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 Dare me (part 2)

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Dare me (part 2) Empty
PostSubject: Dare me (part 2)   Dare me (part 2) EmptyJuly 7th 2011, 12:22 am

To my amazement, I saw Michael swaying his hips like a professional bellydancer. Side to side, rolling, seductive thrusts....The bulge in his crotch was growing more prominent as he continued singing. As Michael prepared to sing the next part, he looked straight into my eyes.

If You Can Get It

It's Worth A Try

I Really Want It

I Can't Deny

It's Just Desire

I Really Love It

I gasped and felt my stomach do flip-flops. There was an expression in Michael's eyes that I had never seen before, in all the years we'd known eachother. The temptation was shining from Michael's brown eyes as he hissed into the microphone:

'Cause If It's Aching

You Have To Rub It

He slid the palm of his hand over his bulge for a second, but to me it felt like forever. Michael licked his lips and, to my surprise, started grinding his hips into his palm as he continued with a repetetive series of «She wants to give it, aaahhhh she wants to give it...» I shifted in my seated position on the floor in an attempt to soothe the sweet ache between my thighs, but to no avail. Michael was aroused, and so was I.... and since the room is sound-proof except for the microphone and nobody sees us anyway, why not be a little devil? I decided, and slowly began touching my breasts. Michael noticed, of course, and made a face, trying his hardest to focus on the song. I giggled when I saw the bulge in his pants growing more prominent, and took my teasing a step further by sliding a hand into my jeans. I shot Michael an innocent look as I began fondling myself, to which Michael gave me the middle finger salute. I bit my lower lip and tried my best to reduce my laughter to a giant grin instead, but my grin quickly faded as I noticed Michael slip his hand into his slacks. Holy crap and a half....he's gonna do the dare! My hands froze, one hand on my breast, the other inside my panties, and I just stared. Two metres before me stood Michael Jackson, playing with himself as he recorded a song for his next album. What a turn on!! Oh my god....look at his hand moving in his pants like that....oh damn there's that pouty face again...he's enjoying it...

Suddenly Michael opened his eyes and spoke clearly into the microphone: «Go again. Keep the lights off, but let me record the whole thing again.» I couldn't hear anything from the other room, but apparently they did as Michael had instructed them to, 'cause he flung his head back with eyes closed and started moving his hand to the rhythm of the music. This is too much! my mind frantically screamed as Michael kept pleasuring himself AND singing at the same time. I couldn't take it any more.

She Wants To Give It

Aahh She Wants To Give It

She Wants To Give It

Damn right I wanna give it, mister. I slid over to Michael and stopped on my knees in front of him. I put my finger to my lips to make him not reveal anything, and then I removed his hand from his crotch. Grabbing him by the wrist I pulled his hand out of his pants, before I slowly pulled them down. He was wearing black silk boxers, and the light above the microphone highlighted the pulsating bulge right in front of me. Michael placed his hand on my head and curled his fingers in my hair, trying to get my attention. Again I shot him an innocent look, and he gave me a desperate one in return. He wanted to know what was happening. «Relax» I mouthed, and then I placed my palm over his member. Oh lawd have mercy, he's big! I thought as I rubbed him through the silky fabric. Michael was still singing, but by now it had changed a little bit. The track was sounding sexier by the second, and it was about to get even hotter: I pulled his boxers down, causing him to exclaim a short «Ah!» , and for my part, all I could do was stare. He IS big!! Damn... He was big alright. So big it actually made me wonder just how the heck this was going to work. But where there's a will there's always a way, and so I wrapped my lips around his throbbing member. Michael sucked in his breath through clenched teeth and curled his fingers in my hair. Sexy panting and high-pitched exclaims of «dare me!» were all that escaped his lips. I licked, sucked and teased his member with my mouth, and stroked his thighs and buttocks with my hands. Gawd what a nice and tight ass!! Michael was panting heavily now, and I opened my eyes to look up at him, my mouth still engulfing his member. He was looking down at me, and he got a hectic expression in his brown eyes. The black curls were dancing around his face, and the look on his face was absolute and pure sex. A tiny film of sweat was starting to appear on his forehead, as I noticed some strands of hair had gotten stuck there. I removed my mouth from him for a bit and used my hand on his member, feeling the veins pulsate beneath my palm. Michael abruptly pushed my head against his crotch, making it clear what he wanted of me. Without further ado, I slipped his member into my wet mouth and started sucking him. Pre-cum mixed with my saliva made for a slippery blowjob, and Michael appeared to love it. He thrusted his member into my mouth, effectively fucking my mouth, and even though he was really big that it made my jaw hurt, I loved it. Michael managed to continue to sing the song with his voice being shaky from the oral pleasure he received, and after having almost gagged on him a couple of times, I decided it was time to bring it home.

Using my hands on his balls and the root of his member, I used my mouth on the rest and sucked as if my life depended on it. Michael's fingers curled even more in my hair, his nails scratching my scalp as he did so, and his breathing exilerated even more. More pre-cum oozed from him and I knew he was very close. I gave him one final deepthroat suck, and a hiccuping sound escaped Michael's lips before he could control it, and then he came. Mouthful after mouthful of hot sperm was being fired into my mouth, and I swallowed it all and licked his member clean. I wrapped my lips around him and gave him one final, slow, soft suck and I looked up at him. What a sight... Strands of black curls clung to his forehead, his cheeks were flushed and his was breathing through parted lips. He looked magnificent.... I pulled his boxers and pants up again and playfully kissed his member through the fabric, and then I felt Michael's hand on my face. I looked up at him and saw the expression in his eyes. «Thank you» he mouthed, and I quickly scooted over and hid beneath the table again.

Michael cleared his throat and spoke into the microphone: «How was that?» Someone knocked on the door, and after a «yeah!» from Michael, the door was opened. It was Lee, and he was laughing: «Holy heck, Mike – that was awesome!! What did you do???» I blushed and bit my lip. Michael grinned: «Told ya I'd work some magic in here!»[center]

If Michael stares at me like this  affraid
Dare me (part 2) Tumblr_m1gje9i5Xa1r9wgvp
Im just here like
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P.S. Always show your true colors and be PROUD  Dare me (part 2) 3986978364 Dare me (part 2) 1679448866

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Dare me (part 2) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dare me (part 2)   Dare me (part 2) EmptyJuly 11th 2011, 5:58 am

It's so good I cried!
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Dare me (part 2)
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