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Female Sagittarius Posts : 327
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PostSubject: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   October 31st 2010, 1:19 am

Hey girls... i need advice....
its SO HARD for me to actually dream about michael and I together i mean, not even romantic stuff NOTHING...i dont know if this has to do with the fact that i dont feel comfortable with my body or i believe that i wouldn't be his type of girl... cause i know he loved pretty girls (duh! like any guy in the world..but that makes me feel ugly) Sad plz HELP ME!!

P.S. when im awake i can daydream about him, but usually it is just the picture of him with ANOTHER girl... and thats not me Sad and i want it to be me!! im desperate! i've tried and tried for years! plz help!

If Michael stares at me like this  affraid

Im just here like

P.S. Always show your true colors and be PROUD 

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Female Taurus Posts : 234
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   November 1st 2010, 12:47 am

I can't seem to do it either. It makes me pretty sad. Sad At least you're not alone? Very Happy
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Female Virgo Posts : 355
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   November 2nd 2010, 1:10 pm

i don't know i can daydream naughty stuff all day
but at night its still a no

maybe you're in a fantasy friend thing

i was

my dreams aren't XXX-rated yet but they get closer.

i just have fun in my dreams like the one i keep having

(i don't know why) but in my dream i have a kid (little girl)
and she and Michael love to go swimming I Can't Swim
but anyway Michael pulls me in the pool which terrifies me
he helps me out the pool and all i'm shivering and mad
and he's checking me out (ok) he's staring at my chest cause my nips are hard
and my girl is oblivious of the fact that he is making eyes at me

and it goes from there

i don't get it. i think dreams are situational. if i try to hard to somewhere
with this dream i just wake up which frustrates me.

that's all i can say.... sorri i couldn't be of much help
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Female Libra Posts : 399
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   November 2nd 2010, 8:14 pm

i have the same problem... i havent been deaming with mj for a while... i guess its because im loaded with exams and when school holidays start i do dream with michael... maybe you have a whole heap of stuff in your head that takes you away from michael at night? sorry i cant be of much help since the same thing is happening to me Sad
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Female Sagittarius Posts : 170
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   November 4th 2010, 1:10 pm

Its true, Carolina is right, stress over school or work or whatever ruins the "moment" LOL I haven't ever been able to fantasize properly.. ITs all the stress. But when I do have time I try to make the best of it.

What helps me (lol this is embarrassing to admit) is to sort of have a lil makeover before bed. Wear your favorite/sexiest pjs LOL. Doesn't have to be anything extreme like a baby doll! You can wear a tad of perfume, comb your hair... anything that makes u feel beautiful (I just wear my fave nightgown) Then just try to relax in bed and think only of him.. and your preferred scenario.

Of course the times I actually dream of him I have watched loads of videos and or read some of the awesome fics on here xD

So, xLovelyOne, just dont give up. I think we all know that Michael liked ALL kinds of women (Thank GOD) and even just going to bed feeling fabulous and beautiful will cause u to dream a nice MJ dream..

Good Luck!
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Female Aquarius Posts : 432
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   November 4th 2010, 7:52 pm

Yeah I definitely think it's the school stuff :/ I haven't had a sexy MJ dream a long while cuz I've been tryna focus on my schoolwork so I'm trying not watch dirty vids or read as many fics as I used to for as long as I want and I think it's the withdrawls thats making the sexy dreams leave me Sad

I can't wait to gradute so i can watch vids and read fics and dream and dream and dream XD
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Female Aries Posts : 1467
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   December 2nd 2010, 9:27 pm

how come it seems lyk we r all 2 stressed to hav mj night fantasties @ tha same doggone time? Cuz except 4 last weeks weird but awesom situation i was in for 2nits in a row, i havent really had dreams bout him. lyk it'll start off, him nd me but i'll b awake then when im sleep, nothing. nada. zip. zero tolerance 4 this. itz so weird. but luckily somewat, last week i think i got raped by his ghost.... well itz only rape cuz i wuz a lil scared but it wasnt 2 forced nd it wuz accpeted so i guess it wuz wanted rape or sumthin........ O.o
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PostSubject: Re: I CANNOT DREAM WITH MJ :((((   

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