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 Michael...My roommate

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PostSubject: Michael...My roommate   May 1st 2011, 7:53 pm

Its a hot summers night, and I am laying in my bed naked ready to drift off to sleep. Michael is my room mate, and I hear him arriving home. He comes into my room, as he usually does just to talk about his day with me. He is wearing a white shirt with a white tee underneath that is slightly ripped, and he is wearing black pants with his chains and buckles all over it.

He jumps onto my bed like usual, not really realising that I am naked beneath the sheets and we start talking about our days and what we had done. Then I notice his eyes drift over my body and he realises that I am not wearing anything.

I catch him looking at me and see that he is biting his bottom lip. I decide to keep talking so I dont embarrass him. His eyes meet mine and I can see that his breathing has become shallow. I go to playfully shove him and he grabs my arm gently. For a moment we just stare at each other, and slowly he starts tracing his fingers up and down my arm and gives me a cheeky grin.

Michael shuffles closer, trying to seem as innocent as he can. I look down his body and I can see his bulge growing beneath his pants. I then feel his hand brushing my shoulder as I look back up and I notice that my sheet has shifted to just below my nipple. I get embarrassed and try to cover myself up. I look back at Michael and I see he is licking his lips as he brings his face closer to mine. I bring my hand up and gently brush a curl of his face and he slowly leans into it lightly placing a kiss upon my hand. I feel myself becoming wet as I watch him slowly kiss his way up my arm.

While he is kissing his way up, he looks up to see my reaction. I feel my eyes glaze over with lust as he draws closer to my shoulder and starts to take little nibbles. I feel his hand come up and cradle my neck as he moves his body against mine. He gently rolls me over onto my back, and rest himself upon me.

His lips meet mine, and we are locked in a deep and passionate kiss. I feel his warm tongue tasting mine as he removes his outer shirt and throws it to the floor. he then sits up, and slips his t shirt off revealing his lean toned slendour body.

Michael then grabs the sheet that covers me and slowly pulls it away revealing my breasts, and I watch him bite his lip as he pulls it lower revealing my flat tummy.

He leans back over and the heat from his body connects with mine as he wraps he brings his arms beneath my shoulders and pulls me closer to him.

I feel his hands run down my body and then beneath the sheet over my hips. My pussy is drenched with my juices and my body is tingling all over. Michael then slides his hands over the sheet and I can hear the buckles of his belts as one by one he undoes them. He then throws them to the floor with a thud. And i feel him remove his pants.

He then sits up and I can see his rock hard cock protruding from his body as he slips the sheet completely off me.

Michael and I dont say a word, as we let our hands explore each other.

He lays back over me and my hands meet his chest. My fingertips trace the contours of his abs then around his waist to the small of his back. Instinctively I open my legs and I feel Michael rest himself between them. I can feel his cock pressing up against me, throbbing to thrust deep inside.

His hands find my breasts and I can feel him tugging at my nipples as he starts to nibble at my neck. I feel my hips rock up against him as he slowly starts to grind against me.

Michaels hand slides down and I can feel his fingertips against the entrance of my pussy, gently massaging my clit. I arch my back in pleasure and I feel his mouth meet my breasts. I feel one finger...two of his fingers easing their way in and out of my pussy. My rocking hips match the rythym of his fingers sliding in and out of my pussy.

He gently slides them out, and my body is aching for more of him.
Michael then takes hold of his throbbing cock, and slowly eases it into my pussy. Pleasure rages through my body with each thrusts. I can feel his short sharp breathes against my lips as his thrust become faster and deeper.

Moans of ecstasy escape my lips as I feel my clit rubbing up against his body. I arch my head forward and take a bite at his shoulder as his thrust become more powerful. Michael buries his head into my neck and I can feel the sweat upon his back as I scratch my fingers across it.

Michael starts to grunt and moan as he ploughs himself deeper into me, I can feel the pleasure building and building within my body as I feel his teeth sink into my neck.

I can feel Michaels hips beginning to buck as his orgasm starts to take him over. I arch my back as the pleasure growing inside starts to release. Our bodies start to tremble with the sheer force of our orgasms. I hold my breath as my pussy contracts around Michaels throbbing cock as he squirts his hot load into me.

Our rocking and thrusting begins to slow as we come down from our orgasms.

I look up at Michael as he slowly lifts his head from being buried in my neck, and I can see sweat droplets on his forehead as he breaths heavily trying to catch his breath. I can still feel my pussy contracting around Michaels cock, milking all his cum from it. I can hardly breath, but feeling Michaels warm, sweat covered body on top of mine made it bearable. Slowly he slides his cock out of my pussy, but stays resting ontop of me.

As we finally catch our breath, I run my hands through Michaels curls and look at him. We grin at each other, not really knowing what to say. We had never expected anything like this to happen between us.

I finally gather up enough courage to say 'Well, that was unexpected' at that Michael cracked up laughing and so did I. We lay in the same position for about 15 minutes just talking, then I stopped, and looked back up at Michael. I could feel he was becoming hard again, and I gave him a teasing smile as he grabs the sheet and pulls it over us...

If Michael stares at me like this  affraid

Im just here like

P.S. Always show your true colors and be PROUD 

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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   May 3rd 2011, 4:30 pm

Can you say ultra-HAAAWWWTTTT?!!! I wanna go 2 college if I get this from a sexy roomate like him!!! lol grrrr...
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   May 4th 2011, 6:46 pm

Sweet..... MJ.. LOL

DAMNNNNN Twisted Evil
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   May 20th 2011, 9:43 pm

:O now THAT'S what im talking about!! DAYUM!! i've been missing your fics gurl!
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   June 25th 2011, 9:53 am

I read this on MJFiction! Very Happy
One of the best IMO. That was just daaaayyyuuuummmmm, sexy!
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   October 17th 2011, 10:46 pm

Man, if I can have a room mate like THAT, I think college will be all the more worthwhile! Very Happy I think I may need a cold shower in the middle of the night tonight.
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   October 17th 2011, 11:45 pm

yeah i hope you like cold water because you will need them!
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PostSubject: Re: Michael...My roommate   

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Michael...My roommate
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