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 You Give Me Butterflies

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PostSubject: You Give Me Butterflies   June 13th 2010, 12:26 am

First topic message reminder :

He smiles to himself as he picks up toys strewn across the red and blue geometric carpet. Why’d I even fix up this room when the kids are just going to come back and mess it all up again? With his knuckles on his hips, he takes a look around. The little lunch boxes are in their cubbies. Toys in the corner. Books on the shelves. Good.
He sits on the edge of his desk and pinches the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. Sleepless nights are murder on the body. He brushes his fingertips along his lips as he takes a second look around the room. He never spent his childhood days in a place like this, safe and sound with games and toys. No. His parents were too poor so he spent his days at home with his mother and eight other siblings while his father went to work.
These kids are content here though. At least, now that they’ve gotten used to being here. At first they would cry. All of them. All at once. For the whole day until their parents or guardians came to get them and he could do nothing to stop it. Now when they come in the mornings, they run inside, put their lunch boxes away then head for the nearest toy or game (educational of course). They’d play until it was time to go outside while he fixes up for naptime. Then once they wake up, they would sit down to a snack and wait around until their parents come to get them.
He hears the large metallic door at the end of the hallway bang against the wall. This did not help his slight headache. Then comes the yelling. Little excited voices rush down the hallway in a skull-pulsing stream.
The classroom door swings open.
“Mr. Michael!!!” the children scream in unison as they run over to him.
He tries to listen intently to stories about what happened in the hour that they had been outside. Jaclyn fell and scraped her knee. She’s at the nurse’s office. Damon made the swing go reeaaallllyyyyy high then he fell off of it and cut his cheek on a twig. He’s at the nurse’s office with Jaclyn. Isabel and Shauna found a caterpillar the size of Michael’s thumb. He knows this because they hand it to him as they tell the story. Half a dozen more tales hit his ears and he listens as if the children are giving him the directions to a great treasure, despite the headache.
Once the stories about outside time diminished, Michael instructs the children to go get their mats and prepare for naptime then he steps outside and places the caterpillar on one of the bushes lining the outside of the building. He returns and then shuts the door, pulls the shutters closed and switches on the watermelon-shaped nightlight that sends a display of fairytale creatures across the walls.
“Mr. Michael?” perks up a little voice in the quiet room. Jacob.
“Hm?” Michael answers as he carefully steps over the little bodies.
“Will you sing to us?”
All the others raise their heads. His little class of 12, which has now been reduced to 10 due to the outside time incidents, erupts into pleas for a naptime song. It’s like they’ve practiced this. Michael smiles at the insistent children.
“Okay I’ll sing one song and then you have to sleep, okay?”
They cover their heads with their blankets before the words are fully out of his mouth. Michael shakes his head, staring down at his little group and tries to think of a song.
Taking a deep breath, he starts, “You think I'm an ignorant savage. And you've been so many places I guess it must be so but still I cannot see if the savage one is me. How can there be so much that you don't know? You don't know...” The seconds pass as Michael softly sings the lyrics to Pocahontas’s Colors of the Wind. He checks the children and finds most to be asleep by the time he reaches, “Come run the hidden pine trails of the forest. Come taste the sunsweet berries of the Earth. Come roll in all the riches all around you. And for once, never wonder what they're worth.”
Sitting behind his desk, he finishes the song. He waits and watches. No two-to-four-year-old head pokes itself up and Michael takes a sigh of relief.
“Sweet dreams, kids.” he whispers as he drops his head onto his arms, which now lay on his desk.
Naptime is bliss.
Someone’s shaking makes Michael’s eyes shoot open. He sits up to find one of his kids at his shoulder.
“Jasmine, what’s wrong?” he asks, rubbing his eyes.
“My mommy is here.”
Michael looks across the room up at the clock with the cat for a face on the wall. 2:20, it reads back at him. He overslept. The rest of the children were up too and eating or playing by the light coming in through the open door. Michael looks over at their failed attempt open the shutters. On the plus side his headache has somewhat improved. He turns back to the ignored Jasmine.
“Okay sweetie, tell your mommy I said ‘hello’, okay?”
Jasmine smiles at him and runs out the door.
“Stop it, Izzy!”
Mary screeches a laugh as her little friend chases her around the room, with her shirt pulled up over her head, revealing her back. Isabel howls as she chases Mary around the room, pretending to be a ghost. A bolt of shock runs through Michael when he sees the large patch of purpled skin set in the centre of Isabel’s back and he has to do a double-take.
“Izzy, stop it!” Mary screeches again as she dodges Aaron.
The children pause their playing and Michael beckons Isabel to him. Fear is evident in her little grey eyes as she walks over to him. Michael lifts her into his chair and kneels on the floor before her.
“Izzy is there something you’d like to tell me?” he asks softly.
“No.” She swings her feet.
“Nothing? Nothing at all? Are you sure?”
“But if there was something, you’d let me know, right?”
She nods and smiles at him. “Can I go back to playing now?”
He sighs, “Yeah.”
Isabel hops off his chair and Michael frowns as she runs back over to Mary.
He stands. “Guys, I’m going outside for just a second, do you all promise to be good?”
“We promise.”
Shelly, the guidance counsellor, slaps a hand over her mouth when Michael breaks the news. “A what?” she asks, her voice slightly muffled behind her hand.
