaimed as he banged his foot against a nearby chair. “What is wrong with you?!”

“What?” he could practically hear the nonchalant shrug in her voice. “You spend so much time up in hear by yourself ya know…it gets one to wondering…”

“--There ain’t no one wondering anything but you, Jan, with your bad self!”

Good Lord this girl…!

“Why you getting so angry Michael? There ain’t nothing to be ashamed about…it’s completely natural to have certain urges…especially since I know for a fact that you ain’t getting any.”

Getting any?! Since when did his baby sister start using that kind of language?!

“Oh my god Jan…! Quit it!”

“…It’s perfectly normal you know…for when a boy becomes a man he gets ‘those kind of urges‘--”

“--JAN I am pretty sure that I’ve been a MAN longer than you can even call yourself a girl!” he sneered in the way only an older brother knew how to.

Apparently the insult leveled at her didn’t click, as she continued to ramble on about things Michael didn’t want to hear from anyone, let alone his baby sister.

Sighing in exasperation Michael searched for something, ANYTHING, that would effectively shut Janet up.

As his eyes landed on something plush and fluffy, he felt the corners of his mouth curve up into a wicked smile as he quickly plotted his plan of attack…

“--In fact, some people encourage it…however moderation is the key…most importantly you need to know your body… I know my body…in fact I--”

The door to Michael’s room flew open, and Janet’s lecture was abruptly cut off as she was suddenly pummeled in the face with one of Michael’s pillows.

“Ack…! Michael…what.the hell?!” Janet screeched in between hits. Michael was merciless; he sought to it that no part of his sister was left un scathed. Especially that mouth of hers…

“Michael…God…what is wrong with you?!” Janet weakly made a grab for Michael’s leg in an effort to bring him down with her.

Michael finally desisted in his pillow assault, leaving an out of breath Janet to fend for herself out side of his door as he victoriously retreated back into his room.

Janet picked herself up off of the ground, before following him into his room, as he had made no effort to close the door.

“I asked you stop Jan.” he said simply, the mischievous glint still in his eyes. He couldn’t remember the last time he had that much fun. What a stress reliever.

“Still, you didn’t have to beat me down with a pillow…geez…Ack, I think I have a feather in my mouth…!” With a glare, Janet stormed over to where he was sitting on his bed, before she plopped un ceremoniously down next to him. With the heated look she gave him combined with the way her hair stuck up on one side, scattered with tiny down feathers, he couldn’t help himself.

He laughed.

Janet’s scowled deepened.

“What?” she demanded. Her hands instinctively went to her head. “Is there something in my hair?!”

This only made Michael laugh that much harder.

“Oh my god, there is…!Michael! Get it out!”

Michael fell back in a fit of laughter, holding his stomach as his guffaws ravaged his body.

“You…just…Oh Janet…it’s…!“ He gasped in between laughs. “Lordie, you just be lookin’ like a hot mess!” And with that Michael succumbed to laugher once more.

Janet fumed some more, muttering “It’s not funny, dimwit” over and over as she fished the numerous feathers out of her hair; a task that was not achieved easily as Michael refused to have mirrors in his room.

“Com’ere Jan….you missed a spot…” Michael coaxed as his laughter finally subsided. And with that he plucked the few remaining feathers out her hair.

“Imma get you back for this Michael…just you wait…” she darkly promised. “ I know where you keep those half naked pictures of Miss Diana, Michael…and I think I have a pretty good idea now what you do with them…” she inferred with a sly grin. Michael blanched.

“You know nothing.” he bit with a clenched jaw.

Ah damn…no one was supposed to know he had those…

Janet smirked. She had him.

“Yes I do…!” she sang as she sprang up from the bed. “ And I know they are riiight…iiin…HERE!” she exclaimed as she snatched said pictures from within his underwear drawer. How suiting.

“Oh my GOD Jan…! Give those BACK!!!” he shouted as he dove for them. However Janet was too nimble and she darted out of the way.

“Oh…lookie here!” Janet’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as she came across a picture of Diana Ross in a wet shirt…that showed…well…everything.

Janet mouth formed a silent “O”, before a wicked grin took it’s place.

“Ooohhh…Miss Diana…!” Janet mocked in an scarily accurate imitation of her brother. “Make me a REAL man…!”

