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PostSubject: Pop my bubble   Pop my bubble EmptyJune 13th 2011, 2:49 am

The car stopped infront of her house...
-Well it was a very lovely evening Michael thanks for this night-
So, would you like to go out some other time?- he glanced at her
Yes, i’d love too- she smiled
She was about to say good bye with a kiss but he didn’t wanted to say goodbye yet, she was too beautiful to let her go.. with a silver gown and silver earing her smile could brighten up the entire neighbourhood
He porpuselly moved his head making her kiss reached his lips, once she was there she couldn’t get away... but she stopped
-No, i can’t! I have to go Michael
She opened the door turned back to him and he kissed her again, this time it was so passionately she was slightly aroused at the moment...
Ok i have to go... she steps out of the car, and walks over to her door, michael just stares at her going in her house...once she was in her house, he stepped out and walked to her door
*doorbell rings*
-Who is it?-
Its Michael, Please let me in Stefani, I forgot to give you something!
She looks through the door, he was stearing down with an adorable look on his face, she opens the door...before she could realise, she jumped on him kissing passionately, she couldn’t resist that look on his face
In between kisses he says: “I see you forgot something too”
She moaned in response and continued kissing him, they walked up stairs to her bedroom, once they were there...
He jumps on top of her, she kisses his neck and makes him moan softly, he reaches down under her dress, caressing her legs and thighs
Stephanie could feel his fingers rubbing her panties and as she felt his heavy breath on her neck kissing her with desperation... she was getting wet already

With his finger at her entrance she starts to feel uncomfortable again...

“No, wait stop, stop...” as she removes his hand..
“What’s wrong babe?”
“I dont know, dont you think we are going too fast here?”
“C’mon babe, you were enjoying it downstairs!, you know how i want you as much as you want me!”
“Well yeah but u had ur huge finger over there!, i wasn’t expecting that!”
Michael blushes giggles “Baby you know me, i wont hurt you, just trust me ok?” He caress her cheek...
“Ok, im going to trust you”
“See you can’t handle me” he bragged at her
“Shut up!”
They took a little break, Stefani walked to the bathroom to gussy up, and he just took some bubble gum out of his pocket...
He sits on her bed waiting for her to come out, meanwhile turns on the TV, Stefani saw him through the door how he was entertaining himself with the bubble gum, taking it in and out of his mouth playing with his tongue, twirling it around with his finger... this was more than just a turn on for her, she continued fixing her hair...

Finally she came out 10 minutes later...
She came out with a sexy mid transparent lingerie

She steps outside of the bathroom “Hey there, im ready now”
He glanced at her “Woow, you ... beautiful!!”
Stefani walks over at him to the bed, and seductively sits on his lap, takes the lingerie off as he holds her back onto him and lays back on the bed, she starts to move her hips back and forth...
he shuts his eyes and moans quietly “Oh my GOD!, what?... what are you doing?”
She leans forward looking at him with a dirty and horny stare on her eyes, going lower starts kissing his neck until she goes up to his mouth and sticks her tongue inside, Michael puts the gum on the edge of his lips, she takes it with her teeth and stretches it moving all the way back to his mouth, they start kissing moving the gum with the tongues, while rocking their hips together, making him really hard now

