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 Sweet Affliction

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PostSubject: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptyAugust 30th 2010, 11:49 pm

Sweet Affliction

By: Wonderlust


July, 1989

Somewhere in a Caribbean Island

Its our last day here.

It has felt like a fantasy in a dream that I never allowed myself to believe could ever happen in this cruel reality. But here we are anyway. You’ve been in the water all morning and you insist that we take a last walk around the scant wisp of land that they call paradise. It is nothing without you here; with me. My Michael.

You take my hand and walk me to the little, secluded, neatly constructed palm leaf and wood hut that was our sanctuary for these blessed days.

“It’s worn off, can you please do my back, Miss?” I take a small bottle of sun screen lotion from my bag and generously apply the milky substance to your back, massaging it in until the white residue has disappeared. It leaves your mocha skin glistening warmly in the setting sun. “Thanks.”

We walk to the edge of the cobalt sea, and you look around taking it all in, knowing you won’t be able to enjoy such virginal nature for a long time to come. Your eyes glow with all the colors of the sunset reflecting off the onyx beneath thick dark lashes. The wind rustles your hair and I forget to breathe for a second.

We have been alone. Together. For just over a week and I still feel I have missed something. Missed a spot to kiss. A region to caress. Missed the true meaning in your eyes when you said you’d love to belong to me. And here I was wanting so badly to give myself up to you.

You taught me another way to love.

You sit in the warm sand digging your bare feet into the fine, white sand; nothing but small purple swimming trunks between you and the elements.

The waves are placid only reaching inches away from your toes.

“What are you doing?” You look up at me and my camera ready to shoot at a moment’s notice.

“I just want one picture, Michael. Please?” You look up, indecision coloring your eyes. I know how much you’d hate it to get into the wrong hands. “Just one Polaroid? You can’t blame me for trying to preserve one memento of this experience.”

You sigh and concede. You know our arrangement was still valid and at this moment you would have done anything I asked of you. But I liked to ask, just to be polite, anyway.

I wait and wait for the perfect shot to arrive. For the best moment when the sun light hits the dewy skin of your neck and chest just right; when the wild jungle of your damp main shines at the instant that the salty wind blows it across your eyes. Those brilliant enigmatic eyes.

You look at me shyly. You have undoubtedly taken pictures (with or without your consent) thousands of times! But you still gaze up at me with that sweet, shy smile.

The tides are gradually growing, but I still can’t decide on the pose. Your eyes dart to the approaching waves and you say through clenched teeth, “hurry, the tide’s coming in.” You never move your head. You’re such a professional.

I’ve always been indecisive, but, this picture has to be perfect.

I slowly press on the button and before I press it down completely, a large wave completely washes your entire body as you rested on your elbows in the sand.

“Ahh!” you gasp and the next thing I see is your knees and shoulders sticking out of the sea foam. Your hair is soaked and your eyes are half shut – so as to avoid getting water inside. Your lips parted exposing your sneaky tongue.

*click* I take the picture almost subconsciously. I have captured perfection. You, my Michael, are made of angel’s tears – so tragic, yet sublime.

“No! Don’t take *that* picture!” You scramble to stand up in the receding waves that threaten to pull you in with their vertigo.

“Yes! This one’s a keeper!” I run toward the hut to stash it away in my secret hiding place. I can hear you yelling behind me:

“Prisila! Come back! Give me that picture!”

I fan the Polaroid and wait anxiously to see the sensuous image emerge from its opaque material. When I enter the hut I carefully place it between the pages of a book – that I never meant to read – and put that in my bag of dirty clothes. I know you’d never want to dig in there.

You burst into the hut, the beads that served as a door flying everywhere.

“Give me that picture! I’m not kidding.”

I walk toward you, hands on my hips. I stare you down – my small stature doesn't take away from my stern air.

“I don’t have to give you a thing.”

A look of realization crosses your eyes and your eyebrows give half a twitch. Oh yes, its that time again. And you know it.

“Well, why don’t we do this? You can try to convince me. But I warn you, it will be difficult. I really love this picture.”

You look at the floor, still a little breathless from the chase to the hut.

“Yes, Miss.” You mumble, still soaked in salty water, those little cotton swimming trunks clinging to all the right places.

“Anything for you, my goddess.” You kneel on one knee before me and reach out to take my hand; your lips linger on my knuckles, your mouth is so warm.

“Now, get up and take those shorts off – and do it slow.”

“Yes. My queen.”


[Stand by for Part 1 of "Sweet Affliction]

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptyAugust 31st 2010, 12:00 am

:O DAAAAAMN I can tell this is going to be a good one! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptyAugust 31st 2010, 1:58 am

oh. my. god. YOU MUST FINISH THIS!!
you're killing me, this is a REALLY good story!!
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Smells Like Teen Spirit

Smells Like Teen Spirit

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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptyAugust 31st 2010, 6:59 am

Please finish this B4 i die
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptyAugust 31st 2010, 2:54 pm

Love it already Smile I can't wait to read more!
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PostSubject: Re: Sweet Affliction    Sweet Affliction  EmptySeptember 1st 2010, 9:14 am

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Sweet Affliction
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