Michael clenched his fists tightly in anger, as he felt his cheeks flushing to a fierce red. Dear lord… he was soo embarrassed.

“Jan, if you don’t give me those pictures back Imma--!”

Janet ignored him and proceeded to hop onto of his bed.

“OOOOHHH…Miss DIANA!!!” she groaned, before she giggled hysterically. “Well…I’ve always said this, Miss Diana…that I like my women like I like my cheese. RIPE.”

That was IT.

With a quick burst of speed that even he didn’t know he possessed, he managed to knock Janet down on his bed, and snatch the incriminating pictures from her itching fingers all in the span of two seconds

“Aww…you’re no fun…” Janet murmured with a pout as she watched her brother pace angrily around his room.

“Janet…I could just….I could just KILL you right now…! Just squeeze that fat head of your’s till you ain’t a breath left in ya…!” he fumed, miming said actions with his hands.

“--Ah but you won’t…cause you love me thiiiis much..” she retorted as outstretched her arms to indicated just how much her brother loved her.

Michael merely glared.

“Why are you here…in my room…disturbing the perfectly maintained peace…?” he sighed in exasperation.

Janet sighed as well.

“Mama sent me up here to ask you to please come down to eat…she worried about you…you know not eating as much as you--”

“--I’m fine.” he harsly cut her off. It was like a door had been shut; his countenance had immediately grown stony and shadowed. It somewhat scared Janet to see her brother like this.

“Is…is he gonna be there?” he finally asked softly, after a brief and heavy pause.

Janet turned away, not quite meeting his eyes. That all the answer he needed.

“No. I will not be attending dinner. Please relay that message to mother.” he said in a forced manner, his jaw clenched tightly.

Janet got up from the bed, concern marring her features.

“Michael you can’t keep doing this…to yourself. Eventually you’re gonna have to face him…but look at you…! You’re practically wasting away…” Janet slowly approached Michael‘s turned back, before tentatively placing a hand on his shoulder. He flinched. “ Michael…you can’t keep on letting this eat you up inside…this…this anger…it’ll consume you…”

“How dare you.” he suddenly growled before he spun around to face his startled baby sister, his eyes a light with fury. “How dare you go about telling me not to feel the way I feel?!”


“--You didn’t see the things I saw Jan…you did not. See. THEM.” he bit out hoarsely as he felt his anger began to tug at his vocal cords. “The despicable things, all the despicable things this man has done behind our backs…behind Mother’s back. And now, he’s gone off and a-and fathered an illegitimate child?! I’m tired of this Jan! I’m tired of him hurting this family. And most of all I’m tired of the way he treats mother. He treats the dogs better than he treats her. No…he walks all over her. And she just lets him.”

“Michael…please come eat.” Janet attempted to be his voice of reason amidst his raging inner turmoil. “You can’t keep torturing yourself, punishing yourself for another man’s shortcomings. It’s not healthy Michael…and we’re starting to get worried about your health--”

“I SAID I AM FINE!!!” he finally roared. Janet recoiled, stunned into silence by Michael’s uncharacteristic outburst.

Michael cradled his head within his palms.

“I am fine. Just as long as I. Don’t. See. That. MAN.” He hissed. “I swear if I see him again; looking like he ain’t neva done a lick of wrong, Imma kill him.”

Janet’s eyes watered at the conviction in her brother’s voice.

“No Michael…don’t say that…you’re just letting the anger talk. You could never kill Joseph, your father.”

Michael’s eyes stared blankly at the wall in front of him.

“That man is not my father.” He spun around, and Janet could see the tears beginning to well up in his eyes. “ A father is someone who will play catch with you, who will take you on camping trips; you will read you a bedtime story, and then tuck you in at night. A father is someone who says ‘I love you…son.’” At this Michael’s bottom lip began to quiver.

“That man Janet,” Michael shakily began as he pointed in the direction where Joseph was surely dining at that moment. “That man, is no father of mine.”

Janet stood there, taking in the broken looking form of her brother; she felt her own heart breaking.

“Please eat Michael…even if you have to wait till he’s…gone.”



“Please…just…leave me alone Jan. That is all I want. To be alone.”

