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 Lilith In My Veins

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PostSubject: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyFebruary 7th 2010, 5:56 am

First topic message reminder :

A/N: I’m back! I just want to thank two MJ lovers who encouraged and supported me when I felt I wasn’t able to write another fic like Midnight Castigation. With so much talent on the site I was understandably nervous to write a sequel. So thanx for the love and support: lostinparadise and mjstruelove, you’re the bestest! lol Enjoy!

Lilith In My Veins

By Wonderlust

Spring in Paris was a feast for the senses. The people, trees, flowers all clothed in the soft, vibrant colors of the season of romance.

Even the doleful accordion player’s tune sounded more a gleeful melody to the hundreds of lovers from around the world who flocked to the most beautiful city in the world.

One foreign man, though, was there alone – on business of course. Well, not exactly alone. He was flanked on all sides by serious and nervous looking men in black and others who power walked by him holding clipboards and exuding officiousness with every nod.

They had managed to enter a country for the first time in decades with not a blip in the ‘media radar.’

Now all they had to do was make it into one of the most exquisite and expensive hotels in all the world, the Ritz Hotel, and not make a grand entrance.

But this was one man who could never, try as he may, enter any place without causing a riotous commotion of fevered adulation.

This man just happened to be the most powerful, successful and recognizable musician in the world: Michael Jackson.

He had been riding in the most unassuming – yet still modern and state of the art – automobile he could acquire on such short notice. An invitation by an important music industry mogul was the purpose of this particular business trip, and he didn’t want to give himself away, at least not so soon.

The car pulled up at the back-end of the Ritz and Michael was escorted by his entourage. Nodding to the manager of the hotel, his head bodyguard briskly led the not-so-inconspicuous group up back stairways and down secret passages.

Built in the late 17th century, the Ritz was once a magnificent, mansion that was later turned into a sumptuous hotel. All around hung priceless rococo paintings, the ceilings were inlaid with real gold and large, elaborate chandeliers hung even over minor lounges.

Michael looked around in awe. He’d stayed in what seemed like hundreds of palatial hotels, but this one was so opulent he subconsciously adjusted his black imperial style military jacket and straightened up.

They reached an old fashioned elevator and entered, his guards looking around for any unwanted attention.

Ding, the elevator stopped at the third floor, and they made their way to the farthest and most prestigious of the rooms, the Suite Impériale.

The entourage followed him up to the door and before they could say a word, Michael finally spoke and said, “I’ve had a long day. I think I’ll just take a nap...”

He spotted the uneasy look on his head bodyguard’s face.

“I’ll be fine, we made it this far. It was great planning,” he smiled at him reassuringly, “this was the smoothest entrance ever, now, please let me rest and then later we’ll have our meeting.”

The tall guard began, “if there is anything you need just call Jimmy, (Michael gave him an unsure look) he’s your assistant’s assistant? You know the new “intern”?...anyway, you know the numbers of the rooms we’ll be staying in. Here.” He handed Michael a new cell phone, one that worked internationally and was undetectable to satellites.

“Alright, alright, thanks. I’ll be fine. Bye.” He sighed as he closed the door on the crowd of “handlers.”

Michael hated that word...handlers. I don’t need to be handled... he thought annoyed. He was always surrounded by people and yet he felt alone at times like these.

He walked into the extravagant suite and all thorough the five entertaining, dinning and lounging rooms within it. He walked toward the spacious closet and saw his clothes and belongings were already neatly hung. Wow, now that’s service. No hotel has ever done this before...

Michael sighed to himself and absent-mindedly entered the master bedroom. He took off his jacket and looking down noticed he stepped on a red flower petal...

He looked all around and saw no vases nearby on the tables.

Then he saw another one, and another one...He walked over a trail of red rose petals and saw unlit candles on every surface of every table. Michael didn’t know what to make of it; did they expect him to bring a “lady friend” with him? (He laughed internally at the old fashioned term: who says that anymore?). Did the head of staff actually take his title of King of Pop a little too seriously and shower his room with expensive rose petals – even the Victorian bed!