“A bruise,” he repeats. “A palmed-shaped bruise in the middle of Isabel Thomson’s back.”
Shelly grabs the phone and rapidly punches in seven digits. There is a pause and Michael just stares at the woman holding the phone to her head. “Teri? Yeah, I‘m calling about Isabel.” Another pause and Michael can hear a smooth female voice on the other end. “Well… you should probably come down here.” Shelly continues before pressing the button in the centre of the phone and proceeding to dial another number. “That was Isabel’s aunt. She should be here soon.”
Michael goes back to the children, there are only five of them left and they were being very good and playing quietly as promised.
“Let’s get everything cleaned up guys.” Michael says, walking over to fix the shutters.
A few minutes later the door opens and Shelly holds it open for a woman.
“Auntie Teri!” Isabel squeals.
The woman drops to her knees and embraces the child tightly. He’d met this woman before; she had come in with Isabel and Isabel’s mother, Janna, on the first day and for few days after that. He hadn’t really paid attention to her then because he was so busy with all the other parents in the room, but now she is impossible not to see. Her hair is long and naturally wavy, falling below her shoulders in a black cataract. Her sandals, black jeans and print blouse seem inexpensive like they come from some department store and they fit her shapely body perfectly.
“Izzy, honey, are you alright?”
Her voice floats across the room like a summer breeze and tickles Michael’s ear.
“Yes auntie, are you here to bring me home?”
She looks away from Isabel for a second and meets his gaze. Michael quickly turns his attention to his feet.
“Yes honey but I got to ask you something first.” Teri brushes her fingers along Isabel’s cheek. “Isabel, what’s on your back?”
Obviously Shelly had briefed Teri on the extent of this emergency while they walked down to the classroom.
The child’s eyes widen. “Nothing.” she replies timidly.
“Izzy please… tell me what that thing is on your back and who put it there.”
“There’s nothing on my back, auntie, promise.”
“Baby, please tell me what happened.” Teri repeats in a more commanding tone.
“Nothing happened, auntie,” the child replies. “Momma just got angry because I was being bad that’s all.”
There it is. The confession. Michael watches Teri again. She looks over her shoulder up at Shelly and nods slightly.
“Sweetheart, can you go with Shelly while I talk to your teacher?” Teri lightly touches Isabel’s hairline with her fingers. “I promise I’ll be right out and take you home ‘kay?”
With a frown on her little face, Isabel nods and walks out of the room with Shelly, holding onto her aunt‘s fingers like a parting lover as she goes. Teri rubs her forehead and makes a grimace.
“Would you like to sit down?” Michael asks softly.
She looks up at him for a second and then nods to his question. He moves to sit on the edge of his desk facing her while she sits in his chair. Michael can see tears building in her eyes as they sit in silence.
Suddenly, “That’s it, I’m done with her.” Teri growls. “No way am I letting Izzy go home to her mother.”
Teri rises out of the chair and Michael stands away from his desk. He never noticed how small she is until she stands right before him; the top of her head barely comes up to his chin. Her large green eyes stare up at him in earnest. She sighs.
“Thank you so much for letting Shelly know about this.” she says in that cool, breezy voice and smiling.
“It’s no problem, I‘m here to help.”
“There’s gotta be way I can repay you.”
A kiss would be nice. “No it’s fine.”
She looks a little confused or maybe disappointed. “Well, thank you anyway.”
Michael smiles and nods. She copies his action.
“I‘ll see you some other time.”
Michael can’t keep his eyes away from the slight swing of her hips as Teri leaves.
It rains the next day so no outside time. Michael teaches the children a new learning game with the alphabet and numbers then plays duck duck goose, find the toy and musical chairs with them until nap time. Teri drops by again later to pick up Isabel but the child had just started a game on the computer and wants to continue playing, so now Teri has to wait. Out of the corner of his eyes, Michael sees her looking at him. She walks over to where he kneels on the floor placing the colouring books in their respective cubbies.
“How’s she doing?” Teri asks softly, probably not wanting her niece to hear.
He looks at Isabel clicking away at the frogs that croak out the letters of the alphabet.
“She’s doing fine. Just like any other day.” he answers without looking at Teri.
“Okay… that’s good.” Teri continues to stand above him in silence until, “So I figured out a way I could repay you for what you did yesterday.”
“I told you that you didn’t need to do that.”
“I want to.”
He finally looks up at her, then says, “Fine.” as he stands to tower over her again.
She smells so good that he just wants to press his face into her neck and inhale deeply. Teri rocks back on her heels and for a second he fears that he had spoken this thought out loud, but instead she reaches up to push a loose curl behind his ear because it had been hanging in his face. Her touch is so warm and soft and it sends shockwaves through him. He sees the shadow of a smile curl her thin lips as she says,
“I want you to come eat dinner with Izzy and me.”
“Auntie makes some mean spaghetti and meatballs.” rings a little voice from behind Teri.
She and Michael glance down to find Isabel standing there, packed up and ready to go home. Kid moves fast. Teri grabs the child by the underarms and lifts Isabel into her arms. “So whaduya say?” Teri asks Michael.
“Pleeeeease Mr. Michael.” adds Isabel, sticking out her bottom lip and setting her hands in the position of prayer.