Stefani starts to feel his rocking hard dick below her...he tries to undo his pants, as she forced his arms back with one hand while the other rubbing his dick under pants
“Mmmm... you know how to turn me on, don’t you?” he growled
“Want to bet?”
She roughly pulls him by the shirt and rips it up with her mid large fingernails in one try, press her hip against his dick! Michael was loving all this!
“Ouuhh! Yes!!” he pants and bites his bottom lip
She manages to take his pants out of her way...and left his dark gray underwear on, still she places herself on top of him and starts grinding her hips once again
“Ohh god!!” Michael mumbled.
“Yes, i know im a cold bitch, you like that huh?, SAY IT!” She pulls him by the shirt again rips it off with her big finger nails just in 1 try!!...Michael was loving this!!
“Mmmm!!!... don’t stop!!, keep rubbing it!!” He cries!
As he’s being straightened by her hands without being able to move enough, he rolls his eyes back, and arch his back...loving to watch her face on top of him!
She starts moaning and panting, loving to see him being tortured this way!!
Now she stops for a sec, and goes lower, begins to tease him with her tongue, uncovers the tip of his dick a little bit and nibbles it with her lips, takes off his underwear, by now Michael was sweating almost reaching an orgasm!!
“oohhh shiit!, baby i’ve waited for so long!”
“Shhh” brushes her finger really slowly on the tip as his dick starts throbbing. her tongue starts going all around the tip, he starts to breath so hard he starts to shake nervously sweats runs all over his body.
Stefani lays her head on his hip, putting her lips on his dick, using only the force of his throbbing cock to push it in her mouth, no hands.
“Ahh... ahh...” he squeals at the feeling of her wet mouth and moistened tongue brushing his cock!!
She smiles and finally takes it in her mouth, her moans were making him even more excited, he just wanted to be inside her with high desperation!!, she was taking her time to tease him!!
Stefani forces herself to take it his entire pace in her mouth, without his help...
“Arrggghhh.... Fuck yes!! That’s it!!...” He howls!!
Once she’s done sucking him, now she stands up right beside him, turns around and lets him enjoy himself as he watches her taking her panties off...she turns her head to him with a seductive stare and asks “What? Aren’t you gonna spank me, daddy?” She makes a big bomb with the gum
“Oh you nasty little girl” His face lights up with a dirty evil grin and playfully spanks her butt chick!
“Ahhh! Yes, I’m a nasty girl, daddy!” stretches the gum out and rolls it on her finger
He sits forward and starts jerking off, as she playfully stares and winks at him...
“Come here and bend over!!” He demanded.
She did as she was told and walks close to him...
“I said BEND OVER!” spanks her roughly
“Ahh!!” she sobs
As she bends besides him, he nudges onto her butt chicks with his teeth
She moans softly...
“Mmmm, you want to know what feels good? Huh??” Evil smile
“Sure i do!”
“Then get on top of me and ride my cock!”
Turns around and sits on him, places him inside, and with a rough movement he forces himself inside of her
Michael sits forward, rocking his hips with such force she was squeaking in pleasure!...
“Ahhh ahh fuuucckk!!”
As he rocks his hips onto hers, goes down to her breasts and starts sucking on her nipples...
Stefani can’t help but to lick her lips and arch her back in such pleasure!!! pushes him back on the bed and rubs his chest with her hands, goes lower and licks his chest, kissing his tiny nipples, now she takes him out, and goes down to suck his hard cock again...
She was making wet noises with her mouth playing with her gum as she was sucking him.
“Oh my god, your mouth is sooo nice, so wet!!!” rolling his eyes back
“Mmmm...Not as wet as my pussy right now!” She giggles
“Uhhhh shiiitt!!.. i want to taste you so bad!” he moans hard he feels his pre-cum starts coming out... “Fuck baby im close now!”
They changed position now he’s on top and she’s lying on the bed.
Now Michael holds Stefani’s arms back with force, shoving his tongue in her mouth, she pushed the gum into his mouth and twirls her tongue inside!
Now he goes down and starts licking every inch of her body, she waited for so long the entire time she teased him, she was soaking wet, her pussy was hurting for his dick!!
As he goes lower, finally meets with her hips, using his point & middle finger, teasing her clit with the tip of his middle finger, goes down on her getting her clit really moist with his tongue...
“I want you to pop my bubble!!” She shuts her eyes and open her mouth squirming in pleasure
“Do you want me to pop ur bubble?” Pops the gum on her clit moving it up and down softly.
“Oh pleaaseee do it now!!!” She sighs!
Then Michael shoved his tongue right inside her wetness
“OOH SHIT!!” she grasps into the sheets with force, arching her back intensively as she feels his tongue moving all around inside her walls,

Michael stare at her with a very husky and sexy look on his face while he was eating the life out of her, playing around on her clit moving his tongue all over the place...

"Mmmm girl you taste soo nice!!” smiles

"Shhh!! Keep your Mouth Ocuppied!" Forcing his head against her hips
Michael Laughed and Continued with his job.
Once he was done…
He requested a particular thing..“Ok now i want you to turn over for me”
Stefanie moved to the edge of the bed, michael grabbed her butt chicks and slapped them simultaneously… this made her moan softly, now he goes inside of her …
“Yes , i know you love my dick, dont you?” Pulls her hair back… “DONT YOU??”
They grind their hips together in a rhythmical motion, speeds up, making the bed rocking hard against the wall!!

As they were getting close, Michael shuts his eyes and lets himself slip down onto Stefanie’s back, resting his head on her shoulders, she could hear his breath getting louder by the minute!
He starts teasing her rubbing her clit with the other hand, whispering dirty stuff onto her ears while pulling her hair back!
“You like to feel it inside you, dont you”
“Ugghhh!!, yes i doo!! Mmmm!!” she feels how he’s grinding in and out of her…
He takes it out goes down and unexpectedly licks her clit again while she’s in 4
“OHH!!” she squirmed!
Starts reaching her intense orgasm at this point, he puts himself back in pushing back and forth, right now she couldn’t take it anymore after he reached the G SPOT a few times…
“aaahh shit!! Im gonna fucking cum! Dont stop!”
“Mmmm cum for me, babe ” whispers to her ears…”uuhh do u feel that…?”
“Ahhhh!, call me ur dirty bitch! “
“uuuhh fuck yes!, you are my dirty bitch huh?” pulls the hair back again roughly!
“fuucckkk!!!! Im cumming!!!” just with a few movement right on the G-SPOT she explodes! And her entire body starts to shake…Michael feels the pussy contractions and he starts reaching his own orgasm
“Uhhhh yeah!!” starts to go really fast inside of her as he begins to feel it close “Im cumming now!!” slowing down as he cums inside of her releasing the hot liquid…
“Ouugghh that feels so good!” resting his head on her shoulder again
She lays down on the bed with him after they both reached their hot climax and she pops her gum again, he grins at her…
“I think i got some more of that gum in my pocket” Cool

If Michael stares at me like this  affraid
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man!!! i think its time for a cold shower! that was damn hot!
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