He sat on the bed and looked around. Sure, it was all a bit too much but he like it. If only he had someone to share it with...


Her name flitted across his mind like a monarch butterfly over windy knolls.

It had been a few months since their honeymoon, and it was so hard to leave her back in California every time he had to leave the country for business. She was visiting her parents out of state, so he felt glad he left her with good company.

They hadn’t actually seen each other since their honeymoon. And even though it was a pretty long honeymoon (five weeks!) he still missed her, he never got sick of her brand of ‘offbeat’ romance. Kicking off his loafers, he lay on the bed and stretched out, feeling his aching muscles tense up. He had serious jet lag.

He closed his kohl lined eyes...I’ll just rest my eyes for a little while, then get up in a few to change into my pajamas... he yawned. And just like that he was out.


Michael closed his eyes for what felt to him like a few seconds when he was awakened by the cold, silvery sound of steel. Cli-click.

His eyes flew open and he tried to sit up, but his momentum yanked him back down. His wrists were handcuffed above his head, securely hooked onto the ornamented headboard.

What the?!

He looked around and saw all the candles had been lit, flooding the room with a soft, golden, flickering light. On the table next to him was a bottle of Porto wine, two wine glasses and a black box of gourmet chocolates. But his cell phone was all the way on the table nearest the door of the room.

Michael stared groggily and in mild panic at the phone.

How am I going to call for help?

Then it slowly dawned on him...what if the person responsible for his embarrassing predicament was still in the room with him! He was about to call out for help, when a voice said,

“Good morning – or should I say good night...” that voice! Michael was too shocked to utter a word.

“I hope you found your suite to your liking, Mr. Jackson.”

He could just glimpse a silhouette, a woman’s silhouette, against the backdrop of the myriad of candles.

“Lina! What’re you?! How’d you get here? When did you...? This room was airtight! Didn’t John ...?”

She chucked softly, “I have my connections... there are perks to being your know, apart from...” a ghost of a smile illuminated her shadowed face.

He stared at her, baffled.

“I know the Ritz’s manager and don’t worry, your guards were good. It actually took me a while to get in here. I had the staff take me though the secret passage. It was I who put your clothes away in the closet ...I was waiting for you in the tub – passed the time by doing my nails...” she finished non-chalantly, looking at her new French-tip manicure.

Of course, you idiot! Michael thought, chiding himself for this naiveté.

“Now, get me out of these things!” He motioned with his chin to the handcuffs above him.

“Now, now, not so fast. I worked hard to arrange all this...why else would you be staying at the Ritz?” Michael glared at her confusedly, “I had a little talk with Mr. Delacourt and he agreed to have you stay here. He was more than helpful, and understanding,” She flashed smug grin.

“Look, Lina, I have to go to bed. I have a meeting with Mr. Delacourt early tomorrow and I really can’t play you’re little games right now. You know I don’t like being tied up...” he tried to slip his hands through the cuffs, but they were on too tight.

“Oh, no, Michael what you don’t like is being completely helpless. You are the consummate commander. You love to give orders and be in control...but...” She stalked up to the edge of the bed and unfastened her red silk robe, and let it fall to the floor. Tonight I want to enjoy you on my terms...”

Michael could see her clad in the slinkiest brick-red mesh and lace teddy. His eyes widened.

Lina, walked to the bedside table, poured herself a glass of Porto, and took a dark chocolate from the black box. She let the chocolate melt in her mouth and sipped at the wine.

“You know, we wouldn’t have to do this if you only cooperated more...” she smirked when she saw him speechless.

“No, know I feel uncomfortable. Just let me go and I promise to make it worth your effort...” Michael tried to convince her with his huskiest voice. His eyes glided up and down her mesh and lace clad body, was this actually turning him on?

No, this is ridiculous, he thought to himself. Just get loose, then we can explore what’s beneath that teddy...

“Really? But you look so nice, just like this.” She took a swig of the Porto and kept the alcohol in her mouth as she crawled up the bed to Michael and straddled his thighs. She kissed him and slipped the warm Porto into his mouth. Michael drank it to avoid choking on it.

“You know I don’t drink on business trips!” he sputtered after swallowing the ardent spirit.