Teri giggles and sticks out her bottom lip as well.
How can I resist cute faces like these? “Okay, I’ll come to dinner.”
“Yay!” squeals Isabel.
“But…” Michael adds. “I have to fix up in here first and then I’ll swing by. How does that sound?”
“Sounds great.” the girls say in unison.
Teri begins to leave with Isabel still in her arms when something rushes across Michael’s mind.
“Umm Teri.” he says, walking up behind her.
She turns. “Yes?”
“I don’t know where you live.”
“Oh,” she laughs. “39 Delove Street. I’m so sorry, I‘d forget my head if it wasn‘t screwed on.”
“It’s alright. I’ll see you later.”
She smiles that smile again. “See you later.”
“See you Mr. Michael.” Isabel chimes.
“See you kiddo.”
Michael sits in his parked car with his hands set firmly on the wheel as he looks up at the 2-storey house before him. He checks his wristwatch then climbs out of the car and walks up to the front door. He knocks slowly, a little reluctant. One. Two. Three. The door opens before he executes the fourth knock and Teri stands before him, her jet hair pulled back into ponytail and a phone to her ear.
“Hey.” she says, holding the door open for him and pressing the receiver of the phone to her pale chest. “Dinner will be ready in a couple minutes.”
Placing the phone back to her ear, Teri leads him to the den where Isabel is attentively watching Smurfs on television. She kisses Isabel on the top of her head and goes back to kitchen, chatting on the phone as he sits next to the child. Michael watches Teri leave, her simple green dress that hangs over her slim shoulders also rounds sweetly against her hips as she walks. Damn man, she didn’t invite you here so you could ogle her, so quit it. He turns to the blue characters running across the television screen.
“Mr. Michael…” comes a little voice suddenly from beside him. Michael turns to find Isabel staring up at him. “…Are you gonna marry my auntie?”
His throat closes up and he can‘t think of a reply. “I… um… you see Isab…”
“Dinner!” Teri yells.
Michael almost jumps for joy and picks Isabel up into his arms. Flinging her over his shoulder, he carries the giggling child into the dining room. Teri busts out into a fit of laughter as she watches Michael dump Isabel into the chair across from her. Isabel holds her stomach as she laughs so hard her whole body shakes.
“Calm down sweetheart before you pop a blood vessel.” Teri says between chuckles. “And it‘s your turn to pray babe.”
After a few deep breaths, Isabel calms and they all join hands for prayer.
“Lord, thank you for this food. Thank you for auntie Teri and uncle Michael…” (Teri opens an eye to glance between the praying child and their dinner guest. Uncle? What the…?) “… and thank you for momma, please watch over her. Amen.”
“Amen.” Michael and Teri answer.
They disconnect hands and pick up their forks.
Teri runs her eyes over Isabel as the child eats then Michael notices her glance over at him before quickly looking down and fiddling with the spaghetti on her plate. He smiles when he sees Teri’s cheeks redden. Well that’s… interesting.
Isabel hums the Smurfs theme song as they eat. Teri watches her and smiles with love in her emerald eyes. Michael begins to picture them as the perfect family. Teri, the loving mother who really does make a mean spaghetti and meatballs; him, the adoring father who gets to hold her at night, and Isabel, the happy-go-lucky, un-bruised daughter who hums along to Smurfs while eating. He laughs inwardly at this thought.
“Are you guys done?” Teri’s voice drags him from his reverie.
“Yes ma’am.” Isabel replies, pushing her empty plate at Teri.
Teri picks it up then turns to him. “Mike, are you done eating?”
His heart rate picks up when she calls him that. “I got it.” he says with a smile.
Michael and Teri walk into the kitchen together carrying the dishes. He hands them to her as Teri bends over to put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher. He tries his best not to stare and now he can feel himself getting aroused. Stop It! Michael’s mind screams at him.
There is a knock at the front door.
“I’ll get it!!!” Isabel yells.
“Isabel don’t you dare open that door.” Teri says causing Michael to laugh lightly. She laughs too. “Excuse me.”
Teri walks out of the kitchen and pats Isabel on the head as the child heads back to the den to sit before the television again. Teri pulls the door open and is met with a face no one wants to see. After placing the remaining dishes in the washer, Michael walks out of the kitchen just as she steps into the house.
Teri and her sister share similar traits, like the hair, except Janna’s is cropped short while Teri’s flows down to the middle of her back. They are the same height as well, but Teri is significantly shapelier than her older sister, whose gaunt frame seems to sway in the gentle night air.
“Where is she?” Janna asks, looking around.
Her gaze makes Michael keenly uncomfortable when her grey eyes meet him, but he sees Isabel in her eyes which makes him all the more uneasy.
“She’s not here.” Teri answers, following Janna’s eyes and looking back at Michael.
The glance Teri gave told him to get Izzy and stop her from coming out here. Suspicious, Janna drops her gaze on Teri again. He nods a little and heads into the den without looking back.
“Don’t lie to me Teacup.” he hears Janna say. “I know she’s here.”
“You’re not taking her whether she’s here or not Jan.”
Isabel smiles up at Michael as he steps into the den.
“Who’s at the door?” she asks.
“No one you need to worry about.” He pats the top of her head. “Hey I’m going to check on your aunt do you promise not to leave the den?”
