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 30th Anniversary Special

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PostSubject: 30th Anniversary Special   December 17th 2010, 6:46 am

I love watching the 30th Anniversary special... he looks so sexy with his hair that way and those tight white pants! DAYUM! Razz lol
though there's something that just doesnt click... the way you make me feel... with that song there's a version with a random girl and then there's the britney spears version... whenever i see the videos on youtube the britney spears part never appears as a part of the show (because you know there's part 1 part 2 part 3 etc since its too long to put the whole thing on youtube) anyways.. britney never appears on there unless i youtube "britney spears and michael jackson the way you make me feel" and both videos (random girl and britney) they both start the same way... but at the end of both he's sweaty and his shirt is tucked out (double DAYUM! Razz) so he couldnt have done one after the other... do you guys know anything about this? i tried googleing it but nothing comes up :/ so yeah... do any of you know atwhat point of the concert that happens? because it never appears on the full version of the show...
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PostSubject: Re: 30th Anniversary Special   December 17th 2010, 5:22 pm

Umm I'm not sure, but I know there was more there one concert (wasn't there?) and the one released on DVD (the one people are uploading in parts) might not have been with one with Britney Spears but that other girl... Idk I'm probably wrong haha
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30th Anniversary Special
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