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 A Magical Evening

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A Magical Evening Empty
PostSubject: A Magical Evening   A Magical Evening EmptyOctober 4th 2010, 5:55 pm

A magical evening
Evening had struck. It was 6:35 pm on a Saturday evening at Never Land. The year was 1989. It was quite chilly that day, but it was beginning to be beautiful. The sky was turning a pretty pinkish color, and you could see a few stars in the distance of the California sky. Michael was taking a break from music and videos and he had invited me to Never Land about 3 months ago. I’ve stayed with him ever since. For some reason, he looked extra gorgeous on this evening. His long, curly hair was just as it had been in the Bad world Tour, except it seemed extra heavenly. I couldn’t help but stare at him. He looked at me, smiled, and then bashfully looked down. “heehee, why are you…looking at me like that?” he said. I started to laugh myself because his voice always makes me melt inside “Well… I’m looking at you because you’re gorgeous”, I said. Suddenly his smile dimmed away a bit. “ I’m not gorgeous”. I looked at him with a surprised look on my face puzzled. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” I said with a laugh, “ You have to be the most gorgeous guy I’ve ever seen!” His smile came back, and he looked at me with a look that could’ve sent me straight to heaven. “Hehe, It’s nice to know that you think that about me, although I can’t really see why. I’m …not really happy with the way I look, but I guess that’s just me. I feel I’m always needing to perfect myself more”. At this statement, I couldn’t believe that such a gorgeous man thought he needed to perfect himself. “Well, in my eyes, you’re already perfect”, I said. He shrugged, and then smiled at me shyly again. “Well, thank you”, he said with a smile. Michael and I were sitting on the greenest grass, outlining all of the amazing rides that were all spread across the ranch. Since it was getting darker, the lights from the rides seemed to glisten like specks of crystals. At this time, Never Land was closed for a few weeks, and it was just me and Michael in the entire ranch. “So, would you like to get on a ride or two?”, he said. “WOULD I?!”, I said excitingly, “I love this place!”. He laughed with the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard in my entire life. “Well, Ok, lets go have some fun.. That’s what life should be all about”. He held his arm out for me and I grabbed it. We were just arm in arm at the moment, but I couldn’t help but think how good and warm he felt next to me. We went on the Merry -go- round first, then headed to the Ferris Wheel. After that we went on a few more rides, including the Bumper Cars. I felt like a child again, and I was having all the fun in the world with Michael. My inner child came alive when I was with him. It was like magic. The magic of Never Land also seemed to shine, especially since it was getting darker, and all the lights glistened like gold and all the other beautiful Jewels. Michael and I had cotton candy, me with the pink, and him with the blue. The candy felt like a light cloud in my mouth, then melted ever so lightly. I was so sweet, so delicious, but honestly being with Michael was even sweeter. Time came quickly as it had become quite dark and it was now 8:48 pm. “Whoa, it’s getting kind of late and cold”, I said, shivering in my light purple jacket. “Yeah, I agree with you.. Would you like to go inside?”, Michael said with a smile. “Haha, Yeah let’s go inside”. So after a few moments of all the lights in the theme park portion of Never Land going out, Michael and I made our way through the park, and ended up in his home. Inside, there was a classic feel to the interior, with paintings hanging on the wall, a shelf full of wondrous books, and lots of other items including furniture. It was so beautiful on the inside, and it felt nice to be away from the cold. “Wow, you’re house is beautiful”, I said. “Well, thank you, I like making things nice and beautiful”, Michael said with a smile. “Why don’t you get comfortable? It’s getting pretty warm, and you still have your Jacket on”, he said. “ Oh, yeah, haha, you’re right, well ok…”, I said as I took my Jacket and boots off. Michael smiled at me and I swear he looked like a complete angel. I couldn’t believe I was with him, it was as if I was in a dream or something. Being in his presence made me feel like I could fly. After we got ourselves situated, we sat on the most comfortable sofa, both holding a cup of warm hot chocolate. It was pretty quiet. It’s quite difficult to start a conversation with someone as shy as you. So the only thing we cold both do at that point was stare at each other. We both started to giggle. I don’t know what he was giggling about, But I know I was giggling because his eyes were so dreamy, and I could hardly stare at them without looking away. After a few moments of hysterical laughing for no particular reason, we found that we were both done with our hot chocolates. The laughing had come to a cease. We were staring at each other seriously now. I was starting to feel butterflies in my stomach, mainly because a very gorgeous man was staring at me. I really couldn’t say anything, but then… “…Haha, why are you staring at me…?” I said. He came over and sat real close by me. “..I don’t know..”, he said shyly with his boyish charm “ But I’m guessing it’s because you’re a beautiful girl”. Now Michael had a reputation for putting things bluntly, but I surely wasn’t expecting this. At this moment, the statement he was saying to me just sent a rush all over me. I slowly rose my hand up to touch his face. It felt so smooth. Now, keep in mind, I was 17, not yet 18, and he was 30, but for some reason I didn’t care. This man in front of me made me feel so good inside. I was never this close to him. As I was touching his smooth face, he grabbed my hand, with his hand, and pulled it close to his chest. We stared deeply into each others eyes. His eyes were like a brown I’ve never seen before. They were quite intimidating. He leaned in, and all of a sudden we slowly started to kiss each other. His lips felt so soft. I felt a force I couldn’t explain overpowering me. He must of felt it too, because he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him. Now I was really feeling it at this point, and I started to unbutton his shirt. But then he pulled back a bit, and grabbed my hand. “No, wait..”, he said, “I don’t… think I’m ready for that sort of thing yet…”. Now the love I felt for him was so overpowering that I had forgotten that he was extremely shy and child-like. “Oh, I’m sorry, I just.. Really love you…”, I said with a glistening in my eyes. He sighed “Ugh, I know, I love you too… but I’m not really ready for something like that yet…”. he said looking down. “I understand…”, I said, “It’s ok, we don’t have to do anything, I just forgot about that…”. He had a sad look in his eyes, but then he said “Don’t think it’s not because I don’t love you… let’s just… hold each other for a while”. I looked at him with a dreamy look in my eyes. It really didn’t matter to me. Just being just a few inches apart from him just made me so very happy, and I just wanted to be with him. “I’m ok with that, I just want to be close to you for a while..”, I said. So, with that being said, we just kissed each other one last time. He held me so tightly. I felt really safe and warm in his arms. I never EVER wanted to release from him. He was just….. So warm, so I quickly fell asleep in his arms like a baby….