Isabel nods and Michael steps back out, closing the door behind him.
Janna places her hands on what little hips she has. “I know what you did Teacup, reporting me for hitting Izzy. The last time I checked she was my kid.”
“Last time I checked you were a raging drunk who now has two strikes for child abuse and we both know that if I let Izzy leave with you there’ll be another one. Just that one more and you go to jail for a long time big sister, but I‘d rather not have that happen either.” Teri crosses her arms over her chest. “I’m keeping the kid, Jan.”
Janna purses her lips and her face turns red. “What is it that you want Terissa? Why did you kidnap my daughter?”
Fire ignites in Teri’s eyes. She must hate being called by her real name.
Teri sucks in a breath through her clenched teeth and her voice is barely audible when she spits, “I didn't kidnap anyone and I don’t want anything but to protect Izzy and she’s certainly not protected with you” she stabs the air between herself and Janna with one long, perfectly manicured finger. “as a mother. So get your ass off my property or I’ll call the cops on you anyway.”
Janna’s face contorts into a grimace of shock and Michael swears he sees a little fear in there too. She wipes her nose with her hand and scratches the back of her head. “Fine just … tell her that I love her and I miss her.”
“You can tell her yourself when you get fixed up.” Teri answers coldly, rolling her eyes. “But until then.” Teri makes a sweeping motion with her hands.
Janna takes a step back, out into the moonlight and Teri closes the door in her sister’s face. Teri turns the lock and then leans her back up against the door. Michael walks over to her and rubs her arm comfortingly.
“I’ve never done that before.” she says softly.
Michael can’t help but run his finger over her dark locks. “Done what?”
Teri looks into Michael’s eyes, immediately capturing him again. “Stood up to Jan like that. Never. Not when she developed her habit, not when she was drinking like a fish while she was pregnant with Izzy and not even when I came home from work to find Izzy outside in the rain sitting on my doorstep, saying, ‘momma dropped me off’ all so she could get privacy with one of her boyfriends.” she laughs, a kind of yelping sound. “It’s a good feeling.”
Teri takes a deep breath and Isabel opens the den door.
“Auntie, can I come out now? I have to go to the bathroom.” she says, crossing her legs.
Michael and Teri laugh.
“Yes baby, you can come out now.”
“Thank you!”
Isabel runs past the couple, heading for the upstairs but she stops short and looks up at Michael. “Are you leaving, Mr. Michael?”
Michael and Teri glance at each other. To be honest he doesn’t want to leave but Teri turns back to Isabel and says, “He’s a very busy man sweetheart.”
Isabel runs over and wraps her little arms around Michael’s leg. “Thanks for coming to dinner.” she says before hightailing it up the stairs.
Laughing softly the adults face each other again.
“Michael,” Teri says. “I’m so sorry about all this. I couldn’t have picked a worse day to invite you to dinner.”
“It’s alright.” he simply replies. He warmly puts his lips on her temple then rubs her cheek with his thumb. “You stay safe and take care of Izzy okay?”
“I promise.” Teri’s quavering lips turn up into a little smile.
“Tell her I said good bye.” He laughs.
“I will. Good night.”
Michael looks back at the house once he sits behind the steering wheel again, a worrying expression on his face. When he first arrived he was so nervous, thinking he’d do something stupid and make Teri hate him, but now … now he doesn’t know what to think. He turns the key in the ignition and presses the gas, jerking the car forward a little bit before setting off down the street.
Hours later, Michael is walking through his house in his pyjama bottoms and nothing else, heading up to bed. The phone on the wall rings. He walks over and picks it up. “Hello?”
“Did I wake you?” she asks.
A smile stretches his lips at the soft sound of her sweet voice.
“No.” he replies. “Is everything okay?”
“I’m taking Izzy out of school for a few days, is that alright?”
“I think I’m gonna send her to my mom’s place for a little while so Jan doesn‘t try to take her out of school or something.”
“Oh yeah that‘s fine. Are you going with her?”
Michael feels guilty for his question as soon as he asks it. What does it matter if she wants to leave? Spending time with her abused niece is way more important than his searing need to see this beautiful raven-haired lady everyday.
“No, I think I’m gonna stick around.”
“Okay. Is she alright? Isabel I mean.”
“I guess so, I still haven‘t told her about Jan’s little visit and I doubt I ever will.” Teri’s voice sounds choked with tears and it makes Michael want to drive over there and hold her close to him.
“So have you talked to Janna?”
There is a pregnant pause and Michael can hear Teri’s soft breathing on the other end. “I will eventually, but… for right now I don’t even wanna see her face. I just… God I hate her Michael.”
“Teri, don’t say--”
“No I really do.” she interrupts, taking a harsher tone. “I hate her for all the things she’s done to Isabel, putting her through all this shit! For the love of Christ, she’s three!” Teri takes a deep breath and exhales into the receiver. She hums. “Well, we should get some sleep.”
“Agreed.” Some sleep will do you good. “Good night Teri.”
“Good night Michael.”
Click! She’s hung up for maybe two seconds and already he misses her voice.
A minute later he climbs into bed, gets under the covers and closes his eyes.