Janet nodded before she slowly made her way out of his room, making sure to shut the door behind her.

It was when she was halfway down the hallway that she heard the sobbing begin.

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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 11:02 am

what the hell...?
where did you get that...!!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 2:38 pm

on anotha site wit this same story! it also has lady in my life. this same story went on a lil longer somewher else but not 2 long. it still aint finishd
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 2:39 pm

What site...?
I didnt think...
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 2:39 pm

neither did i!
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PostSubject: Re: Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2   Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2 EmptyAugust 19th 2010, 9:58 pm

[b]Lidi, what's for dessert tonight?" Jakey asked, his little face scrunching up at the sight of the freshly steamed broccoli sitting on the plate in front of him.

Like most five year olds, Jakey was typically wary of eating food that was of the green and vegetable variety. Mac and Cheese was soooo much more suitable to his nutritional needs, in his humble opinion. To bad for him on tonight's menu, courtesy of Lydia's kitchen, was chicken...and ...and...


Jakey shuddered.

It was the worst...well, at least after brussel sprouts.

Another shudder.

"Hmmm..." Lydia paused in her eating to pretend to ponder her brother's inquiry. "Let see how you do with the food in front of you, and then we'll see about dessert."

Before Jakey could utter one word of protest, Lydia made sure to add, " And that means all of that broccoli better be gone."

Jakey scowled, making sure to showcase his dissatisfaction by spearing into his dreaded broccoli with more force than necessary. Lydia frowned at his actions, but resumed in eating her own dinner. She had no problem with broccoli.

It was Saturday evening, several weeks after the ordeal at the strip joint with their father. Upon the arrival of the next day, Lydia had awoken only to find that her father once again was gone. Typical.

At this point she choose to remain unfeeling about the situation. He was an adult-- even if he didn’t act like it a majority of the time. He did what he damn well pleased. There was nothing Lydia could do about it.

For how could she make someone care, if they were beyond caring for even themselves?

No, Lydia had better things to do with her energy. One of them being figuring out a way to put food on the table.

And for now it seemed, that things were going to be okay.

For now.

"Fwidia--?" Jakey asked his sister, his mouth full of food. He made sure to swallow when he noticed the disapproving look his sister shot him. “Is Michael coming back to see us?”

At the mention of his name, Lydia felt a strange sensation jolt her, instantly making her more alert.

“Michael?” Lydia asked, making sure they both had the same person in mind. Of course, it could have also been that she just liked saying his name out loud.

Jakey nodded.

“Yeah! Is he gonna come back to visit us? He’s our friend right?”

Lydia felt a smile involuntarily tug at the corners of her lips. She supposed with the way they’ve been talking to each other over the phone, they could be considered…friends.


Who knew that such a simple word could bring about so much joy?

“I don’t know Jakey. Maybe. But I’ll tell you one thing.”

Jakey’s eyes widened in anticipation.

Lydia leaned in closer, a cheeky smile in place.

“Broccoli has magical powers. They say that if a little boy eats every floret, all of his wildest dreams might come true.” Jakey’s grin fell. “Including him getting dessert. So eat up buddy boy--who knows what might happen.”

Lydia chuckled at Jakey’s scowl as he grudgingly began to shovel in broccoli by the mouthfuls.

‘Hmm. Didn’t think that would actually work. Well, way to go Lidi.’ She gave herself a mental pat on the back.

Five minutes and two giant cheeks full of food later, Jakey triumphantly set his fork down.

“IM DUHN FWIDI!” He got out, and Lydia flinched as she felt tiny bits of food fly from his mouth and hit her in the face.

“ EW! Jakey, swallow your food…!” She trailed off as the sudden sound of the doorbell diverted her attention, causing her to jump slightly.

She got up, the dining chair squeaking loudly as it pushed back.

“Jakey, put the dishes away. I’ll go get the door.”

A giant grin overtook the boy’s face. Lydia shot him a look.

“You don’t know if it’s him. It could be someone else…it could be Daddy.”

Then again, her father rarely if ever rang the door bell. He was more inclined to pound on the door till someone took pity on him and opened the door.

So…it could be anyone at the door.

Lydia silently berated her self for suddenly feeling nervous.