(to be continued)

Chapter 2

It was morning time, and I could feel the warm sun against my skin. I really didn’t want to wake up. The night I had before with Michael was mesmerizing. I remember it well. But when I awoke, I found that he was gone. I was half asleep, but I went looking for him. I searched the living area and all that, but still couldn’t find him. So I made my way up the stairs. So I walked up the stairs, and just as I turned a corner… “BOO!” screamed Michael as he jumped out from the corner. “Ahhh!”, I screamed terrified. “Michael.. Ugh. Hahaha.. You scared me, don’t do that!”. He laughed so hard that he almost cried. But even though he scared me to death, his laugh was still adorable, and I was honestly just happy to see his face. “oh, hahah, I’m sorry”, he said, “I just wanted to have a little fun”. I had a serious look on my face at first, but then I smiled and then giggled little. Besides, there was no need to get serious, I knew that Michael was very child-like after all. “heeehee, welll, it was kind of funny”. We both laughed about it for a while. As the laughter died down, we found each other staring at one another like we did the previous night. I swear, the way he looked at me almost made me melt. I really just wanted him really bad, but I knew I would have to wait. His eyes were just too much, so I looked away, and kind of changed the subject. “ummm, sooo, what’s the schedule for the day?”, I asked nervously. “Lenetta…” Michael said in his sweet voice. “….yes….?” I was getting pretty nervous at this point, and by this time I was wide awake. We were still in the upstairs hallway. He walked up to me slowly, and his face was an inch apart from mine. So then he leaned in to me, and held my face with both of his hands. I closed my eyes waiting for the kiss, and then it came. He kissed me right on the lips, and it was subtle at first but then it turned more passionate. It was the best morning moment I ever had. The kiss lasted for quite a while, and then he surprised me by easing his tongue into my mouth. The taste of his tongue was just so magical and sweet. I felt like I was floating in heaven. I didn’t want the moment to end. EVER. But then something else happened. The kiss must’ve gotten too much for us both because we both stopped. Michael sighed. “ugh, I’m sorry.. Still not.. Ready for that yet. I love you so much, but… I’m just not.. Ready… “. He closed his eyes in disappointment, and lowered his head. “Michael it’s ok. I’m really in no rush. In fact, I totally agree with you on not being ready yet”, I said reassuringly. The truth was that my heart was pounding so bad that it felt as if it would explode. Suddenly Michael looked back up with me and smiled, pleased with my answer. “Thank you for understanding”, he said. So then he held his hand out so I could grab it, and I did. I held his hand tightly as we walked down the stairs to each other. We made our way through the living area, and out to the back yard area. The sun was shining so brightly, but it wasn’t really that warm outside. Since it was November, it was still kind of chilly. Michael and I both had our jackets on. We sat on the grass, across from each other. I looked at him and he looked at me, and we both giggled. We were like two little school kids who had a crush on each other except that I was almost 18, and he was a full grown man. That day, we talked about his life, and some of his music. He even TRIED to teach me some of his dance moves though I failed miserably, especially at the moonwalk. Later In the afternoon, we went to a children’s hospital. Michael and I saw some ill kids, like one’s will cancer. We talked to some of the kids, and they were just so adorable. Later on, Michael gave the hospital a check. He was the most generous person on the planet, which made me love him even more. Soon after that, it was night again, and we were headed back up to Never Land, dodging crazy fans on our trip back. I was so tired, I couldn’t wait to get back to Never Land. “oh my god.. I’m so tired. We sure had a busy day, haha”, I said worn out. “haha yeah, but it was worth it seeing those kids…”, Michael said with a pleasing look on his face. “haha, yes, I agree! Ooo, I totally need to take a shower. I’ll be back”, I said. I really did need a shower, as I smelled like the outdoors. Michael looked at me with a smile on his face, nodding his head. “Go ahead, I’ll be right here”, he said. So at that, I went to take a shower.