Something soft brushes across his face. Michael’s eyes open to find Teri straddling him and she is completely naked, staring down at him. It was her soft, dark hair he felt on his face. She leans forward to press a kiss to his lips. Her breasts slide along his bare chest as she kisses down his neck and collarbone and soon he feels the hot wetness of her mouth on his nipple. Michael’s loins begin to stir. Teri sits up to look him in the eyes and places her warm hands on his belly, running her palms over his chest, massaging him. Her soft fingers make their way down his body until they reach the elastic waistband of his pyjama bottoms and without a hitch she slides them in. He moans as she rubs him until he becomes very erect in her palm. Her hand squeezes and relaxes, slips up and down with slow and blissful friction, pauses, and squeezes and relaxes again until he is on the verge of an explosive climax. She moves to kneel on the bed between his legs as she pulls his pyjamas below his knees. His erection stands straight up and Teri grabs him again, running her hand along his length slower as she leans forward. Her hair drapes over her head, hiding what she does to him. Michael feels her tongue flick across his wet tip. He twitches.
Teri pushes her hair back and nibbles then licks him up and down making him moan louder. She sucks the slick head into her mouth as she casts a glance upward to find Michael panting heavily and watching her with widened eyes. He bites his bottom lip and his fingers grip the bed sheets, not allowing himself to interrupt her. She breathes on his tip, causing a shiver to flow though his body.
“Teri... put it back in your mouth! Please…” He is near tears.
“You want me to suck you, Michael?” she asks in a soft sultry voice.
“Uh huuuh…”
“Then say it.”
“Suck it!”
“Suck what?”
"Suck my cock Teri!”
Eagerly, she closes her mouth over him and instantly Michael is lost.
He is trying his best to prevent the orgasm from coming on too quickly as she glides her lips up and down, taking him as deep as she can. His fingers entangle in her hair as Teri moves, using her hand on what she can’t fit in her mouth.
“Oh God! Ohhhh Teerrriiii!”
Michael involuntarily arches his hips upward and moans so loud it echoes. He holds the back of her head, making her keep her mouth on him as his hips buck and he shoots mouthful after mouthful through her lips.
Michael awakes with a start. He looks over at the other side of the bed. Empty. Some dream. A quick discovery is made: something is poking up from under the sheets and there is no doubt as to what it is. It starts to ache a little now and he can feel warm moisture trickling down the sides.
He leaves his bed.
Standing by the shower, he waits for the water to be the perfect degree of freezing before pulling his pyjama-bottoms over his pulsating erection then getting in the shower and letting the cold water flow over him.
He looks down at himself and can still see the veins sticking out under the skin. Despite the water, Michael is so aroused his knees are shaking and try as he might he just can’t get her out of his head. Can’t help but imagine her naked. Can’t help but want to touch, kiss, and lick those breasts, those thighs, that plump sweet little ass. He switches it to the hot water and leans against the wall of the shower, reminiscing on his dream as the steam builds around him. Michael slides his fingers around his erection. He begins to slowly move his hand up and down the length of his shaft up, down, up, down, tip, base, tip, base. Michael closes his eyes and imagines Teri kissing her way down his chest then licking him slowly before closing her mouth around him. He flinches and moans. His hand goes faster, then slower again, moving the skin over his swollen, aching head. Aching to feel her heat quivering around his member. Aching to be deep inside, making her yell in pleasure. Michael bites his lower lip and throws his head back, letting the water stream down his body as he moves his hand in rapid pumps on himself. He grips the bar on the wall of the shower as he hit the peak with a scream, bucking his hips against his hand and releasing his frustration onto the shower wall. Spent, shivering and breathing hard, he bows his head, making his wet curls cascade over his face.
It was that day, after meeting him for the first time that first day Izzy had school... that was when she knew deep down that she wanted him, and she saw herself under him in the blackest hour of night, screaming for more. It’ll be different with this one, she can feel it. Not just a quick lay.
What is it about him that makes my insides go all squiggly? Oh, it’s definitely his hair and the way he always has the curls pulled back and tied at the nape of his neck or loose around his face like it was at dinner. Man, what it would be like to have that hanging over you while making hot passionate sweet love. No, not just the hair, it’s his eyes too. Big, chocolate brown and deep, like they see right through you. She feels so naked under his gaze and she recently noticed that he gazes at her quite often, especially from the back. Those eyes and those lips. Can they really be as soft as they look? Wonder if I could make up an excuse to find out. ‘Michael your lips look terribly dry. Come here.’ And when he licks or bites them! Fuggetaboutit.
She runs her hands up the insides of her thighs.
Lips and his hands. Teri was never really a hand person before this man. They’re so big with fingers so long and slender. He could do no wrong with hands like that when he touches your body, running them lightly over the skin of your breasts and between your legs. Like she does with her own hands now, imagining it’s his perfect fingers sliding into her panties and working themselves in and out of her body.
How would he move that lithe body of his? Well, judging by the size of his hands and feet, no way is he not well endowed and he sure as hell looks like the type that knows how to use it. Like the ocean getting ready for a storm that’s how he’d move, or like the calm seas, ebbing and flowing. Depends on his mood, I suppose. Back and forth, harder and faster, up and down, in and out, again and again.
"Oh Michael!" Teri moans as a slow orgasm tickles through her body.