“Are you really this oblivious!? I haven’t seen you in over three months and you think I’m just going to let you go? I have you right where I need you...” she whispered into the shell of his delicate ear.

Her hands ran down his chest. His t-shirt was so low cut his collarbones and the tops of his lean pecs were visible. He was still wearing his tight black jeans and Lina’s sex starved mind was running a million miles an hour with ideas on just how to ravage such a carnal feast.

His prominent bulge (and he wasn’t even hard yet!) was like a magnet to her eyes, but she tore her gaze away from his crotch ...I better not start there. I should toy with him before I take what I want.

Michael had fallen silent, and Lina finally noticed this fact when she felt the burn of his stare like a laser beam on her face and she looked up into his eyes.

She was not sure what those deep brown eyes said to her. So sweet, yet mysterious. They were like two black holes with supernatural magnetism and she almost lost her resolve to make wild Amazonian love to him – she wanted him to take her like he did so many months ago. She lost her train of thought for a tick, when a loud and irritated voice said to her: “What are you doing?! Don’t even think about caving in and letting him go! No amount of puppy dog eyes and pouts are going to deter you and your mission! Now end this staring contest and get down to business!”

“Yes, ma’am!” She actually mumbled out loud.

“What did you say?” Michael was becoming concerned.

“Uh, I said...” feeling her cognitive faculties return to her, “umm...just shut up and kiss me.”

She leaned down and kissed Michael full on his pout, before he could use any more of his Jedi mind tricks on her.

First it was a soft, gentle kiss. She imagined it was like devouring a plump and juicy exotic fruit. She licked his upper lip as Michael’s reluctant tongue barely grazed her own. She placed a hand on his neck and she could feel his heart begin to race. Suddenly, she was enthralled by the heat that magnified the intoxicating scent of his perfume: Bal a Versailles.

“I missed you so much,” she managed to whisper between fevered kisses.

Michael nodded, as if to say “ and I, you,” because his mouth and tongue were otherwise occupied. He gave in and passionately kissed Lina, their tongues sliding against one another. She caught hold of his supple appendage and sucked the tip of it until Michael groaned over her lips.

Those obscene little sounds always sent lightning bolts shooting at her core. She desperately wanted to hear more, so she broke off the kiss and began to trail little kisses down his chin, along his strong jaw line and sucked and nibbled at the base of his warm neck. She could already taste the salty sweat over his pulse.

Michael’s mind was a maze of pleasure and aching need. He could feel his burgeoning manhood strain against too-tight skinny jeans. And just as he was about to tell her about it, he felt her lightly caress his nipples over his thin white t-shirt.

She barely brushed against them with the pad of her finger, but Michael’s reaction was to arch against her touch, his breaths coming in slightly more labored than before. He tried and failed to stifle a moan.

“I thought you didn’t like to be the “bottom,” Lina snickered.

Michael opened his mouth as if to retort, but his usual quick wit failed him. Lina took the collar of his shirt between her teeth and tore it all the way down with the help of her hands.

Now Michael lay exposed. Too shocked to protest, he stared at her amazed at the bold move. A thin sheet of sweat covered creamy ivory skin, and the one hundred candles caused his chest and abs to glisten deliciously. Lina had to take a deep breath in order to collect herself.

She took one of his pert peaks between her lips and pinched the other one. Michael gasped and his hips began to rock automatically against her thigh.

Lina backed away from the contact and left poor Michael with nothing to rub against.

He moaned in frustration, “Lina, stop fooling around! I can’t believe I’ve let you go this far...!”

“You have let me?” Lina asked incredulously, “Don’t forget who’s in control right now.” She looked up at him and grazed her teeth over his chest and taught peaks. Her smoldering gaze only intensified the raw sensation of blood rushing to his lonely erection.

“Mmmmm...please, just a little lower...? Michael drawled, his voice thick with lust. His eyes became unfocused and he licked and bit his own lips.

“Well, since you asked politely...” Lina kissed him all the way down to his belly button where she stopped to lick slow, wet circled around his navel.