Besides, if she could recall from their conversations over the phone, Michael only ventured out late at night, not at 6 o’ clock in the evening. It was too risky for him, and Lydia whole heartedly agreed.

Lydia’s hand went to the doorknob, unlocking it, before she opened the door.

She immediately felt the urge to raise an eyebrow at the man standing in front of her. She could tell right away that the mustache on him was fake, as the color was slightly off. Plus, who in their right mind would walk around with a trenchcoat pulled up to their chin and shades at night?

However it was the black slacks and loafers paired with white socks that gave the man’s identity away. Lydia grinned.

“Well hello Michael…what a nice surprise to see you here.”

She resisted the urge to giggle at the way his mouth dropped slightly at her words.

“Wha--? H-How did you--?” he stammered, and Lydia knew if he wasn’t wearing his shades his eyes would be as large as saucers.

“--Michael.” Lydia cut him off with a smirk. “If you’re going to go incognito, my advice is that you lose the shoes. And the white socks. They are a dead give away. Especially with those chicken legs of yours.”

Michael took off his glasses, revealing his eyes, looking mock appalled at Lydia’s jab.

“Well!” he huffed, his arms akimbo. “Hello to you too, Missy!” He glared at her playfully.

“So,” he asked after a beat. “Are you let me in girl?”

Lydia smirked.

“Maybe…” she replied coyly. “Buuut…I usually don’t make a habit of letting strange looking men into my house.”

At Michael’s scowl Lydia laughed outright.

“I’m kidding. Come right in.” She opened the door wider to let him into the house, before she shut the door behind him.

He paused, looking down at his shoes, before looking back at Lydia.

“Are they really that noticeable?” he asked with a sigh. Lydia shot him a look. Michael held up his hands. “Okay, okay…”


Michael had no time to prepare himself before suddenly being impacted by Jakey, who now held onto him tightly.

“Hey buddy! How are you?” Michael asked him, unable to keep the smile off of his face.

“I just KNEW you would come! You wanna know why?!” Jakey was practically bouncing on top of him, he was so excited.

“Yeah, sure! Tell me…!” Michael nodded.

“Well, Lidi told me that broccoli has magical powers! And that if I ate allllllllll of my broccoli, all of my wishes would come true! And I wished that you would come! And you DID! I‘m so happy you’re here!!!”

Michael chuckled as he bit his lip, as he shot an amused look at Lydia, raising his eyebrow at her.

“Oh she did?” he said looking right at her. Lydia merely shrugged, mouthing “I don’t know” with a grin. He knelt down so he was eye level with Jakey.

“Well, that may be true and all…but do you know what’s even more magical than broccoli?” Michael asked him, tapping him lightly with the back of his hand.

Jakey shook his head, his eyes wide in anticipation.

“Brussel sprouts.”

Jakey was shocked.

“Brussel sprouts?!”

“Yep. It’s true! I used to hate them. They were gross, and tasted yucky. But then my mother told me as a little boy that if I ate all my brussel sprouts, all my dreams and wishes--no matter how big or small--would come true. And since that day I eat ALL of my brussel sprouts. And you know what I wished for?”

“What? That’d you be rich and famous and awesome?!”

Michael chuckled.

“Nooo. Well, maybe that too…but no, what I wished for was that I would meet awesome friends like you, and Lydia.” He shot Lydia a smile, and she felt herself unable to resist smiling back.

Jakey was estatic.

“Lidi, can we have broccoli AND brussel sprouts for dinner tomorrow?!”

Michael and Lydia both laughed at the boys sudden enthusiasm for the food he once hated.

“Sure Jakey, if that’s what you want…” Lydia agreed. Inside she was silently thanking God for sending her this wonderful man for a friend who had convinced her brother into eating both broccoli and brussel sprouts. It was like an early Christmas miracle!

“But remember,” Michael told Jakey as firmly as any parent would. “You have to eat ALL of it for the magic to work. If you leave one single sprout on your plate, it negates the whole thing. And then you have to wait till next time to make your wishes.”

“ Okay!!! Well Michael, your wishes came true didn‘t they?! Cause you’re my bestest buddy in the whole world! Well, besides Lydia…but she doesn’t count ‘cause she’s my sister. And sisters are supposed to be icky.”