I just came from taking a shower, putting on something really comfortable, and made my way back up to Michael. When I saw him, he was on the couch reading a book from his bookshelf. I sat next to him, and glanced at what he was reading. It seemed as though he was reading Peter Pan. I knew how much he loved this character, and so I giggled a little. He looked up suddenly t me and said with a smile “haha, what’s so funny”? “ha-ha, nothing.. It’s just.. You look so cute reading. And it’s funny how you’re reading Peter Pan, I know how much you love Peter Pan. He looked at me, rolling his extra gorgeous eyes with a smile. “Urg, I told you, I’m.. not good looking… I really don’t like what I see in the mirror. Now I had herd Michael deny his cuteness before, but I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Michael.. You’re gorgeous. I don’t see why you wouldn’t like the way you look. I have to say I’m pretty lucky to even be in your presence”, I said with a serious look on my face. He looked down, closing the Peter Pan book, and then he looked up at me with those mesmerizing eyes again. “….Thank you… I’m really glad I have someone like you to understand me, because ea lot of people don’t..”, he said. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.. He was so freaking gorgeous that I just couldn’t take it. “ Well, I understand you..”. All of a sudden, Michael grabbed my hand, and sat closer to me. Then, he put both his arms around me. I just can’t tell you how good he made me feel. We understood each other very well. I closed my eyes and relaxed myself into his arms. Then he said to me, “I really love you Lenetta…”. I was so happy that he said this that I just up and kissed him without thinking. “ooh! I’m…sorry.. That was.. .. Er, I mean I don’t know what came over me”, I said with a surprised look on my face. Michael’s eyes were really looking at me, and he grabbed me by both arms, and we lifted each other up. I really couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was such a beautiful man, that my heart was beating wildly this time. “Lenetta.. Come with me..”, he said in a low voice. I didn’t say any more, I just followed him up the stairs. As we made our way up the stairs, holding hands, we entered his bedroom. His bedroom was just as lovely as the rest of the house, and the furniture was very classy. But the interior was rally the last thing on my mind. By this time my heart was racing, and I wondered why he brought me up here. He held me close to him, looking me straight in the eyes. “Lenetta… you do love me don’t you…”?

“well, yes.. Very much so…” , I said with a nervous voice.

I could feel what was about to happen next in the air. It didn’t take long. He kissed me, and it was the same passionate kiss from earlier, but I could feel something more coming on. I ran my fingers through his long soft curls, and he grabbed my hands, and placed them on his chest. We looked right at each other with passion in our eyes. Then he gave me a nod, which let me know that we were both ready. This time when I went to unbutton his shirt he didn’t stop me. So I continued. I unbuttoned his red long sleeved shirt slowly, and I slowly started to take it off. Pretty quick. I took it off and dropped it to the floor. And I saw his bare chest. My hands just had to explore him. He was just so irresistible. So there I was in front of him, and he grabbed me by the arms and gave me another kiss. This kiss was much more passionate, and a little longer. We were really in the moment. So then he lifted up my shirt and took it RIGHT off me. Keep in mind, we were still passionately kissing. Then we stopped and looked at each other again, and he lifted me up and threw me on the bed. I was practically thrown on my back, and he was on top of me. We were back to kissing, and my hand were all over his chest, as they slid down to unfasten his pants. All of a sudden I said.. WAIT! Are.. Are you sure you want this…?