Oh dammit, what is this man doing to me? I should be thinking about my sister and my poor baby niece, not touching myself thinking about him. God, why did you have to make this man so
A faint knocking coming from downstairs cuts her thought process short. She tugs her hand out of her panties and fixes her tank top so it covers her exposed breast again. Teri sits upright in the bed and waits, wondering if she heard wrong. The knock comes again and she heads down to the first floor. Stopping short of the door, Teri runs back upstairs to find a robe. The last thing she wants is for some stranger at her door to see her tank-and-panties-clad self. She returns to the bottom floor and finally pulls the door open without looking through the peephole.
Holy… He stands before her, smiling that smile that sends heat rushing down between her legs again.
“Michael,” She finds it hard to breathe. “what are you doing here?” she asks, pulling her robe tighter around herself.
“Sorry to bother you but I was just wondering about Isabel.” he says in that voice, soft like summer rain. “It's been almost a week and I haven’t heard anything.”
And this conversation couldn’t have happened over the phone? Why did you have to come here when I’m all alone and tempt me? “She’s still at her grandmother’s.” Teri says in a tone that she supposes sounded like she wants him to leave.
“Oh … okay.” He frowns. “I guess I’ll just go then.”
Her heart shatters at the dejected look on his sweet face. “There‘s more y'know...”
He looks down at her, smiling a little now. A tingle takes Teri’s spine for a round of tango as she gestures for him to step inside. TERI WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! screams that little voice inside her head. This man is not yours. But he could be and I want him. Does he want you? Do I care? She leads him into the kitchen and flips on the lights.
“Would you like something to drink?” Or maybe we should just go upstairs to my bed.
“No I’m fine.”
“Well my mom says Izzy is fine and she’s playing with Tyler and Trent, my brother’s twins, everyday…” Michael bites his lips, concentrating on what she says, and Teri takes a deep, quavering breath before continuing her paused sentence. “… And she’s been asking to come back home to me, so I’m going to get her tomorrow.”
“So… um... what about Janna?”
Teri sighs deeply. “She and I talked for a little bit and she said she wanted to get better. So we came to an agreement and she’ll be in a rehab program for a couple weeks. I have custody of Izzy until Jan‘s healthier, which makes me feel a lot better about our situation.”
Michael had stepped closer to her while she spoke and now he stands not two feet away from her, leaning against counter and watching her lips as they moved.
He smiles. “You’re amazing y’know that?”
Teri giggles like a school girl. “What do you mean?”
“Here you are in a situation most people couldn’t handle without breaking down within seconds, and you’re handling it like … like a pro. You’re amazing Teri.”
Hot blood rushes to her face. He licks his lips and her breath catches. His dark eyes bore deep into hers and that ache between her thighs is unwavering. She sees him glance down at her lips before he leans in but presses his lips lightly to her cheek instead. As innocent as the kiss was, it was still so seductively sexy and Teri can’t help but melt under the tender touch. Her heart starts to hammer against her ribcage when he moves his body a little closer to hers as he brushes his soft lips along her cheek, stopping at the corner of her mouth. Teri moves her head a little to the side, brushing her lips against his bottom lip and tenderly kissing him. He mimics her kiss for a moment before pulling his trembling lips away and moving back.
“I’m sorry.” he says, looking down at the floor.
"Yeah me too."
Teri hooks her fingers in the waistband of his jeans, drags him to her and puts her hand at the back of his head, pulling him to her lips. The hand he lays on her cheek as their lips meet again is so warm and soft against her skin and it sends heat waves through her body. He slightly opens his mouth and very slowly licks her lips. She gasps and can hardly keep herself from moaning at the overwhelming arousal. Michael tilts his head to the side and slowly slips his tongue through her lips. Teri wraps her arms around his neck and runs her fingers over his curls, moaning at the feeling of his delicate lips and tongue dancing on hers as one of his hands slides around to her lower back.
He gently clenches her bottom lip between his lips and sucks on it. She almost faints. How embarrassing would that be Teri? He prods her lips with his tongue tip as he moves his fingers up to untie the robe. She moans and more feverishly shoves her tongue into his mouth then she reaches down to grab handfuls of his taut ass, pulling him tight to her body as she winds her hips back and forth, teasing his growing hardness through his jeans. Michael pushes the robe off her shoulders then pulls her tank top over her head, revealing her naked breasts.
His eyes widen at the sight and Teri hears him utter one word, “Damn.”
Michael cups her breast gently then leans down and sucks her nipple into his mouth. She moans and grabs the back of his head again. She is so clouded by lust that she doesn’t even realize when Michael slides his hand past her soaked panties and pushes two fingers into her. Teri’s knees buckle for a quick second but Michael grabs her ass, catching her before she topples to the floor. She shivers as his thumb flicks her clit and Michael kisses her neck then nibbles her earlobe, all the time still rubbing her with his warm fingers, keeping a very slow pace and keeping an inflexible grip on her ass. Groaning, Teri slides her hands around to work at his zipper then lets her fingers slip into the material of his underwear. A visible shiver goes through his body and Michael moans, biting down hard on his lower lip and his eyes are heavily lidded as she strokes him with the same rhythm that he strokes her.
His lips touch hers as she says in a breathy whisper, “Oh Michael, I want you so bad.”