Michael shivered at the peculiar sensation, and felt Lina’s hand begin to unbutton his jeans. This was quite a difficult job, considering his pants became two sizes too small whenever his trouser snake came to life. She smiled to herself, it already looks as if he’s trying to smuggle a roll of quarters in his pants when he’s not exited...

“Hurry....!” Michael urged her, thrusting his hips up to meet her hand.

“Calm down! Try to relax, because, you do know, we’re just getting started...” Lina murmured.

She undid his pants and proceeded to pull his tight jeans off, which was easier said than done. With a grunt she yanked them all the way down to his knees, and decided to take them off completely.

Michael was left wearing nothing but his white briefs and socks.

Lina reached underneath Michael’s pillow and took out a black and red sequined blindfold and a little glass bottle of warm sweet almond oil.

Michael looked up at her half terrified and half pleading. The pout returned to his lips and he shook his head slowly.

“You are not putting that thing on me!”

“What? The blindfold? But I got it custom made for you!” she forced it over his eyes and sat back down on his thighs.

Lina shifted lower and parted Michael’s legs. She took one of his thighs and sucked and licked the sensitive skin up and down, coaxing little moans and sighs from Michael’s kiss swollen lips. His sweat soaked the pillow.

“Ohhh...ah!” He squirmed beneath her, his eyes shut tightly underneath the blindfold.

She took her time fondling his thighs, her eyes on Michael’s ever growing member.

“Take it out...please!” Michael moaned.

“You’re a veritable hot mess, you know that?” her hands pulled his undies off and freed his turgid length.

Michael sighed at the pressure off his junk, and Lina took in the dazzling sight. Creamy fluid ran down his shaft. Lina licked the essence up and down savoring his heady aroma.

“Mmmmm...yes..” She looked up to see Michael finally thoroughly enjoying himself.

“How do you like me now?”

Lina poured the warm oil over his chest, abs and thighs, massaging it in. Every curve, dip and mound of his muscular, lean and limber dancer’s body became accentuated with the warm glow from the candles. He glistened, like he did when he performed on stage, his hair soaked in sweat in the throws of passion.

“OooOOoohH...Lina!” She poured some more oil on his length and gripped it from the base. She worked him with long, slow strokes, until his pulsating member stood up vertically on its own.

Faster...” Michael’s hips began to buck against the maddening touch. His chest heaved with every ragged breath he sucked in.

Lina had been resisting the urge to ride him; she had one more “trick” up her sleeve. She pulled out of her hair a long blue velvet hair ribbon.

“Lina! Just...give it to me already!” She had let go of him, and he was slowly loosing his mind.

“Patience, doll face, is a virtue.”

Michael felt the soft material wind itself around the base of his shaft and tighten itself into a sturdy knot.

“AAHHHHHHH!!!.... What are you doing to me?!!” Michael’s swollen cock thundered with lust; he felt his thighs and sack burn with the flames of desire.

He was sharply sensitive to her oral assault not only because he was as hard as he ever remembered himself being, but also because he still wore his sequined blindfold. He was at the complete and utter mercy of a perverse mastermind – never knowing what to expect, or when to brace himself.

“Please... just let me put it in....Ah!” He felt her stoke him faster, her nimble tongue flicking around his member’s head. She sucked him in hard, as she held down his legs with her weight lest he start to pound into her mouth.

“Mmmm, I almost forgot how good you taste...” She pressed her tongue over the tiny slit of his cock.

Ah!” Michael’s arms were beyond numb by now, but he wouldn’t know it from the amorous attack his body was undergoing.

“This is what happens when you leave your wife for too long a time...” she cupped his sack and massaged it, while biting lightly on the head of his cock.

Michael felt his sack spasm, but he couldn’t cum – the ribbon was suddenly a sinister instrument of torture.

“Let! Aaaaahhh!” Lina couldn’t suppress her own needs any longer; she carefully lowered herself over his bound length, her hungry slit squeezing the crown of his erection.

“Oh! Michael!...” She took in every throbbing inch of his reluctant lover, and heard him usher little mewling noises that only made her wetter. She glanced at his face to see him tossing his head left and right, frustrated from not being able to rock his hips against hers.