“Yes, I’m.. really sure…”, said Michael

So back to trying to unfasten his pants. Didn’t take long. I love him too much, so they were off in a minute. Then he took his hands, his large hands, and was touching all over my chest as well. But I still had my bra on. So he lifted my back up, and started kissing me again. His hands were busy behind my back trying to unfasten my bra. Also came off quick. Then he was practically rubbing all over me, and his hands made their way down to unfasten my pants but at this time I couldn’t take it so I unfastened the myself. We were wildly kissing each other at this point, both of us practically moaning out of pure love and pleasure. Our hands were really curious by this time as well. He then slowly pushed me back down, as I was lifted up before, and he was kissing me again. I swear there was so much kissing, but I could really taste him, so I was happy. His hands then made their way down to my underwear, and he took those off quick too. He was already fully naked so he thrust himself right into me. By this point, it was on like Donkey-king. I grabbed both of his shoulders gripping them tightly. He started to kiss all on my neck, and ooo, I swear it felt so good. I couldn’t help but give out a little moan. Both of our eyes were closed, as we were working it. He kept working it right into me, and by this point we were very sweaty, and sweat was dripping from his head and through his curls. I practically was clinging on to his arms, like for dear life, as we were working each other harder and harder. I wasn’t playing any games at this point I just wanted him so badly. Just hip thrusting action, and we were really hot. We were both doing some serious panting, like we had run 20 miles, and there was groans of pleasure from us both. So we were kissing each other so passionately, and we were still working each other harder and harder. It was so fast now, and so hot, he just kept thrusting himself into me. The moans and groans were only getting louder. We kept on working each other, both our eyes clothes. Then it happened. I had reached the mountaintop. It felt like I was in complete and total heaven. I swear I could hear angels singing. So then, we were slowly stopping the thrusting and he looked at me with a tiring but pleasing look in his eyes. We were both breathing heavily, and we were both very sweaty, he kissed me once more, and then laid down next to me on his back. I gathered up all the rest of the energy I had left to rest my head on his chest. The Panting and heavy breathing was dissipating now. I sighed a sigh of relief, and satisfaction. “I … can’t believe we did that..”, I said. “I love you , Michael…”

“I…love you to , Lenetta”, he said as he was running his fingers through my hair. We were both so tired that we just fell asleep. I went to bed VERY happy that night, knowing I made love to the most angelic man on the planet, and he was much older than me. XD

Chapter 3

It was 9:13 am, and the sun was shining extra brightly in my face.. “ugg, morning”, I complained. I woke up to find yet again that Michael had already woken up. Ha, no big deal. I knew by now that he was an early riser, and then a thought fell over me. Last night was magical! I grinned a happy grin as I rose out of bed. I got up and did a little victory dance as I headed for the shower.

I got out of the shower, and headed downstairs. As I made my way downstairs, I heard singing. “ooooo, it sounds like…”.., I said. I followed the sweet sound of the voice that was making this beautiful music. The voice was getting louder. So I made my way down a hall I wasn’t familiar with. And then I could hear a voice clear in my head as I walked in. A recording studio! It had all the amenities that a recording studio. Speakers, microphones, and those little sound machines. And so there he was. Michael. I had found the souce of the singing. It seems as if he were singing Human Nature from his Thriller album. His voice made me want to melt. I’m guessing he saw me because he stopped singing. “oh… Morning Lenetta, hehe”, he said in the cutest voice. “Oh, your singing is beautiful. Why don’t you keep singing?”, I asked. “ha, well I’m a little embarrassed. I didn’t see you standing there.”

“Ha, I’m sorry.. I had just woke up”. I giggled and he giggled too, and then I walked over to him slowly. “I…want you to keep singing..”, I said in a low voice. We stared into each others eyes, and he continued singing.

“If they say, why, why? Tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
If they say, why, why? Tell 'em that is human nature
Why, why does he do me that way?
I like livin' this way, I like lovin' this ….”
His voice was so enticing. I placed my hand on his gorgeous face, and ran my hand threw his curls. He opened his eyes slowly but then closed them again, as I stood on my tippy toes, and gave him a passionate kiss. I loved him so much now, that I felt this making love thing was going to be constant. But alas, not early in the morning. I had to fight myself from going any further so early in the morning. But I fought it. I stopped. As I released my lips from his, he took my hands from his face and held them tightly. We were staring into each other’s eyes again. My god, those eyes of his! Then I stopped gazing because they were just so intimidating. “I want you to follow me someplace special”, he says.
“haha, why where are we going”? I wasn’t a big fan of suprises, but I was thinking that this might be a nice surprise. “Just follow me and you’ll see!”. So He took me by the hand, and we left out the studio. We walked outside. The breeze felt nice in the 75 degree weather, because the sun was shining ever so brightly. The grass had a fresh morning smell to it, and you could tell it was nice grass because it crunched beneath our feet. We walked only a moment more, and then we stopped. There was really nothing but a tree. This tree looked like it had been around for a while. The trunks look like they held strength and wisdom, and the leaves were showing signs of the fall with reds, yellow’s and oranges. “hehe, so what’s the surprise?”, I asked with great curiosity. “It’s right in front of you. This tree helps me think, and it gives me ideas about the world and what songs to write. I want you to climb it with me”, he said.
“well, of course I’ll climb the tree with you. It’s a nice day to do something out of the ordinary”, I said with a smile. So I headed up the tree first. I was stumbling a bit, with Michael laughing at my awkwardness climbing the tree. But those branches were quite strong. I finally made it up and sat in a nice spot in between some larger branches. Then Michael climbed up. He seemed to have climbed it numerous times because he made it up without hassle. The wind was blowing, so you colud see his wonderous curls flowing in the wind. He truly looked like an angel who just fell from heaven. He finally settled next to me in that special part of the tree. “Soooo, this is how you get ideas in that head of yours, huh”? I said with a laugh.
“Yes, absolutely, I mean, Nature is just so beautiful, the flowers and the trees are just a wonder to human beings. I find that being up here in this tree just keeps the drive for my music and knowledge going.”, he said.