“And you’re gonna get it so good.” he whispers back to her, removing his fingers and hers.
She gasps as he grabs her and throws her over his shoulder like he did Isabel at dinner, heading up to the second floor.
Moonlight illuminates her bedroom through the parted curtains giving the room a kind of pale blue sparkly glow. Michael lays her in the middle of the bed then tugs off his shirt and pushes his jeans to the floor. He hooks his fingers under her panties and Teri watches him slowly pull them down her shaking legs. He pulls her leg up to his shoulder and kisses her ankle, then he moves down her legs to her thighs, kissing and licking every inch of skin he passes over. Michael looks up into her eyes and pushes her thighs apart then licks her entrance. He tickles her with his tongue, moving it around and over her folds and spreading them apart with his tongue tip. She moans uncontrollably when he starts using his fingers to massage her while his tongue shoved in and out of her. Teri’s body starts to tense and she begs him to stop. He brushes his lips lightly over her hot flesh as he moves up her body.
Michael smiles as he hovers over her then presses his wet lips to her forehead and positions himself just right before sinking into her. Both of them moan at the feeling of their desire roaring to a twenty-five-foot blaze. She feels his warm lips on hers again as he pushes deeper, inch by inch until his pelvis touches hers, filling her up completely, as if their bodies are made specially for each other. Teri groans as feeling of his thick dick slowly cramming into her becomes so overwhelming it almost makes her want to faint again.
“Ooh baby you don‘t know how long I‘ve been waiting for this.” he whispers in her ear.
"Oh Michael,” she gasps at the feeling of him starting to glide in and out of her. “Me too.”
Michael lets out a deep moan and kisses her lips. He kisses her deeply and passionately, moving his hips in slow deep thrusts, letting the arousal linger in their horny bodies. She can feel another orgasm creeping up and tears streak down her temples.
Michael stops and looks down at her. “Are you alright?”
She nods.
"Am I hurting you?"
"No Michael just fuck me please." she says through clenched teeth, arching her back.
He withdraws. Michael flips her around so she lies on her stomach. He grabs her butt and hoists it in the air then presses the tip of his erection against her entrance. A long moan escapes him as he slowly enters her warm body again. Teri outstretches her arms across the bed and clutches the sheets as Michael slides her up and down his shaft, grinding his hips into her ass.
He leans forward and cups her breast in his hand, massaging it as he whispers in a low voice, "Is this what you wanted?"
Teri’s eyelids slip to half-mast and she groans, “Ohhhh... Yes baby!!”
He pushes down on her back, arching it more then wrings his fingers through her hair, throwing his head back as his cock pounds her deep. Michael slips out of her and slams back in hard and heavy, rotating his hips in little circles as he re-enters and making her take every thick hard inch of him moving harder and harder out of and into her.
Cold fingers are gripping the edge of control and Michael’s breathing turns to panting. He slides one hand up to grasp her shoulder as the other hand hits her backside with a loud SMACK! that makes her cry out.
“Aaaaooow! yeah that's it!!” He grunts hoarsely.
SMACK!!! SMACK!!! She hollers out and he keeps spanking. SMACK!!! SMACK!!! SMACK!!!
“Ohhhh Michael!” SMACK!!! “Ohhhh! yeeaaahhhh!!” SMACK!!! “Ah shit I love you Michael baby... Give it to me!!”
“Are you gonna cum for me?” His voice is husky and raw, he is obviously close.
"Then say my name babe?" SMACK!!!
“Michael Ohh Miiike… oh Mike... aaahhh Michael... OOOHHH MY GAAHHH!!!..."
She screams as he moves harder and faster into her, inciting a stampede of orgasms to flow through her body. One after another and each coming at the peak of the preceding. A long, guttural moan escapes his lips while the orgasm rides his damp body and he pulses and pumps his heat into her. Teri drops onto the bed and he falls on top of her.
After regaining what little composure he had left, Michael leans up and slides himself out of her. He rolls over onto his side and hugs her tight his chest. She’s shaking.
“Are you alright?” he asks her again as she slides her arm around his neck.
“Yeah. Gonna have bruises from Hell tomorrow but otherwise I'm great.” She laughs.
“Did you mean what you said?”
Teri looks up at him then runs a hand through his sweat-soaked hair. “Of course I did.”
“Say it again.”
“I love you.”
He smiles and kisses the tip of her nose. “I love you too.”
She kisses the dimple in his chin. “I love you more.”
He licks her lips. “I love you most. I win.”
Teri laughs. “Okay.”
There they lay, tired and giddy and liking the feel of their bodies wrapped around each other and loving the smell of the sweat mixed with the smell of their sex. He caresses her back and shoulders slowly.
Michael rubs his eyes and sits up in the bed. Wow. He’s never had a night’s sleep like that since forever. He squints his eyes as he looks around the sunlit room.
“What’s wrong?” comes a sleepy voice from behind.
He turns to find Teri looking up at him through lidded eyes, a smile playing on her lips as she reaches up and tenderly rubs his back.
Michael lies back on her shoulder and kisses her neck. “Nothing’s wrong.”
“For a second there I thought you were going to leave.” she whispers.
He frowns and leans back to look her in the eyes. “I wouldn’t do that.”
She says nothing.
Michael rubs his thumb across her lips. “I’m not going anywhere.”
