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 Ex-boyfriend issues.

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PostSubject: Ex-boyfriend issues.   January 6th 2011, 6:23 pm

This is gonna be a hell of a long post, but just bear with me.

My ex-boyfriend SUCKS!

I thought I made a good choice by choosing him to be good first relationship material, but I was WRONG WRONG WRONG.

(First point) He clung to me EVERY SINGLE EFFING DAY. At first I was liking the attention, but then it just became a burden. He stalked me on Facebook, called me every 3 hours just to talk, and showered me with pointless gifts. The reason I say "pointless" is because...

(Second point) He never had real feelings for me. He only wanted me because the girl he liked payed no attention to him, so he targeted me because he knows that I'm a nice girl and had always wanted a boyfriend (I know, how screwed up was I?). He pretended to be head-over-heels in love with me just so I can stay his girlfriend and not think that he was ignoring me. What I'm saying here is that he only wanted me because he could experience a girlfriend firsthand.

(Third point) He went too far, too fast. Here was his plan, he went step by step:
1. He asked me out. (I was fine with that.)
2. He hugged me. (I was fine with that.)
3. He kissed me on the cheek. (Er, okay. I'm pretty young for kissing (according to my parents), but I guess that was OK.)
4. He kissed me on the lips. (Alright, alright. I enjoyed it at first, but not too long after the kiss, I thought, "Hey, this is a little fast for me...")
5. He called me "sexy". (Dude! I'm young! I don't wanna be considered "sexy"!)
6. He asked me to make out with him. (No effing way, I'm not doing that at this age. The day he asked me to make out with him is the day I dumped him.)

(Fourth point) He's a PERVERT. Turns out he regularily stared at my chest (even DOWN my shirt on one occasion) AND my ass, AND wanted to go to second base with me. Maybe I'd be OK with that IF I WAS 18 YEARS OLD. But no. I'm still young and naive. I'm NOT going there.

Now I am OVER him like a plane above a fleck, but I can't seem to let go of the fact that he was an unbearably perverted bastard.

I need advice, HOW can I get over this?????????
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PostSubject: Re: Ex-boyfriend issues.   January 8th 2011, 12:15 am

hmm what do you want to get over?? the guy? or the fact that he was a pervert?
getting over a guy i guess its pretty easy at your age... since as you get older you will meet better guys who are true gentlemens...
and the fact that he's a pervert... well... pretty much most guys are that way... its in their nature i guess... but they too when they get older they will learn about love... (well some of them do Razz )
so yeah... thats the reason im laying off guys until i finish my studies.. unless i really happen to love them i guess that could the only reason i would go out with them... but since im too young for love, im just laying off guys. lol
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Ex-boyfriend issues.
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