I kind of agreed with him. Nature is the best, especially when the seasons change and there is different colors to gawk at. “Well, I have to say that I agree with you. Nature is pretty awesome”. He looked at me with a smile, and then giggled. “Awesome…. Yeah it is”, he said. Soon we were both laughing at my remark about nature. Clearly, Michael was taking in the breeze. His eyes were closed and his composure was calm. I like nature and all, but I couldn’t take my eyes off him. “Michael, I…. really, umm…”. I wanted to tell him again, that I loved him, but I was afraid that I would sound redundant. He looked over at me and took me by the hand, and looked me straight in the eye. His eyes looked even better in the sunlight. They were kind of a golden brown, and they glistened with the look of magical love. “You don’t have to say anything… haha I you too”. I smiled a great big smile of relief! I love him so much, and I was happy, ALWAYS happy to hear that he confirms it too. My heart was racing as he was looking at me, and then he leaned in to kiss me again. I’m telling you that at that very moment I felt like I was flying. We giggled after that. “ahhh, so you wanna go do something”? he asked. “haha, like where?” all of a sudden his face got serious. “Well, I kind of wanted to visit an orphanage. The kids there… they need someone to talk to, because they have no family”, he said. I knew what he was talking about. I’ve always felt sorry for the children, who have no family to go to. “Yeah, I wanna go with you”. So at that he grabbed me by the hand, as we climbed down from the tree. Soon after that we got well dressed, got in his private suv, as we headed to the Orphanage. When we got there the children was just so happy to see Michael. To me he was simply Michael, but to them he was the King of Pop. The woman who dealt with the matters of the orphanage, showed us around the orphanage, and some of the kids rooms. Michael spent time with the children, talking to them about different things, and they asked him questions about his songs and dance moves. He even tried to teach some of them to do the moonwalk. We stayed for quite a while. After giving autographs to EVERY child, we left, headed back to Neverland. When we got there, it was about 5:37 pm. Night time was coming fast, it seemed. The days came and go whenever I was with Michael. I had decided that I wanted to stay at Neverland. But it would soon have to go back home, since I was on holiday from school. I wanted to stay forever, but I was still in school. But that thought left my mind quickly whenever he came into the room. Michael was on the phone for quite a while, talking with celebrity friends, probably talking about song and video Ideas. So I decided to escape to his library. I found that there were lot’s o interesting books there. He’s got classics of every kind. As I searched the room, I found one book that I loved. Oliver Twist, the old classic about the orphan boy. Ironic, since we had come from an orphanage earlier. I was reading into the book well for about 30 minutes. I remember the story, yet I stilll couldn’t put it down. I had forgotten where I was as I was reading. Suddenly , I felt a presence was near me. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I jumped. When I turned around, it was Michael. “god, Michael.. Haha, you scared me..”. I said laughing. “I’m sorry, I was just wanting to see where you were”. He looked at the bok I was reading. “Oliver Twist, huh? I love that story.. It’s kind of sad too..”. I agreed with him with the shake of my head. “yeah, you’ve got a lot of books here. Your own personal library.” he giggled. “Well, I enjoy reading”, he said with a smile. “yeah, but you know what I enjoy more than reading? Being here with you”. He grabbed my chin then, he kissed me again. I never got tired of his kisses. “I wish I could be with you forever, Lenetta”. he said as he grabbed my hands. I had dropped the book, and put my arms around his slim waist. He put his arms around me too, and started singing I just can’t stop Loving You.

I Just Can't Stop Loving You
I Just Can't Stop Loving You
And If I Stop . . .
Then Tell Me Just What
Will I Do..
'Cause I Just Can't Stop
Loving You

We both moved to the melody of his voice. I rested my head on his shoulder, and I didn’t want to let go of him. We looked each other really deep in the eyes this time. “Follow me”, he said. At this point, I knew we were headed straight for the bedroom again.