Michael snorted.

“She is isn’t she?” he said conspiringly to Jakey.

“HEY!” Lydia shouted indignantly.

The boys both snickered.

“Why do I always get the crazy ones?” Michael shook his head with a dramatic sigh.

“Yep, Lidi is absolutely insane.” Jakey agreed, and they both high fived.

“O-kay, that is ENOUGH! Jakey, I know you aren’t done with clearing the table. My dirty dishes senses are still tingling. Now go finish!” Lydia ordered, pinning her brother with a look that left little room for debate.

Jakey pouted as he huffily retreated back into the kitchen.

“So.” Lydia began as she walked over to him. “You think I’m…icky?” her voice emotionless, almost as if she were daring him to say otherwise.

“Maybe just a little.” Michael teased, and for that Michael received a smack on his arm. “Ow! That hur--!”

“--I am not icky! If anything I’m complete opposite of ickiness. There is not an icky bone in my body!” she hissed as she stepped closer to Michael so there was about a foot between them.

Michael raised a brow.

“You just said ickiness. Ickiness? Is that even a wor--?”

“--Shut up. You know what I mean.” She punctuated her words with a meaningful jab of her finger into his chest. “Now, give me your coat so I can put it away. You must be hot in that thing.”

Michael grinned.

“Why of course Lidi. But I’ll have you know that I’m…just as hot without it.” he replied, lowering his voice an octave as he waggled his eyebrows at her.

Lydia inwardly smirked. If only the world knew that their shy and innocent Michael was really a big, giant flirt.

They had reached a point in their friendship where both were comfortable with teasing each other, despite having known each other for only a few weeks. They just clicked in that way.

Besides, Lydia had thought it was funny the way Michael seemed to actually pout over the phone whenever she made little good natured jabs at him. He was a good sport about it, and she soon found out that Michael wasn’t afraid to tease her right back.

Something that she appreciated about him. The way he didn’t walk around eggshells around her, afraid if he said one potentially mean thing she would burst into tears, like so many men had in the past with her.
It was refreshing. Being treated normally, that was. Lydia was a tougher girl than she let on, she could take whatever Michael had to dish out.

Lydia rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help but laugh at his antics.

“Alright ‘hot stuff‘,” she began, emphasizing her words with the appropriate air quotes. “Just give me the darn jacket so I can put it away.”

Michael chuckled as he began undoing the buttons to his jacket slowly on purpose, knowing it would only rile Lydia up. He bit his lip as he kept eye contact with her.

Lydia couldn’t help but feel slightly dirty watching him slowly undo the buttons to his jacket, despite knowing full well that he had clothes on underneath. It wasn’t like Michael was one of those types of people who went around wearing nothing but a trench coat, only to go and reveal themselves to an unsuspecting person.

Lydia resisted the urge to laugh out loud as a disturbingly funny image of Michael going “Bam!” in that soft voice of his, before revealing himself to a horrified elderly woman crossed her mind.

‘Oh my God Lidi…you really ARE insane!’

Lydia didn’t realize that she was snickering to herself until Michael cut into her thoughts with a curt “What’s so funny?”

Lydia laughed even harder.

No way in hell she was going to tell him what she was thinking. She could just imagine his horrified expression as she told him ‘Oh it’s nothing really Michael…just imagining you as an exhibitionist, that’s all. Carry on.’

Yep. Definitely not appropriate.

Michael merely shook his head at her as he took off his jacket, revealing a red cardigan paired with a red and white striped collared dress shirt underneath, before he handed it her.

“Get to it, Cinderlidi.”

Lydia narrowed her eyes dangerously at him, before huffing away to hang up his jacket.

“You know, I see how you landed that scarecrow role in the Wiz.” Lydia remarked as she came back from hanging up his coat, appraising him. “Seeing as your legs do have a certain stick-like quality to them.”

“Lydia, I do NOT have chicken legs!” Michael bit out, his mouth turned down at the corners.

“Oh, I beg to differ… Chicken Little!” With that Lydia made clucking noises at him, as she began flapping her arms like…well, a chicken.

She laughed at him when saw him actually pouting…of all things. She never thought she’d live to see a grown man pout in person.