Lina reached out and removed his blindfold, “Look at me...” she motioned with her eyes to the spot where they were joined.

“Ooooooohhhhh....” Michael’s pulse quickened at the erotic sight.

Lina began to rock her hips to the rhythm of Michael’s throbbing member. His impressive length stroked her deeply, her sanity slipping way farther with every thrust.

Liiiinnnnnaaaaa.....!!! let me cum...!” Michael was as a man clinging with cold stiff fingers to the roof of a fifty-story high skyscraper. He couldn’t hold on any longer, and yet he couldn’t let go.

“OoooOooH! Nooooooo...not yet..!” Lina kegeled Michael, wallowing in the searing sensation. “It hurts...sooo..goooooood....!” She tossed her hair back, and caressed her breasts feeling Michael’s savage gaze on her.

Michael groaned at the sight and with all his strength shifted his hips to move Lina’s weight from him and pounded mercilessly into her.

“OH! - My - GAWD! - MI - Chael!!” She was beginning to see the tell tale stars behind her dilated eyes.

“Get. IT. Off. MEE!!” Michael’s entire body was screaming at him for release. Every nerve alight with immutable agony.

“OoOOoohh, wait...I’m..I’m ...!!” She milked Michael fettered length, feeling the looming tsunami sized wave of ecstasy that was about to wash her away. She felt herself spasm around Michael’s girth, and she finally gave in – pulling at the slipknot to Michael’s ribbon.

Michael cried out in anguished rapture, dark lashes fluttering as his eyes rolled back into his head. Tears rolled down his temples into his long black curls. He thought he went blind from the bright white lights that tore from his very soul.

He continued his onslaught through what felt like an eternity in the blazing inferno if their climax.

Lina came not once, or twice, but thrice – the euphoric tidal waves rising and falling on raw erogenous nerves.

“MMmmmMMmmm...i..i..iiii...CHAELLL!!!!” She screamed, for the last time, digging her nails into his sides.

Michael blacked out the second he finished, not even feeling Lina plop down as if dead over him. She had just enough energy to take the keys hanging from her neck on a silver chain to release Michael from the bed frame.

She carefully placed his arms around her and let herself disappear into the void of afterglow.


“ arms...” Michael awoke to find all the candles had burned until their flame drowned in wax and curious skies peeped at him from behind half-shut curtains.

“G’morning, sweetness.” Lina said into his neck.

“Good morning...” Michael began, until he had a flash back of last night’s throwdown. “You...! Last night...You’re insane!..”

“I love you too...” Lina smiled her dreamiest smile for him.

There was a nock at the door, and Michael jumped out of bed – or at least tried to.

“Ow!” he sat back down on the bed, and massaged his wrists.

“Don’t get up, its just breakfast. I’ll get the door.”

“No, it must be John, I am late for that meeting! I cannot believe...! Mr. Delacourt... this was a big contract...!”

No, its breakfast because I just called for it a few minutes ago. Oh, I forgot to tell you, Mr. Delacourt cancelled the meeting until tomorrow...I kinda forgot to tell you that last night...” she finished with a simpering simile.

Michael dropped the pants he was scrambling to put on.

He turned around slowly and with a quirk of a perfectly arched eyebrow said, “then, its payback time..."

*~**THE END**~*
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyDecember 12th 2010, 12:40 pm

Aaaaah! I loved it! X3 Michael being in control gets boring sometimes... I love him squirming and crying...

Excuse me while I read this again.
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyDecember 12th 2010, 7:53 pm

hahahaha ure rite. man i havent read this in awhile my bad! shame shame on moi. i shall re-read yet again! hhaha
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyDecember 12th 2010, 11:19 pm

omg yesss!! i just read it again! OH DEAR LORD HAVE MERCY! Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyOctober 30th 2011, 9:40 pm

Wowww.... I need a COLD shower, but first *reads again and again*
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PostSubject: Re: Lilith In My Veins   Lilith In My Veins - Page 2 EmptyNovember 3rd 2011, 8:33 pm

Wonderlust has that affect on her readers... I miss her
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Lilith In My Veins
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