Chapter 4

As he took my hand, I walked with him to the bed room. When we got inside, I could feel my heart racing. As I released my hand from his, I walked ahead of him staring at the window. I could hear him closing the door quietly and locking it. I looked out side. It was pretty nice. The sky was that amazing pinkish orane-gish color again. He walked in front of my and closed the curtains. Then he lit a couple of candles with a mickey mouse lighter. I covered my face with a smile as he came walking towards me. I don’t know why I was acting like I’ve never done this before, but there was something about this evening that made me quite nervous. I felt his warn hands on my hands as he slowly took them down from my face. I looked down almost immediately, but then he lifted my head up, and smiled. “haha, why are you acting like you don’t know me?”, he said.
“well, I.. umm, I mean… I.. ya know, ahaha, umm.. Really.. Umm..”..
I was just in a rant, I didn’t know what to say.
“shhhhhhh………”, he said. “Lenetta, I know. You don’t.. have to say anything.. I love you to, and I want this, like REALLY want this…”.
I looked into his eyes, and I knew that he was telling the truth. The truth was, I wanted him too. It’s just that his demeanor today was somewhat different, so I felt a bit nervous. He took his hand, placed it on my face, and rubbed it. I felt like my knees were turning into water. I stumbled, a bit, but then he grabbed my arm to keep me from falling. Then I closed my eyes, and I could feel his lips touch mine. Not long after that the kiss became stronger, and he slowly opened my mouth with his tongue. He tasted like candy. Or maybe even something sweeter than candy. I took my hand and slowly eased them into his long curls, soon placing a soft grip on them. Then he took his hands and slowly lifted up my shirt, rising it up even more, and then taking it off my head. At this moment I was in my bra and still had my pants on. He took his fingers and slid them down from my neck to the bottom of my stomach, and back up my neck again. At this point, I was in pure ecstasy knowing his hands were on my body. I took my hands and slowly unbuttoned the shirt he was wearing, and dropped it to the floor once it was completely off. I then took my hands and slid them up and down his body. When I tell you that I was shaking I was shaking! So then he slowly started to unfasten my jeans, and I returned the favor with his pants. I took his hand and we shifted to the bed. I laid my self on my back, and he came on top of me with the help of my hands on his shoulders. He kissed me some more while my hands were around his neck, and he took his hands and slowly down my curvy waist, as he then preceded to remove my underwear. I also, returned the favor. He was fully naked but not I. we were kissing so deeply now. He lifted me up, and put his hands behind my back unfastening my bra, we were pretty much both in heat, and I’m telling you the temperature in his house didn’t help at all. He was exploring my body now, as we were still kissing, then he entered inside of my. “oh…my god…” I said. He felt so good. I kissed him harder. “mmmm.mmmm…mmmm…” he moaned. Then we were moving to the rhythm of our love for each other. I pulled him even further to me. I bit my lip with my eyes closed as he pushed him self even further into me, started to kiss my neck, up to my chin and then to my lips. This was sweet heaven to me. I grabbed his curls once more as we were rhythmically loving each other. He was thrusting himself into me harder and faster, I was sliding my hands up and down his waist. “ohhhh…. My.. Gahh...”, I whined. I could barely get the words out. We were both sweaty, and I was heavily breathing. We were kissing each other again during this with so much force and power. I almost scratched his shoulders as he felt so good in me. Then I had reached my peak. I shivered, a bit, and he moaned again. The powerful movements were coming to a pause, and we looked each other in the eys while we were both panting. Then we kissed agin and he laid his head on my my chest as I was running my hand through his curls, and he was stroking one side of my waist with his finger. “I… never want to let you go, Lenetta..”, he said.

“me neither…. Never”, I confirmed. After a while we both fell peacefully to sleep.

It was morning time, I could tell because I looked at the clock and it was 9:30 am. Once again, Michael was out of bed before me. I swear, he’s always on the move, but I didn’t mind. I slowly got up out of bed, then thought as I sat on the bed for a minute with the sheet around me.
Another great evening with Michael….
I closed my eyes, and bit my lip, as I smiled remembering what happened. Then I started to giggle, and did a little dance with the sheet still around me. I walked towards the curtains and opened them “Gah, sunlight… my eyes hurt, haha”, I said through squinted eyes. I put on the clothes I wore the day before as I headed for the shower.

I walked through the house, and then I went outside. I saw Michal in the distance, staring at a carousel ride . I crept up behind him slowly, and but my arms around his waist, giving him a great big hug with a giggle. He was surprised to say the least. “oh, Lenetta! Heehee, you scared me a bit”, he said laughing. He turned around to give me a hug as well. “So whatcha doin?”, I asked playfully. “well, I was just having memories of my childhood..”. I knew very well of Michael’s childhood. He was a singer with his brothers in the Jackson 5 for quite a while starting at a very young age, thus he couldn’t do normal kid stuff. I felt really bad about that, because I did have the things he didn’t have as a kid. “oh….”, I said.
“Yeah, I was just remembering how I wanted to have fun all the time, even though I had to go in the studio, and different concerts all my life..”, he said. “I wish your childhood could have been better… I’m sorry”, I said with a sad look on my face. “don’t be sorry for me, it made me who I am today. In fact I wouldn’t change a thing. That’s why I built this place, so that I could somewhat have my childhood again, and little children can live there’s”, he said with smile. “Yeah, that’s pretty awesome,haha, and this place.. Umm, Neverland I mean, is really fun and magical, so you really made something special here”, I said with a big smile. “Well, thank you very much”. we both giggled, and he took my hand as we walked towards the house. Suddenly, one of his maids came out. It was Rebecca. “Good morning Mr. Jackson. Umm, Ms. Swan, your mother is on the phone”, she said directing her attention to me. “oh, ok, thank you Rebecca..”. Mom. I had forgotten all about my life at home. Being with Michael made me forget about everything. And my mother knew absolutely NO IDEA what was really going on with me and Michael. She just thought I was a lucky young fan, who got to spend a few weeks with Michael. I went inside…

“Ok, mom, see ya..”, I said as I hung up the phone. I sighed as I walked to the living area. Michael was reading a book from off of one of his bookshelves. Then when he noticed I was done talking to my mother, he stopped reading and came to me. “sooo, what was that about, haha”, he said. I had a disappointing look on my face, and he noticed. “what’s wrong?”