Then again, she never also thought she’d live to see the day Michael Jackson moon walked in her living room either. Life was full of wonderful surprises.

“These legs, were made for dancing…for your information.” Michael sniffed, before demonstrating with a kick and a twirl.

“Yeah, if you’re going to be on stilts.” she shot back, not missing a beat.
Michael spun on his heel to give Lydia a piece of his mind.

“Why you…! You’re just jealous, that’s all.”

“Your cockiness is surely derived from your chicken origins.” Lydia replied dryly. “And no I am not jealous…why would I be jealous of a sti--HEY PUT ME DOWN!” Lydia suddenly squealed as she felt her self suddenly being hoisted over Michael’s shoulder. For a string bean, Michael was surprising strong. Even more surprising was the way Lydia’s body involuntarily reacted to that knowledge.

She found herself thankful that she was now upside down, as it gave her an excuse as to why she was now blushing. That combined with the fact that the nice view she now had of his perfect ass.

Lydia bit her lip as she shut her eyes tightly.

‘Oh my God, I can’t believe I’m here thinking about my friends ass! Bad Lydia, bad!’

However she couldn’t resist, and took another good look at it, watching the way it shifted as he walked.

‘It is a nice ass though.’ she inwardly conceded.

“Michael! PUT. ME. DOWN. NOW!” Lydia bit out, as she pounded her fists on Michael’s back. Thank God she was wearing jeans or else she’d be flashing her goods…well…to no one really. But still, it was the principle of the matter.

“Nope! Not till ya apologize ta me.”

“Are you serious?!”

“As a heart attack. Now girl, quit squirmin’ ‘for I drop you.”

“Argh…I’m sorry Michael! Can you please put me down now? My head’s startin’ to hurt!” she groaned.

“Nuh uh, you’re forgetting something’…” Michael sang.


“I’m sorry Michael and...?”he fished.

Lydia smirked.

“I’m sorry Michael…and whew! You really need to ease up on the cologne boy!”

“Wrong answer woman. I’ll give you one more shot.”

“Michaeeeel! I think I’m starting to get brain damage…!” Lydia whined as she felt a slight wave of disorientation wash over her. “Michael I’m going to throw up on you.”

“Oh ho! Do that and I’ll drop you right on your head.”

“ARGH! FINE! I’m sorry and your legs are fine! Better than fine! They are perfect actually! You have beautiful and wonderful--!”

“--Whoa whoa whoa, I didn’t need all of that. Although is it nice to hear that I have beautiful, wonderful, perfect legs…” Michael giggled when she smacked him.

“So can you put me down now?” Lydia asked, her tone hopeful.

“Let’s see…” he paused. “Naaaaw, I think I like having you here.” He replied before tightening his grip on her.

“MICHAEL!!! YOU LITTLE…!” Lydia screeched before she started thrashing him from ontop of his shoulder.

“Ow…ow…ow--Jakey?! Help me! Your sister’s harassin’ me!” Michael yelped as Lydia continued to pummel him.

Jakey meandered into the living room upon hearing Michael call out his name. He shook his head at the sight of his sister on Michael’s shoulder, beating him with her fists and her legs flailing wildly.

“What does harass mean?” Jakey asked. Michael snickered as Lydia sighed angrily.

“It’s what he’s doing to me right now!!! Jakey tell him to put me DOWN!” Lydia cried, going limp. She was getting tired of beating him up.

“Nope. You look funny Lidi, hanging there like that.”


“Geez calm down,” Michael chastised her, and Lydia suddenly found herself back on her two feet again.

“Hmph. That is NOT the way you treat a lady!” She sniffed, turning up her nose in a dramatic fashion.

“ Pssshh….what lady?” Michael snorted, before he and Jakey exchanged high fives.

Lydia narrowed her eyes.

“Do you want me to take away what makes you a man Michael?! Cause I’m more than willing to give you something to really “HEE HEE” about!” She nearly screeched and Michael almost lost it. She was just too damn funny when she got angry like this. Her eyes really did light up like fiery gold…

“Hehe…I was just teasin’ ya, Lidi girl. I know you’s a lady. No man in their right mind would be able to deny that.” Michael said in all seriousness, as he smiled at her. Lydia squashed the urged to go “Awwwww” at his awfully kind words. In a weird sort of way, he was saying that she was pretty. How nice. Too bad she had to go and ruin the moment.