“Promise?” Teri laughs, kissing his thumb.
Michael smiles “Promise.” and lays his head on her shoulder again, hugging her body close to him.
“Mm I love you.” she says softly.
“I love you too.” He kisses her chest. “You smell so good.”
Teri giggles and she feels his lips press to her chest again. He leans up and their eyes meet. Michael moves his lips to hers as he shifts to cover her with his body. She wraps her arms around him, placing kisses on his neck. He kisses her cheek then shifts to kiss between her breasts. Teri moans his name when his lips reach her belly button.
The phone starts to ring.
They both look over at the device sitting on the bedside table like it is monster trying to eat them.
“Leave it.” Michael whispers, kissing her belly button again.
“But what if it’s important?”
“And this isn’t?” he breathed. “If they want to talk to you so badly, they’ll call back.”
He takes a deep breath and rolls off of her. “Fine … get it.”
Teri, careful of her pained backside, scoots into a sitting position. Michael licks his lips, studying her naked body as she picks up the phone. God she’s gorgeous.
“Hello? ... Hey is everything okay?” Teri says into the receiver.
The person on the other end starts to speak and Michael leans forward to kiss Teri’s lips. She uses her hand to push him back. Waving her index finger before his face she mouths, ‘No’. He smiles then moves his lips to her neck and sucks the skin. Teri lets out a slight moan before pushing him back again. This time she put her hand over the mouth-piece of the phone.
“Stop it Michael.” she pleads.
He just smiles and she puts the phone back to her ear. “I’m sorry, what did you say?”
A pause and Teri stares at Michael’s face as she listens. Michael moves to sit with his legs open before her then he pulls her legs over his, yanking her body closer. Teri bites her lower lip but continues to look into his eyes, obviously refraining from letting her eyes drift down to his erection which sits right between her thighs. So close she can almost feel the heat radiating off of it.
Her voice is strained when she says, “Yeah I’ll be there to pick her up in a little bit.” into the phone.
Michael moves his lips to her other ear and nibbles on the lobe. Teri sighs as she feels his hand gliding up between her thighs. He sits back and looks her in the eyes as his finger slides into her, causing Teri to shudder when he wags it a little. She opens her legs wider for him.
“M-m-mom c-c-can I call you back? Love you bye.”
Michael quickly removes his finger and grabs her hips, lifting Teri unto him just as she hangs up the phone. She sinks on him and he clings to her as each of their moans escape from their throats. Gripping his shoulders, she starts thrusting her hips towards his. She buries her fingers in his hair as he gently kisses her neck. The feeling of his hard and sweaty body rubbing her made Teri’s head spin as the pleasure increased. Her wetness spreads on their thighs as she gyrates on him faster and faster while he lifts her until she nears a climax from another dimension. She touches his lips with hers as she starts to bounce, making his rock hard dick slam into her so fast and so hard it was painful. She digs her fingernails into his shoulders and screams, "Oh God, Mike! Do--don‘t stop. Ugghhh Miiichaaaeeel I'm cumming!" as her inner muscles squeeze his length and a tsunami-sized climax rushes over both their bodies. His warmth begins to shoot inside of her and she tosses her head back, enjoying the feeling. He comes long and hard, still lifting her and thrusting in and out to extend their orgasm. Their bodies quake as they sit there in each others arms.
"I love you so much Michael." she murmurs.
"I love you so much more."
Teri places a slow kiss on his lips. “I gotta go but I’ll be back soon.”
“Wait… let’s take a quick shower first… wash off some of the sex and I‘ll come with you to get Izzy.”
A quick shower huh? she inwardly questions. “My God, you are insatiable Mr. Michael.” Teri smiles. “Race you.”

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PostSubject: Re: You Give Me Butterflies   June 26th 2010, 1:54 pm

Lols, for a second I thought that^ was a response from lostinparadise... Very Happy

I meant:

That was SO HOT!!!

Can't Breathe...


:DD....xD.... x.X
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ok thats so better!
me understands now haha
i kno ur 22 but keep ur vocab on a minimal 4 the 4 yrolds
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Wonderlust wrote:
lostinparadise, I can sincerely say to you that this is the most sublimely intense MJJ fic I've read so far in cyber space, and I am honestly having trouble breathing. Words are inadequate to describe the depth and emotion that you imbued in both the fictional character and in Michael. You have raised the bar once again! and I and others will definitely have sleepless nights possessed by images of *your* Michael's agonizing-ly sweet love making. ....I have to go into the next room and hyperventilate now, but I'll try my hardest to write once more...You have inspired me one again! *___*

Wonderlust you absolutely killed me with your comment. I cant stop smiling but i as much as i love that review i honestly dont think i raised the bar on anything. All of u guys are amazing with your writing. CAT TOO!!!!! So putting me above everyone else is terribly embarrassing me.

(p.s. i love your big words, they make me feel special XD)
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bcuz ps, u r very special piggies r awesum
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Lols; lostinparadise, thanks, I didn't know my humble little comment would make you feel special! Very Happy But, angelpup is right, you are Special! So, get used to it : P

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whoohoo im right!!!
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yes you are
*agrees with both angelpup and Wonderlust* lostinparadise is very special
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You Give Me Butterflies
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