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PostSubject: Friendship>Relationship    Friendship>Relationship  EmptyMay 14th 2012, 2:49 pm

I have the cutest Mexican friend named Julio and a friend who just got out of a bad relationship named Kayla. Julio is the sweetest thing I've met in a long time and I kinda like him. Kayla just broke up with a guy last week but she is trying to get with Julio already. We all tell her to chill and stop trying to get with anyone. I mean stay single for a frikkin month at least since she swear she was 'in love' with the guy for more than a year! Now she has already dated one of our friends, Jordan, who is in love with her and she hurt him. Yet he keeps trying to get back with her. He is a sweetie too so I know she cant date anybody else like him, especially since all the other guys she went with this year were jerks. I don't want her to mess up all of our friendships with Julio or hurt him but she thinks it's ok to keep dating friends but to hurt them and mess this is up for not only me and her but our other friends as well.

I need help on how to handle this hoe and stop her from ruining yet another friendship, losing most friends, and being known in high school as a slutty person who can't keep her hands off a guy. I'm sick of her failed relationship drama. I'm about to burst at the seams trying to keep her from hurting those I love and hurting herself.

WHAT THE HELL DO I DO? Why couldn't I be more careless...?
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