“Dam-darn straight I am!” Lydia barely censored herself, remembering that her little brother still in the room. Michael burst out laughing again.

“Lydia, just what am I going to do with you?” Michael tsked, shaking his head with a bemused smile on his face.

‘Lydia, don’t answer that don’t answer that don’t answer THAT!’ she inwardly told commanded herself, refusing to let her mind go down the gutter with that loaded question.

“I’m not going to answer that.” Lydia’s thoughts betrayed her, and she wanted to smack herself.

Michael shot her a weird look before snorting in laughter.

“That wasn’t a q-question!” he snickered. “What are you--?” He held his hand, as if to remove himself from the situation. “You know what, I don’t even want to know.”

Lydia shook her head, sighing as she couldn’t help but smile.

“Thank you, Michael. For coming over I mean. Jakey’s been bugging me about you all week.”

She felt like she was back in kindergarten, with the way she was rocking back and forth on her feet, her face as red a beet.

“No, thank you…for letting me come over.” Michael told her, a weird shyness overtaking him as well. “It’s been so long since I’ve been able to be like this with anyone. It’s nice…and I appreciate your generosity.”

Lydia waved his words away.

“It’s nothing Michael, I told you…my house is your house. You can come here as often as you like. Jakey and I would love to have you here.”

Michael felt overwhelmed once again by just how…selfless Lydia was. So willing to put other’s before herself and never asking for anything in return. So often he was the one giving, sometimes till he absolutely had nothing left to give. It was nice to be on the receiving end of such generosity for once.

“So Michael, are you ready to have some fun?!” Jakey asked him, grabbing a hold of his left hand.

“Sure! What are you guys doing?”

“We’re gonna play games tonight!!! ‘Cause tonight’s game night!” Jakey shouted, full of excitement.

“Wow, that sounds like fun. Whatcha playing?” Michael asked curiously, as he followed the two of them into the far end of the living room where the games were kept.

Lydia smirked.

“We’re were planning on playing Twister.”

Oh shit.

“Really? That sounds cool!” Michael hoped he didn’t sound too enthusiastic.
He never played the game before, but he was well aware of the game’s potential for… awkward situations.

“Well, since you’re here, me and Jakey can go first and you can spin for us. And then we can switch off. That sound okay?” Lydia asked him as she went to go retrieve the game.

“Sure, sounds fine.”

Lydia eyed him.

“You’ve never played this game before.” It wasn’t a question.

“Erm…” He felt himself sheepishly going up to rub the back of his neck with his large hand.

“I can tell.” Lydia smirked before placing the game down on the floor, opening up the box to set up the mat. “You have that wide eyed, ‘What do I do?!’ look on your face.” She chuckled

“The rules are simple. You spin the spinner. You put whatever is called out on the appropriate spot. And if you’re the last one still up, you win. Got it?”
She instructed him before placing the spinner in his hands.

“Okay. I think I can do this.” Michael agreed.

“Oooo, you better watch out Michael, Lidi’s really good. She beats me all the time.” Jakey piped up from on the couch where he had sat down during their exchange. He got up as he and Lydia were going to play first. “But I know you can do it Michael; you’re gonna win cause you’re the best at everything!” the boy declared with confidence.

Michael chuckled.

“Thanks kiddo, but there are some things I‘m not so hot at.” He told him, before walking over to ruffle the boy’s hair.

‘Like this game for example.’

“There’s nothing to worry about.” Lydia began to reassure him. “It’s easy. And the key to winning at this game is being really flexible.”

“Is that so…” Michael intoned as he lazily watched the way Lydia’s shirt rose as she suddenly stretched, revealing her smooth flat stomach.

He could’ve have stopped the barrage of dirty thoughts that had entered his mind at that moment if he tried.

‘Oh, God help me.’

However, as he watched Lydia continue to do her stretching, Michael was starting to think that he might end up liking this game.

‘Epecially if I get to see more of that.’ Michael thought naughtily as he watched her bend down to stretch to her toes, her ass swaying tantalizingly in front of him.

A lot.[/
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Wandering Heart ( The Story So Far) Part 2
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