“*sigh*… my mom wants me to come home, she says I’ve been here for too long… aaand she said school would be starting back up soon..”, I said. Suddenly, Michael looked down. “Oh really… so, she wants you to come back home…?”, he asked.
“Yeah.. I really don’t wanna leave here, but it’s my senior year in high school, and she wants me to come home…”. We were both looking down at this point. “well.. You can just come back after you graduate…”, he said. He sounded like he was unsure of his answer. “I don’t know if it’ll be that easy… I gotta go to college too… and.. I don’t know what will happen after that…”, I said, getting teary eyed. “and even If I did come back, we’ve..done stuff we weren’t supposed to do.. I’m… still a minor you know, that would look suspicious. To her, I mean.. and to the media.”, I said.
He looked me in the eyes, as I was crying. “I …don’t want you to leave… or else I’ll be lonely again…”, he said, with a sad look in his eyes.

“I know, but what can I do?”, I said…
“ I don’t know……”.
Suddenly we both went silent. I started to cry but then he held my hands to comfort me, and the sobs died down.
“soo, where do we go from here………”.


Chapter 5
I started to pack my stuff while crying. I really didn’t want to leave but my mom had demanded I come home, so I had no choice. Michael had elected to come with me to the airport with his personal driver. I had packed up all my stuff, so I sat on the bed in the guest room thinking. Of course I had only slept in the guest room for one week before I had slept in Michael’s room. I really didn’t want to leave. I had forgotten all about my life back at home. And then it all came back to me when my mother called. Suddenly one of Michael’s cleaning staff came into my room. “Ms. Swan, Mr. Jackson would like to see you. So, follow me please”, she said. “ohh…ok, I’m coming”. I followed her out the guest room, and out of the house. We walked awhile until we came to a stop. She pointed in the direction Michael was in. “There he is, Ms.”. she said.
“umm, ok.. Thank you”. I walked slowly in Michael’s direction as she walked back to the house. He was near the Ferris Wheel. It was cloudy outside, perfect weather for how we were both feeling. I walked until I parked myself right beside him. There was a bit of silence for a while. I was the first person to speak. “ummm… Michael…”, I said trying to fight tears. Before I could finish my sentence, he turned around and gave me a hug. I held him tightly as I was crying. “I really don’t want you to leave.. I love you”, he said. “I don’t want to leave either.. But… my mom’s making me come home. There’s nothing I can do about it…”, I said with tears in my eyes. I didn’t look him in the eyes… It was too painful for me. So I looked down. He grabbed my hands. “Why won’t you look at me?, he said. “It’s… too painful to look at you… I’m just really sad right now”. He sighed, and then forced me to look at him but lifting up my face. “Please, please stop crying, or you’ll make me cry…”, he said this time with tears in his eyes. As my eyes widened, I hugged him again, as he held the back of my head. We were holding each other for a while, I guess sort of comforting each other. Then gradually we stopped crying. Then he took a deep breath, and said, “I’ve.. Got something for you.. To remember me by…”. “Ok, what is it”? He reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden rectangular box with a red ribbon tied around it. It had an engraving on it that read: To Lenetta, “Just call my name and I’ll be there”-MJ. I smiled at him and opened the gift as he watched. What I pulled out was really beautiful. It was a golden necklace, and on it was charms made out of diamonds. Of these charms there was Peter Pan in flight, Mickey and Minnie Mouse heads, The initials of my name and his name, a mini version of the front gates to Neverland, a heart, a rose, and an angel. And on a part of the necklace there was an engraving that read LS & MJ forever. I was speechless for a moment. “…You’re…. really giving me this… it’s so beautiful… th…thank you, Michael.”, I said getting teary eyed again. “Well, I want you to wear it everyday, to remind you of how much I love you..”. I stared at him for a minute, and then I gave him a kiss, even though I was crying, and then I hugged him. “I’ll always love you..”, I said. “And I will love you always, too…”, he said.

Some body guards of Michael’s were helping to put my belongings in the trunk of the car. I was still in the house at this time. “Well, I guess I should get moving..”, I said to myself. I got up from the guest room and looked at it one last time before cutting the light out and closing the door. I walked downstairs, and looked around the house one last time. I touched the bookshelves and the wall, and I studied the paintings on the wall. There was one painting of Michael from the “Bad” era, modified to make him look like a true king, along with other paintings. I smiled as I looked at them getting a little sad. I took in the smell and the aura of the house. Then after looking around for a while, I turned and walked out the door. My belongings were already in the trunk of the car. In the distance I could see Neverland. It looked really beautiful. I had to be at the airport soon, so I didn’t go to the main park. One of Michael’s security came up to me. “Are you ready, Ms. Swan?”, he said. “umm, yeah, I’m ready…”. I got in the car, sitting next to Michael in the back seat. “Well, it’s time for us to be on our way..”, he said with a sad voice. “yeah, I guess it is”. Suddenly, all his staff came out as the car started and they were all waving at me. I smiled and waved back at all of them. The car was pulling off now, and we were on our way to the airport. As it was driving, I could see all of his staff still waving at me. Then we pulled out of the front gates of Neverland. “Good bye, Neverland”, I said to myself as the gate closed in the distance. Michael had told his driver to roll up the privacy barrier, and his driver did just that. So it was just me and him in the car. “I hope you had a good time with me, Lenetta”, he said. I looked him in the eyes, and smiled. “I really did.. Thank you for having me over…”. We were both looking down at this point. Then he took me by the hand. “I hope we get to see each other again..”, he said. “Maybe.. One day, we will get to see each other again”. I started to kiss him, and I didn’t want to stop. But once again, I fought hard to stop. Then I rested me head on his shoulder, as we were still hand in hand. We had been driving for a while, until we got to the airport. Then the car stopped. “oh, we’re here…, said Michael. I opened the car door to get out of it. As I got out, the driver and some of his security people were taking all of my bags out of the trunk. Then, Michael got out of the car, and leaned against it. “That’s all of your belongings, Ms. Swan”, said one of the security people. “Thank you.” I hadn’t packed much, so it was only about three bags. I walked up to Michael before I grabbed my bags and went into the airport. I sighed, and gave him one last hug. I whispered into his ear that I loved him, and when the security people weren’t looking, he gave me a kiss. I held his hand, and then when I waked way, I slowly let go of it. I grabbed my bags, looked back with a smile, then went inside the airport. Michael had told me he wasn’t leaving until the plane took off. The airport’s bright lights were bugging me, and there was a lot of hustle and bustle since it was the holiday season. I sat down, waiting. On the loudspeaker a woman said, “Flight 317 to Florida will be boarding in 5 minutes”. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 5:14, and it was dark outside because it was going to rain. Suddenly, it seemed as if every thing in the room just went silent. I remembered all the times I had with Michael when I was at Neverland. The rides, the conversations, the climbing of that tree, and especially the love making. I grabbed the charm necklace that was around my neck. It seemed to glimmer, and shine even through the pain I was feeling. I studied the charms on it. As I was holding the necklace in my hands, I had an epiphany. I was going to be 18 in February, which was not too far off, and I was deeply in love with Michael. I really didn’t want to leave. I didn’t care about school, missing the 12th grade wasn’t all that important to me. It started to rain outside. Then a woman on the loudspeaker said: “Flight 317 to Florida now boarding”. I had a decision to make. I could either go home, and live my non excitable life, or I could spend the rest of my life with Michael. The people were getting in line to get their tickets. My heart was racing so I had a quick decision to make. I closed my eyes tightly, and looked out the glass doors of the airport. It was raining hard this time. I saw the car that Michael was in, and then I looked at the line of people waiting to get on the plan. “There’s no way I’m going home”, I said to myself. I ran toward the doors and went outside. I could hear a woman yelling out, “Ms, you left yout bags!”. I didn’t care about the bags. I ran outside, with no umbrella in tow, and I was drenched in rain. “Michael!”, I yelled, as I was running. I’m guessing he saw me because he got out of the car in a hurry. “Lenetta, it’s raining! Why aren’t you in the airport?”, he asked. Through panting, tired because I had ran I finally said: “I….. love you…, and… I don’t… wanna go, so…. I’m.. not going…!, I said through pants. He giggled. “What about your mom?”, he asked in a loud voice. “She’s just going to have to deal.. I can’t live without you…”, I said. We looked at each other in the eyes. “So, you really want to stay with me… forever?, he said”. Of course I do”. I grabbed his arms, and gave him a passionate kiss, not caring whether or not his security people, or anyone else saw. “I was hoping you would come back! Heehee, let’s get out of this rain and back to Neverland!”, he said loudly. “OK!, yeah lets do that. He motioned for his security people to get my bags out of the airport. Then they came back with my stuff, put in the trunk, and Michael and I got in the back seat. “I was thinking that when you’re old enough that .. We could get married.. Would you like that?”, he said. “I smiled. “oh my gosh, seriously?! YES, of course I would love that!”, I said loudly. We got in the back seat of the car hand in hand, as the car sped off, back to Neverland.

~The End~
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Very sweet and sexy Wink
Very Happy
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Very sweet and sexy Wink
Very Happy

AGREED! Very Happy
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